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The Poe insanity continues. When asked, Poe declined to be part of a Presidential debate, calling them “divisive”, and a venue that promotes politicking. Bless his little heart, he has an alternative. He plans to run music videos (MTV), which will include his running mate Sen. Loren Legarda in some episodes. And just to ensure all those residing in the “slums” he so loves gets the message, audio versions will be aired over radio.

To be honest I don’t fault FPJ, he’s nothing but a puppet, its the Looney Tunes charactors that surround him that are the biggest problem. Need proof? Here are a couple quotes:

In explaining the thousands that appear at FPJ rallies KNP spokesman Miguel Romero said they were saving money, [FPJ crowds] “they werenít expecting payment the way the “hakot (paid)” crowds of other politicians do at a political rally.” And he continued, “We donít have to rent dozens of (vehicles) where leaders of each barangay would ride,” Romero said. “There are no allowances, pakain (free meals).” Well now, I guess Poe does have an economic plan. Then Romero added, “itís a fantastic kind of election!”

Fantastic indeed. If Poe wins the election I’m ordering “Mongolian Barbecue” in Mongolia!

On Second thought: Sen. Loren Lagarda is a very good looking woman. I’m just thinking…. Given the right “Sex Bomb” shorts to wear, and with the Senator doing her version of the “Otso Otso” dance, it may be worth watching a Poe generated music video.

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I normaly sit on the “Death Penalty Fence,” but generaly lean to the no side. But I have absolutly no compassion for these morally bankrupt idiots.

THE city’s [NYC] Administration for Children’s Services is so busy protecting the privacy of foster kids it won’t talk about how those kids were used as HIV guinea pigs.

From 1998 until 2002, ACS allowed HIV-positive foster kids to be used by scientists trying to solve the mysteries of the scourge illness. About 50 of them at Manhattan’s Incarnation Children’s Center were used as guinea pigs in the late 1990s.

The city’s Public Advocate’s Office, which looks over the shoulder of ACS, said it was surprised to hear of the policy that allowed HIV infected children to be used as guinea pigs.

“We’re concerned because clinical trials are risky and we’re concerned ACS just unilaterally signed up these kids,” said Advocate’s Office spokeswoman Anat Jacobson.

“CONCERNED.” Thats all this asshole can say, he’s “concerned,” how about stopping this abhorant practice NOW. And here is a little tip from an outraged blogger — DIE, you cold hearted self righteous bastards. And one more thing, hold still this needle won’t hurt a bit.

Source: New York Post via Yahoo News

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An Advisory to FPJ

Isagani A. Cruz advises Fernando Poe Jr. to “withdraw from the presidential race and go back to the movies and his tinsel throne.”

The basic rules of the contest [political debate] are acceptable to all the rivals except one. The lone dissenter takes exception to the concept of the debate and its intended audience. He says that, to begin with, the debate is divisive instead of uniting the nation; it is mere talk without action. He also suspects the place where the debate is to be held and the people who will hear it, meaning the intelligent audience.

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Reasons Not To Vote

So I’m late with “The Friday Follies,” this is still funny.

No time to vote Ė I’m having sex!

A WOMAN claimed she was having group sex with 30 men in Nimbin, NSW, and could not get to a polling booth in Queensland on time to vote.

Not sure I agree with this excuse — I would think she had her Ballot Box stuffed!

On a more serious note, take notice that the NSW Government fines everyone that fails to vote, and averages $1 million in fines collected in each election.

Source: News.com.au

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Sen. Kerry has decided to bless us with his planned methods of countering the terrorism menace. Is it just me or do I sense a defensive posture in his plans.

[ It ] relies on stronger intelligence-gathering, law enforcement and international alliances.
“I am convinced that we can prove to the American people that we know how to make them safer and more secure with a stronger, more comprehensive and more effective strategy for winning the war on terror than the Bush administration has ever envisioned,” “We cannot win the war on terror through military power alone.”
Kerry said he would protect chemical and nuclear facilities, increase security at ports and airports, restore federal funding for 100,000 police officers and add 100,000 firefighters across the country

Sounds like a sit back and wait strategy. Not many will dispute the need for more Intelligence capabilities. But I question the ultimate effect. Will it ensure no more attacks on the US or the world at large? Certainly it will reduce the threat, but its instructive to use the Israeli example. They have been under seige for the most part of 30 years and run one of the most effective intel agencies in the world to protect a country smaller than Texas.I suppose that explains the reason for more police and firemen to fight the aftermath of an attack.I suspect the real reason for increased firefighters is tied to their unions endorsement of his campaign.

I find no great need to rehash my feelings on the UN other than to say Kerry’s reliance on international cooperation will only work with willing partners, not dedecated obstructionists like France.His implication is Bush had no alliances but the record speaks other wise. Four of the G-7 countries, eleven of 19 NATO members have contributed troops, and Thirteen of 25 members of the European Union have forces serving inside Iraq. Kerry’s reality is no different than former Pres. Clintons policy of talk to the cows come home, throw a few “pin-prick” missle strikes every few months, then talk some more. Sorry, that strategy failed before and hopefully the voters won’t be fooled by this line of reasoning again.

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Wait I Know This Girl Also!

Didn’t I just read/post about the uproar created by a Japanese porn flic filmed at Hong Kongs airport? If the authorities are crying about a porn star how do they explain this?

Hong Kong viewers will get the naked truth on a new TV news show presented by nude newsreaders, press reports say.

