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The ceasefire agreement signed to suspend hostilities after the 1991 Persian Gulf war was in Safwan, Iraq. As stated in an interview with Bill O’Reilly in December 1991 John Kerry claimed he attended the event:”I mean, I was in Safwan. I went there when the signing of the armistice took place at the end of the war..”

Well no, it appears he was nowhere near Iraq. In fact he attended a “Black tie” affair on the evening of 2 March 1991, in Boston. (3 March in Iraq)

Shall we add this to the list of Kerry fantasies, along with “Christmas in Cambodia,” and “VC” the Vietnamese wonder dog?

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Freedom’s Truth has posted a photo of the Iraqi armistice signing, Kerry is MIA.

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Putting Things Into Perspective

What is the most common phrase eminating from the Kerry campaign in recent weeks? – tick, tock – Times up.

It is the Democratic calculation that the current cost – $200 billion dollars – of the Iraq war could be better spent on domestic issues. Kerry has been so enamored with the figure he used it 14 times in one speech. Every Democratic strategist, whatever that may be, has the phrase drilled into their collective minds and can barely contain themselves from blurting it out, no matter the question asked of them.

Never mind the $200 billion figure is wildly inflated by the Democrats, think about the figure. How much would that buy? How many SUV’s [the families not Kerry’s – ed], or wind surfboards? How many “Selectric” typewriters? The amount is so abstract to the normal person it’s almost impossible to fathom. If you were to purchase the most expensive sports car in the world, you would be the proud owner of an entire fleet of them. (UPDATE: here is one for sale – any takers – ed)

Watching the news today brought the $200 billion figure closer to reality. Forbes released their annual list of American billionares. As he has for a number of years, Bill (“I never met a bug I didn’t like”) Gates tops the list at $48 billion dollars. Think about that in relation to Kerry’s $200 billion, one man, Bill (“Service pack #92”) Gates could fund 25% of the Iraqi war. Using the Congressional Budget Office calculation of the cost at $93 billion dollars Bill (“Security Patch”) Gates could write a check and fund 50% of the war and have change to buy Kerry lunch at Nikola’s Restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club.

Just a little perspective brought to you via the Cavity. Next time you hear Kerry or Edwards say the magic words, “$200 billion,” tell them to call Bill (“Virus”) Gates.

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Getting “Amped” Up in Iraq

Cori Dauber notes the Iraqi’s have a new “spark” on life.

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A Love Letter to Kerry

Dear John:

“As everyone knows, France did not approve of the conditions in which the conflict was unleashed. Neither today nor tomorrow will it commit itself militarily in Iraq,” French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier said.

In Iraq, violence is exploding. Only when the Iraqis themselves take control of their future … will the country be able to escape the chaos which could destabilise the entire region,” Barnier told the UN General Assembly.

It was nice while it lasted John, but alas, the bloom is off the rose. Now go sweet talk some other “foreign leader” you ain’t getting shit out of us!

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Jesus H. Christ on a Unicycle

This can’t be right, can it?

President Bush this week reached a symbolic milestone, overtaking Democratic challenger John Kerry in New Hampshire and Iowa to claim more than 300 electoral votes in CNN’s weekly Electoral College scorecard.
If the election were held today, Bush would receive 301 electoral votes to Kerry’s 237, according to a CNN survey based on state polling as well as interviews with campaign aides and independent analysts. …

Bush currently leads in 33 states, including the country’s entire southern rim (except California) and the mountain and plains regions. Kerry leads in the District of Columbia and the remaining 17 states, including all of the West Coast and most of the Northeast. The two candidates continue to battle for control of the industrial Midwest.

Maybe this prediction wasn’t so far off the mark.

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What’s common meme among the apologists and appeasement monkeys as they excuse 40 years of terrorist activity? They believe root cause is poverty, lack of education, and “The Great Satan” keeping its oppressive foot on their collective necks.

The recent suicide bombing by a young female Palestinian, killing two Israelis, is yet another example that “disproves that theory.”

