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What was that verbal tripe Clinton was peddling Monday in reference to the Swift Boat Ads?

Something like: “The records say he [Kerry] told the truth. There have been no serious disputes about any of the incidents in which he earned his medals,” He also added this little nugget of truth. ““There has been too much controversy or discussion about the politics of it [SBVT ads] and little about its merits.” I would agree, but not in the context he implies. The plain true is the merits of the ads were ignored [aside from the NYT and WaPo running hit pieces on John O’Neill] for three weeks before anyone in the MSM took a sniff at the story.

Beldar, who has been hot on this story, provides another example of Clintons missing “merits.” It is a long post so I will only quote the first paragraph:

“My regard for Kerry biographer Douglas Brinkley as an historian has dropped to a new low. I’ve discovered that Brinkley must have had in his hands — and ignored — an unimpeachable source in which John Kerry told a version of the Jim Rassmann rescue that is completely, mutually inconsistent with the version which Kerry has related, and Brinkley himself has repeated, everywhere else.”

Just what the hell Swift Boat was Rassman on when he got blown over the side? And if Clinton is worried about records it would be interesting to see if the Congressional Record would be a source for him to accept as valid.

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Owen West who says he has generally supported Bush and the war on terror decided to go “Behind Enemy Lines.” and infiltrate the various moonbats and protesters in NYC. This section captures the preveiling mindset of most of the left in America.

An articulate young man named Fareed was carrying an antidraft placard. Any forced field trip to Iraq would go through Canada, he said. There was no U.N. mandate, after all. There was no coalition. There was no threat to the United States. Fareed supported President Clinton’s 78-day bombing campaign in Kosovo, however, on the principle of humanitarian intervention. Yes, he knew about the massive bombing of civilian infrastructure that turned the tide. Yes, he knew there was no U.N. blessing. Yes, he agreed U.S. security was never threatened. “[The] differences are … hard to describe,” he said. “Bush just went about it wrong.”

Fareed must be a Kerry speech writer and obviously a card carying member of the ABB crowd.

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France has found themselves a target after 2 French journalists were taken hostage in Iraq. If this proves nothing else, it’s a clear example that the “Great Satan” isn’t the only target. France is being targeted over a purely internal matter, a ban on the wearing of Muslim headscarves in state schools. Will France learn a lesson that has been taught to the world on 9/11, it’s doubtful but it does appear they are not crumbling under the threat.

The BBC’s Angus Roxburgh in Paris says the French government is unlikely to accede to the demand.

He adds that there is consternation in France that its citizens have been targeted by Iraqi militants, as the country has been a vocal opponent of the US-led war in Iraq.

In a not so strange bit of kismet the “Worlds Oldest Terrorist” had his say on the matter:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has added his voice to those of the many Islamic leaders calling for the journalists’ release.

Describing Mr Chirac as “a good friend of the Palestinian people”, he said the “journalists were helping the Iraqi and the Palestinian cause”.

See what a few million Euros gets you — kind words from Grandpa Terror himself. And it begs the question how two journalists are helping Iraq and Palestine, yet dispatching Saddam didn’t get one word out of Arafat. Obviously it’s those Euros being mis-directed into his own bank accounts doing the talking.

While this little passion play is occuring, on the other side of the world the French are facing another crisis of their own making.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) – A gang chased a French minister out of a Haitian slum under gunfire on Monday, while former soldiers who helped oust President Jean-Bertrand Aristide took control of a southern town and defied U.N. forces to remove them.

One French gendarme was wounded and a French diplomatic source said he saw at least one person killed in the attack.

The reminders of the impoverished Caribbean country’s chronic instability came six months after Aristide, regarded as a champion of the poor, was driven out by an armed revolt and U.S. and French pressure amid allegations of despotism and corruption.

The Haitian rebels have a very astute knowledge of the United Nations history.

A contingent of Brazilian-led U.N. troops, backed by armored cars and helicopters, were sent on Sunday to regain control but withdrew without challenging the former soldiers, who witnesses said numbered around 150.

“We are not afraid of U.N. troops. We are the Haitian military, we are trained to fight wars. They’ll probably kill us, but we’ll fight,” their leader, former army Col. Remissainthe Ravix, told Reuters by telephone.

