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A $29 DVD Player ! Lets go……

A mob of shoppers rushing for a sale on DVD players trampled the first woman in line and knocked her unconscious as they scrambled for the shelves at a Wal-Mart Supercenter.
Patricia VanLester had her eye on a $29 DVD player, but when the siren blared at 6 a.m. Friday announcing the start to the post-Thanksgiving sale, the 41-year-old was knocked to the ground by the frenzy of shoppers behind her.

On second thought lets NOT !

Wal-Mart Stores spokeswoman Karen Burk said she had never heard of a such a melee during a sale.
“We are very disappointed this happened,” Burk said. “We want her to come back as a shopper.”

I’m sure you do, without her lawyer. The least you can do is give a free DVD player.

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……. “John Wayne” come May 2004. The most recent Pulse Asia taken November 4th to 17th indicates the following:

[…..] Poe, the “John Wayne” of the Philippines, was unlikely to be the overall winner he would likely drain votes from Arroyo and damage her chances of reelection in May 2004 elections.

First let me state that I have little faith in the voting public at large to make an informed, logical, and reasonable decision in Presidential matters. One only has to look to year 2000 elections to surmise the importance of face value over substance. I defy anyone to defend ERAP’S election on any terms other than his popularity as a film star.

The key here is the likely drain of votes. The unquenchable thirst for political power has resulted in a plethora of Political Parties, Party lists, and assorted wannabes.
The end result is an outcome that fails to represent the people, the people in this case is a 51% plurality, the true mark of a Representative government. Early on FPJ has one of his supporters, (Rep. Dilangalen) stating; “[Poe] will get 20, 25, or even 30 percent of the votes”. Is this a mandate from the voters? Only to the winners partisans. On this basis alone FPJ’S decision to seek the Presidency is flawed and runs counter to his professed “love of the country”.
The wannabes are already scrambling to get a piece of the political pie.
Lets start with Sen. Vicente Sotto III:

[…..]” we heard over the radio that FPJ has been drinking for four days. Would you believe that there is such a person who could drink for fours days without resting? Why is it not recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records? These are exaggerations because so far in the Guinness only 36 hours was the longest time that a person can drink”

He continues by saying Poe never drank much in his younger years and…….

“But definitely in his mature days (being 64 years old), it will never happen anymore.”

Is, it will never happen anymore, and admission of guilt? Or a promise that FPJ will never drink as President? I think we can dismiss Sen. Sotto for making such spurious statements on Poe’s behalf and categorize him for what he is, a wannabe latching on to what he perceives as a potential winning candidate. And may I suggest he get into contact with Alcoholics Anonymous. I feel sure they would be happy to debate Sen. Sotto on a persons ability to drink for much more than 4 days.

Lets examine another who has spoken on the Poe candidacy, These statements were aired over the ABS-CBN program “Dong Puno Live” during a forum that included supporters of four Presidential hopefuls.
Chairman of Freedom, Peace, and Justice Movement (FPJM) Manny Fortes asserted that their platform is based on:

[…..] “unification of a fragmented people”, [which the actor will] “offer to the Filipino people. Without unifying the Filipino people first, all these programs of government are nothing.”

This sounds like a re-run of 2000’s run up to the 2001 election and, dare I say, Poe’s twin, ERAP. Need a reminder? Here is one ““Erap sa mahirap.” Same bullshit, just in another sack. The red flags, sirens, and whistles should be waving, sounding, and blaring! Is there any doubt who is pulling Manny’s strings.
He continues by comparing the Presidency to FPJ’S “own field of endeavor” and indicates this qualifies him to head the government:

“In terms of governance, it cannot be said that FPJ does not know anything about it because for 40 years he has managed his own (movie outfit) FPJ Productions”

Insult my intelligence? Not! Amused is more like it. But no doubt this line will win the hearts of many.

Lets not let “Ate Glo” off the hook. Here’s what Housing Secretary Michael Defensor (appropriate name isn’t it?), said on the same broadcast.