The young 18-year-old female suicide terrorist, Zeinab Ali Isa Abu-Salem, who murdered two Israelis yesterday and wounded some 30 others, was none other than a children’s TV show hostess on a local station in Shechem. Ofra resident Debbie Segal, who noticed the terrorist approaching the bus stop moments before she blew herself up, described her as “extraordinarily beautiful.” She comes from a very wealthy Arab family in Shechem, which owns the TV station where she worked.

Teachers, the bedrock of society, caretakers of future generations. And in this case planting the seeds of terror in those too young and inexperienced to filter thru the lies and deception. And helped along the way by the “world’s oldest terrorist,” “AraRat”, who previously [among the many – ed] sent this televised message [media player req’d – ed] to the children of Palestine, “Is it not the greatest message to the world, when a child dies for Allah?

Unfortunatly for the civilized world “AraRat’s” parents didn’t harbour the same sentiments.

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The New Zealand Herald has added its 2 cents to Kofi’s charge of the Iraq war being “illegal.” In the process they they put on display just how far into fantasyland they are. Maybe eating all that Vegamite has effected their thought process:

The problem of the UN system has largely been related to the near-monopoly power of the leading imperialist superpower, the United States, that has become arrogant, unilateralist and under the rule of the so-called-Neo-conservatives, has taken the path of trampling upon civilized norms of conduct of international relations.

The reality of a world system that has come under the control of a lone superpower has therefore rendered the UN system, with its tradition of multilateralism, very weak. This has made the world less safe than at any point since the end of the Cold War. …

Lets’s assume the Herald is correct and the UN has completely abrogated all its power to the Eviiiil Bushies. Doesn’t that raise just a few questions? When did this UN capitulation occur?

  • Didn’t seem to have any lasting effects on France , Germany, or Russia who did all they could to block any effective resolution to the crisis before the war started.
  • It must have been after the UN mission was bombed in Iraq and they picked up, turned tail and fled in abject defeat. And oh… BTW, blamed the US for a failure to provide the proper security only to be proven a liar when it was reviled the UN turned down a US led security detail.
  • I didn’t notice any UN capitulation when it took over a year to agree to send a mission into Iraq to assist in the election process

There are many other examples but the most obvious are the very words Kofi uttered that the Herald has agreed with, “illegal war” Just how much power has the UN surrendered when he can openly call the war illegal? Why wasn’t Kofi bound, chained, gagged and thrown into an ajoining cell with Saddam?

The only capitulation done on the UN’s part has to do with the almighty dollar, not the US, the Bushies, or the neo-consertives.

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A Letter to Kofi

First seen at Iraq The Model who’s author received this E-mail from Mr.Joseph Ghougassian, former ambassador of the USA to Qatar, and also worked as a CPA advisor in Iraq.


On Wednesday, September 15, 2004, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan expressed for the first time his views on the war in Iraq: “I have indicated it is not in conformity with the U.N. Charter. From our point of view and from the charter point of view it was illegal.”

From May 1, 2003 to August 31, 2004 I was involved with Iraq reconstruction efforts in several capacities. First, I was sent to Kirkuk to look into the property disputes between the Kurds, Arabs, Turkomen and Christians; in my last assignment I served as a high ranking Advisor to Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and the 68 institutions of higher learning.

I lived and worked in the Green Zone in Saddam Palace along with 3000 military and civilian personnel. I traveled extensively all over Iraq, visiting college and university campuses. When in Baghdad I drove myself almost on a daily basis to my meetings with Iraqis.

Annan calling the war “illegal” at this point in time has many significant and troubling consequences. The logical inferences are such that if I was to defend Saddam Hussein or for that matter any of the 60 held prisoners belonging to his regime, I would quote Annan and argue that the removal from power of these individuals was illegal; the holding them in custody is illegal; the formation of the tribunal looking into their prior activities is illegal. The declarations made by Saddam that he is currently the legitimate President of Iraq would be considered valid. In brief, I would list Annan as my star witness in defense of Saddam.

The ensuing inference from the previous inference is that the government of Iyad Allawi is illegitimate; the Transitional Administrative Law (TAL) drafted by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and ratified by the former Iraq Governing Council is void and null. In conclusion there should not be a national election in January 2005.