Armored cars, helicopters and a quick retreat, that’s the UN we all know and love hate.

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At least this one wasn’t under oath. But it was outside a church if that counts for anything.

Clinton pumped out the lastest [Dim]ocratic talking points in reference to the Swiftboat ads and lied thru his teeth:

“All the guys that were on the boat with him say he told the truth. The records say he told the truth. There have been no serious disputes about any of the incidents in which he earned his medals,” Clinton said outside the Landmark Riverside Church in upper Manhattan.

Gee wonder what intern has distracted Bill from reading the papers lately? Maybe he should take a gander at last Friday’s Chicago Sun-Times, or Saturday’s.

Note to Slick Willie, a DD214 is an official Navy document, and as the Washington Times points out Kerry’s is FUBAR’d, [ Fucked up beyond all repair, for you non military types — ed] and New York Post notes the damage these latest revelations have done to the poll numbers.

UPDATE Bob a commenter at Questions and Observations has it about right: Bill Clinton giving a sermon about integrity and truth-telling from a church pulpit? Yikes, I hope that church has insurance against lightning strikes!

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Those Lying Eyes

But Kerry’s prevaricating pen is even worse!

Is there even one small iota of this mans life that he hasn’t embellished [or flat-out lied about] to some extent?

Would it be fair to call Kerry the “Baroque Candidate?”

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Reading Comprehension 101

McQ takes to task one of his readers over the 1971 Senate testimony of a certain John F. Kerry. Becky claims to have “read it 5 times,” and is angry, very angry:

I am angry. I am VERY angry. And that you people can sit back and condemn Kerry for speaking out against an unjust war, for bringing to light the atocities of war that our LEADERSHIP condoned in the name of freedom — in the name of MY country….I have no words for you, either.

And so is McQ:

Its not just YOUR country. Its OUR country as well. And this is about how OUR country treated us because of the lies people like John Kerry and the VVWA spread.

When Kerry grows the balls to stand up and tell the Vietnam Vets that he was wrong, he lied and he portrayed them falsely and that he’s sorry for doing so, then perhaps, some real healing can begin.

Until then, I agree with John O’Neill … he’s unfit for command.

She still hasn’t a clue! And never will. Just like the man that will get her vote. Maybe she should read this The New York Post article “Kerry should look in the mirror” it answers a lot of why a 35 year old war has become the centerpiece of this election.

Also take note she hasn’t posted a rebuttle in the thread…. wonder why?

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As the media awakes from its self induced slumber another group of disgruntled Kerry employed “Postmen” attempted to deliver Max Clelands letter that was marked “return to sender” in Crawford Texas.

The face-off began outside the State House, when 10 members of Massachusetts Veterans for Kerry-Edwards attempted to deliver to a representative of Governor Mitt Romney a letter written by former Georgia senator Max Cleland to President Bush. The letter, which Cleland attempted to deliver to Bush at his Texas ranch last week, calls on the president to denounce advertisements by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that question Kerry’s military record.

The pro-Kerry veterans wanted Romney to give the letter to Bush when he campaigns with him in New Hampshire on Monday.

However, the Democratic group had its event crashed by another group of veterans upset with Kerry’s attendance record in Congress. They held signs reading “Where is John (Waldo) Kerry?” and “Kerry No Show,” and they expressed outrage at Kerry’s high absence rate in Congress this year. The group, calling itself Veterans for Working Senators, echoed a message put forward by the Republican Party.

While the demonstration by the Working Senators group was peaceful, the Kerry supporters clashed verbally with Darrell Crate, the state Republican Party chairman, when he stepped forward to accept their letter on behalf of the governor.

Crate attempted to turn the tables on the pro-Kerry veterans by offering them a letter from the Working Senators group demanding that Kerry attend more Senate sessions. When Crate tried to read the letter, the Kerry veterans shouted him down.

Ah yes… stupidity on parade, another attempt by the Dems to invoke what they believe are their “patent rights” to free speech. Or was it?

Some seem to think the Republican side of this confrontation was part of an elaborate prank… interesting and effective if it was.