(Arroyo) “does not have anything to worry about” […..] “We have the track record. The surveys would show that most of the poor are divided between FPJ (Poe) and President Arroyo because they have seen how she has worked for programs that aim to uplift the lives of the people”

Divided? How, down the middle, 50% on each side or something less? If ” they have seen how she has worked for programs” why are they split? Such logic escapes me. As a “defensor” of Gloria I think you need to go back to hijacking helicopters and rescuing Pings witnesses. On second thought, maybe you should just shut up, and quietly sit in the corner like a good little boy.
If re-elected “Glo” will throw you some crumbs I’m sure.

UPDATE This just in from the Manila Standard:

Poe down with fever; Sotto pinch-hits
Action movie king Fernando Poe Jr. failed to show up at the forum on presidential aspirants sponsored by big business at the Manila Hotel yesterday (Sat.).

Again we hear from Sen. Sotto:

“Da King” was running a fever and could not make it to present his platform of government.” Most of the business leaders left the Fiesta Pavillon hall after learning FPJ could not make it to the forum, leaving behind only a handful of guests and mediamen to hear Sotto read the speech.

I would have left too, why bother listening to a 5 page speech the author had little ambition to present himself.
Here’s what Hector Villacorta, Sotto’s legal adviser said:

“That he himself made the speech and not someone else is already a manifestation of his agreement to attend the conference”

What the hell kind of convoluted logic is that?
Then we have Sen. Lacson defending Poe’s Non-appearance:

“Given the limited time for Poe to present his government platform, it is understandable for the actor not to show up”. [But he assured the businessmen] “Poe would be ready to dialog with them before the election period begins.”

Ahh yes “Pings” fishing for that VP slot knowing his miserable poll showing gives him no chance to hold onto his current Senate seat or relocate to the Palace as President. Besides “limited time” is not the stated reason for FPJ’S absence, remember the poor baby has a fever. Or does Lacson know something we don’t. Possible given the fact the two will meet this week to discuss “united opposition matters.” And by the way Poe has been mulling over his candidacy for months, and we are to believe he made no effort to consult with advisor’s on a platform until now. Me thinks the whole lot of them can take a flying leap into Laguna Bay, with a large rock chained to their ass.

Well I’m here to tell you its all academic. Stay tuned to this channel for the second installment of “The Soothsayer,” where I explain how all this politspeak, and the wannabe’s pronouncements will be for naught. Coming soon to a monitor near you !

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Space map or Brain Waves?

Any clue what this is?

It could be some new galactic image from the latest space flic,
or it could be the latest MRI I had of the “Cranial Cavity;” all colors and no substance.

Its actually a “picture” of the internet.


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This is a follow on to my last post and comes from News Max

It would seem that President Arroyo has added to her many little publicized scams, this time in the area of family planning.

[…..] However, UNFPA has recently seen fit to criticize the Philippines for spending U.N. funds on the promotion of natural family planning, even claiming that shifting funds from artificial contraception to natural family planning will result in the death of women.


Meanwhile, a UNFPA official in the Philippines has criticized the government of the Philippines for diverting $1.5 million in UNFPA funding supposedly earmarked for artificial contraception to natural family planning programs. Florence Tayzon, assistant representative of UNFPA Philippines, asserted that the government of President Gloria Arroyo “used the money for natural family planning instead of contraceptives” and because of this shift “we foresee a larger number of abortions forthcoming.”
Furthermore, Tayzon warned that “If women go into abortion, you have a higher risk of women dying.” Reports on Tayzon’s comments have made sure to mention the fact that President Arroyo is a “devout Catholic.” An article from Agence France-Presse that was circulated by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), UNFPA’s closest NGO ally, even claims that unnamed “critics have blamed the country’s population problem on the dominant Roman Catholic church which lobbies against the use of artificial contraceptives and allows only ‘natural family planning’ techniques like the rhythm method.”

What’s the definition of Fraud? This may fit: “something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage” The advantage in this case is the courting of the Catholic Church’s endorsement for her Presidential run and the votes gained by said endorsement.

I have come to believe this “lady” will stoop to any level to retain the power she holds.