The reverse side of Annan’s value judgement on the illegality of the war is that the USA, U.K., Italy, Australia, and the other partners in the coalition were thugs and violators of the U.N. Charter and international law. Under Annan’s point of view, a good defense lawyer would argue not only for the release of Saddam and his criminal goons, but also ask for reparations from the coalition nations.

In philosophical parlance, if a war is deemed “illegal” it is also deemed to be “immoral”. This does not bode well on the psychic of our young men and women in uniforms fighting the terrorists in Iraq. Could Annan’s definition of the US led war in Iraq as “illegal” and by extension “immoral” has any psychological and moral effects on the coalition forces in Iraq? Does Annan’s claim that the US led war in Iraq was “illegal” emboldens and encourages the insurgents, terrorists and mercenaries operating in Iraq? Does Annan’s statement increases the security problems for the coalition forces and the civilians involved in the reconstruction efforts in Iraq? Does Annan’s position helps the Iraqi police, politicians and government in their discharge of duties and efforts to stabilize the nation under the rule of law?

Kofi Annan’s declaration of the war in Iraq by the US led coalition and its logical consequence of occupation as “illegal” is ill timed and no more useful in bringing peace than Senator John Kerry’s assertions that the US should have not prosecuted the war against Saddam Hussein. Annan and Kerry are playing with the life of million of Iraqi people and with the life of thousands of Americans and that of others in Iraq. This is not the time to demoralize our forces, nor is it prudent to make statements that will be interpreted by the terrorists as a justification to pursue their criminal ends in Iraq as the case happened when the President of the Philippines caved in to the demands of the terrorists by withdrawing her troops from Iraq.

If I was still in Baghdad, I would feel uneasy and unsafe to conduct outside the Green Zone my usual daily official business given the high rhetoric of Kofi Annan and Senator John Kerry about the war in Iraq. I feel for my colleagues who are still toiling in Iraq; they are caught in the web of politicians making irresponsible assertions that empower the terrorists to continue and expand their evil doings against the Iraqis and foreigners.

Zarkawi, Bin Ladden and the countless terrorist groups operating inside Iraq, listen to American and British media. The criticisms levied by Annan and Kerry play well in the hands of the terrorists and provide the latter the added fuel to brainwash suicide bombers or to incite criminals to behead Americans and civilians of other nations.

At this juncture of time, Annan should become sensitized to the real pains and losses the Iraqi Kurds, Shias, Turkomen and Christians suffered in the hands of Saddam. May be he should apologize to Iyad Allawi, the Interim Prime Minister, for making the undiplomatic faux pas in declaring the war in Iraq as “illegal”.

After all, had Kofi Annan been an effective U.N. Secretary General and had he succeeded in persuading Saddam to comply with all the UN security council resolutions, the US and its allies would not be in Iraq.

The US has vital, national and security interests in the region of the Arabian Gulf dating back to 1947. These interests are not subject to U.N. review or approval. Iraq is part of the Arabian Gulf.

Are you listening Kofi? Doubtful, his ears are still ringing from the sound of billions of Euros heard rolling around UN Headquarters in the largest scam in history.

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Not a chance Kofi, this is illegal, and YOU need the chrome bracelets.

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It’s a “Read The Rest” Post

Patrick of Freedom’s Truth starts out this way:

I thought I’d be ready to respond to that Bloviating Windbag latest production, John Kerry’s “important” speech on Iraq, but I find myself fighting off sleep. He’s defeated me! I cannot mount a counterargument against such bloated verbosity, my eyelids feel as heavy as anvils trying to survive the bloviation. Should I just send up John “Flip” Kerry’s Oct 2002 speech as a retort? Just call in for columnist air support to do some Krauthammering on Kerry?

And ends with this:

The remarkable thing is – his supporters [Kerry’s] may actually believe it.

The opposite is true. Kerry has offered not a single substantive idea that is both better and different from what Bush administration is already doing. Kerry is actually echoing the Bush strategy. The four proposals Kerry thinks are new manage to match exactly what Bush has already said in Bush’s Five point plan on Iraq, delivered on May 24th

And yes, you must read the rest.

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