The Fire/Ice News bulletins will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday nights on one of the many new digital TV channels springing up in the territory, the South China Morning Post reports.

The first show, to be aired this weekend, features newsreader Chan Long, a willowy 18-year-old girl who strips through the five-minute bulletin until she is completely naked. “It’s not easy, synchronising news-reading and taking off all your clothes,” Ms Chan, a model who has just graduated from secondary school, said.

Although Ms Chan is the only presenter the show has so far, producer Jesse Au King-wai says he hopes to enlist more. “It’s equal opportunity for men and women,” he told the Post. “I am planning for male readers on the show as well there is a niche market for gay men.”

Besides not having the channel offered by my cable provider, is there something I’m missing here?

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The 13% North Korean Solution

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The political wrangling over the North Korean nuclear issue continues to rage and has been spotlighted by the recent resumption of the Six Party Talks.There are a few constants that have remained since the first round held in August last year. NK has continued to demand a security guarantee in exchange for the dismantling of its nuclear facilities And the US’s refusal to give such guarantees. Given the IAEA’S recent failures in Iran its understandable that the international community along with the US would have doubts about successfully monitoring a “peaceful” (electric power generation) NK nuclear program if it were allowed.

Sometimes it takes bold solutions for difficult problems. Enter my “13% North Korea solution. North Korea by all accounts is sub-third world in its industrial complex, and it has failed to produce sufficient amounts of food to feed its population for over a decade. My proposal would utilize North Korea as a large scale application of renewable energy sources. Hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydrogen based transportation fuel could all be developed on an international level within NK to test the economic and scientific viability of each.

The program would negate the opposition to some of these sources of energy being developed in the industrialized world. It would provide a source of employment for the NK people and a modernized industrial base. Any successful application can be exported to provide needed hard currency exchange. And most importantly, once and for all answer the question of these energy sources being viable in the “real world.”

Thanks to the CrazyPundit for the inspiration.

UPDATE: CNN’S Rebecca Mackinnon has a blog that covers the current situation on the Korean Penninsula. I highly recommend a visit.

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This from Claudia Rosett in the OpinionJournal writes of the UN/Iraq oil for food scam.

It’s a little hard to know whether oil sales were actually $65 billion or $70 billion, whether there were five or six banks or just one, whether at least that one bank, BNP, ever paid significant interest on balances that toward the end of the program totaled $20 billion or $15 billion or $9 billion or $12 billion, and whether humanitarian import contracts were funded to the tune of $39.2 billion or $46 billion. Mr. Annan assures us the program has been audited many times, even if it was done in confidence, in-house, backed up by member nations that may have had their own interests to consider, such as one of Saddam’s favorite trading partners, France.
If you want to get fancy, you can factor in the allegations that Saddam underbilled for oil and overpaid for goods via the U.N. contracts, in order to piggyback bribes and kickbacks atop the Oil-for-Food program. If true, then the two things we can bank on are that Saddam took in more than the U.N. reported, and the goods the Iraqi people received were worth less.
Which brings us back to Mr. Kay, who in reference to Oil-for-Food noted recently that “a lot of people took part in what was clearly a scam.” I start to wonder whether Mr. Kay, given full powers to investigate, might return to report that whatever the U.N. may be reporting, we still don’t have a clue about the real numbers.


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Please keep in mind these are Managers, the leaders, the best of the best. “I said NO PICKLES.”

Managers of Wendy’s restaurants in Abington, Wareham, Whitman, and West Bridgewater have been suspended with pay, after they strip-searched employees, the restaurants’ corporate office announced yesterday.

Bob Bertini, a spokesperson for Wendy’s International Inc., said four Wendy’s restaurants fell prey to a scam on Friday, when a caller who identified himself as a police officer informed managers that an employee may have stolen money from the restaurants.

The caller gave the managers instructions to perform a strip search of a single employee at each location, and the managers complied, Bertini said.

Later, however, each manager became suspicious, and reported the call and the incident to local police.

“This is just a very unfortunate situation, and we feel very badly about it,” said Bertini. “The managers who were duped are law-abiding citizens. They thought they were responding to direct orders by the police.”

None of the searched employees, who are also being paid, has returned to work, Bertini said. All have been offered counseling, he added.

Insanity via Boston.Com

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The Naked & The Passion

In the Bronx, police are investigating a bizarre incident that led to the death of a 42-year-old woman.

Police say the victim was naked for some kind of religious ritual in which her body was covered with oil and alcohol.

According to police the woman then accidentally bumped into a candle, and lit herself on fire.

She apparently tripped while running through the apartment, smashing her head through a window before suffering a heart attack.

If it were only possible to indoctrinate the Islamic Jihadists in this ritual most of our troubles may be over. Maybe a promise of twice the normal count of Vestal Virgiins would do the trick.

Meanwhile across the country:

After much fanfare and controversy Mel Gibson’s film The Passion opened in over 3000 thousand theaters. Some have said it was too violent, “It’s a little bit more brutal than you would think,” others are hopeful, “This film is going to revive and renew the church,” Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of the Christian Film and Television Commission “It’s a great movie. It’s well done … The more people come to Christ, the more they will appreciate the Jews.”

And in a strange twist of fate one women is dead.

Audience members at the Warren Theatre East said the woman, in her 50s, collapsed during the segment of the film depicting Christ’s crucifixion, reported KAKE, an ABC affiliate. Nurses watching the movie administered CPR, according to the TV station.

The woman was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at a hospital in Wichita, the KAKE Web site said.

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