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I have written on this subject early in my Blogging life, entitled The Philippine Sheepskin. I continue to read variations of this story in many newspapers, magazines, and blogs. This one is a little different. It tells the story of Church officials that have decided that life is more important than acting as if they were Lemmings jumping over a cliff the Pope has erected on this issue.

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An Oscar winning performance

Is this sad, or does it rightfully belong in my Friday Follies category? As you can see I made my decision, make yours.

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Happy Thanksgiving !

This holiday has always meant more to me than Christmas. Coming from the upper Mid-West travel was always easier in November before the avalanche’s of December rolled in. Driving to “Grandma’s house” thru a foot of snow oft times keep most of the family home for Christmas.
As most Americans Thanksgiving consisted of Family gossip shared in the family room surrounded by sounds of the kids playing. A TV blaring sounds of a Football game, and anticipation waiting for Santas arrival during Macy’s New York Parade and in Philadelphia. Later in the day was the Home town parade in Detroit. Being before the age of TV remotes one of us kids had a special seat next to the TV. Most years the three parades overlapped so the second most important job in the house was the designated channel changer.
The most important job belonged to Mom of course, her efforts every year produced the heavenly smells eminateing from this:
The menu always included roast turkey, prime rib roast, candied yams, mashed potatoes, corn, and various salads. Evening hours were spent with more family gossip, rubbing full tummies and more food. This was Mom’s time to break out that years selection of Holiday homemade candies and cookies that were started mid-October. Why so early? Because on average she produced between 15-20 different candies, and 150-200 dozen cookies of various types each year. Some in the family thought she was crazy but that was her winter passion. It took the place of her summer passion of Rose cultivation. At one point, before failing health forced the issue, the garden contained every known varity of Rose.

The following day was always spent touring Greenfield Village where life is suspended to a time before electricity, autos, and all the other annoying modern life things. Its still one of my favorite places on earth.

Things were so much simplier then.

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And the Punitive Damages $ $ $ Roll In

Somebody is going to pay big time for this “reality”. The story is from CNN.com

SAN DIEGO, California (AP) — Police said Tuesday they are investigating a woman’s allegations that she was raped in the oceanfront home where MTV is filming the latest season of its “Real World” reality program.


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A new Category is born

Welcome…..welcome one and all to a new category where I will make fearless predictions, and never, I say never, admit to being wrong.

Philippine Casino Plan Gains Supporters

Headline is from Rolling Good Times Website via the Baguio Sun Star The story notes some support for a planned casino operation inside Camp John Hay.

“…The latest groups to support the controversial casino plan are the Federation of Baguio Senior Citizens’ Association (Fbaseca), the Federation of Parents and Teachers Association and the Azkho Barangay Vendors Association.

This is a strange amalgamation of groups to support the same idea.

“…The Baguio elders said the tax share of the City Government to be paid by the Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporations (Pagcor) is necessary to fund various barangay-based programs, including activities that would further promote their welfare.

Prediction: Start of a new 12 step program to assist the “gambling addicted”. Funds will also be diverted to the velvet lined pockets of the already rich & famous.

“…The parents and teachers association, for its part, claimed their group is aware the purpose of Pagcor is to help enhance the city’s tourism and economic sector.

Prediction: City will be inundated by tourists of the unsavory kind in search of the newly expanded “working girl” services. The afore mentioned 12 step program will be funded and implemented at the grade school level.

“Officials of the Azkho Barangay Vendors group, on the other hand, said the operation of casino would pave the way for more employment to thousands of Baguio residents who belong to the ranks of the unemployed sector…”

Prediction: A four lane road is renamed “Two Lane Way”. Pedestriain traffic deaths rise 50% due to loss of accessable sidewalks..
Hundreds are hired to clear “Two Lane Way” of assorted shacks, and illegal venders.

As I said earlier these predictions are fearless, and I reserve the right to deny all, delete the post, and bury my head in the sand like these Casino supporters.

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“Will that be Cash or chip”

Sure takes the worry out of forgetting your wallet.

From Wired News

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