Michael Graham offers a retort to all the whinners:

When you turn the Democratic National Convention into a four-day screening of Apocalypse Now — complete with the candidate’s own home movies; when you stride to the podium with a crisp salute and a “reporting for duty”; when your political entourage has more military uniforms in it than the coatroom of a Subic Bay bordello; in short, when you base much of your campaign for president on two tours of duty in ‘Nam — you, sir, have no right to complain that your opponents are too obsessed with the past.

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Council Submission

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher’s Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around… per the Watcher’s instructions, I have submitted the preceeding post, (Hot on the Heels of Linda Ronstadt, Comes Broadway) for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post and the most recent winning non-council post.

Here is the list of results for the latest vote and the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

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Linda Ronstadt who started her career as a singer, more recently, has morphed into a political editorialist. “My career has befuddled other people, and it’s befuddled me,” she has been quoted as saying. In explaining her political stance she has made it clear just what type a crowd she prefers. “It’s a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I’d rather not know.”

But it seems she is not alone. With the coming of the Republican National Convention to NYC even more addle brained stars, starlets and stagehands have made their presence felt along The Great White Way. Reports of “Republicans” buying blocks of tickets to such shows as “Fiddler on the Roof,” “42nd Street,” “Wonderful Town,” “The Lion King” and “Aida,” have fueled rumors of an infestation of Blue Flu spreading for Sunday’s Broadway performances.

It is impossible to know how effective the campaign is at this point, but producers are concerned enough about it that some are planning to meet with their casts tomorrow to remind them of their contractual obligations.

“It’s out there,” one theater executive said yesterday of the possible boycott.

“We’re picking it up. The actors are talking about it.”

In e-mails and in letters posted backstage at theaters this week, Actors Equity has also told Broadway performers that they are expected to work Sunday.

Actors Equity, whose members perform on Broadway has advised its members to conform to their contractual agreements but some anonymous sources are letting their exclusionary message be heard.

But some actors, speaking on condition of anonymity, said talk of what one called “the blue flu” was making the rounds.

“This is a very liberal community,” the actor said. “A lot of people are not happy about having to perform for Republicans.”

The actors aren’t alone in their unhappiness about having to entertain Republicans. Backstage crews may be registering their displeasure as well. At “42nd Street,” the word is that a lot of behind-the-scenes staffers are going to wear anti-Bush T-shirts to the show on Sunday.

How effective that particular way of protesting will be is somewhat doubtful, since there won’t be many Republicans hanging around backstage during the show.

“Maybe they’ll see us outside the stage door during our smoking breaks,” jokes one “42nd Street” wag.

For a group of people that, for the most part, subsist on salaries that hover around the poverty level the more prudent course of action would be to get their collective asses to work. Instead, if rumors become fact, and their thoughts on performing before “Dems only” audiences is followed to its logical conclusion. Broadway theaters will revert to the days of “whites only” drinking fountains. Republicans will be relegated to sitting in “the back of the theater.” By throwing off all vestiges of liberals and the Democratic Party being the party of inclusion they could segregate Broadway and setup Dem/Rep only theaters. Why not, the constant verbage we hear from the campaign trail is “Two Americas,” despite the fallacy of the phrase and the logic behind it.

It may be instructive for these sometime actors-actresses – sometime fry-cooks and waitresses to take a look at history. In a time when America was on the eve of entering World War I, some on Broadway were brave enough to write, produce and act in “Three Plays for a Negro Theater.” Forty seven years before the signing of the Civil Rights Bill Broadway led the way and no talk of blue flu was heard.

Eighty seven years later we have a bunch of spoiled, too good for thee, thespians who have no desire to perform before those evil Republicans.

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Kerry’s Brain….

…. on LambeauLambert Field.”

And this is just harsh…. “You sir, are a loser. You will go down in history as the man who made Dukakis look good.” [snip]

Prediction: “Mcgovern, Mondale, Dukakis and now Kerry will each get an entry in the hall of fame of losers. 40 states will go for Bush. It will not be a close election.”

And this may be one reason why Frank thinks the jig is up….

19 reporters…. 36 page medical file….. 30 mniutes to research the file.

Kerry… sign the form 180.

The New England Republican has caught Kerry lying about… a lie!

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