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Like the apparent “missing goose in Ohio” Kerry’s corporate tax plan has been pre-empted by President Bush and has gone the way of all holiday geese. Plucked, stuffed, roasted and rendered to its skeletal form.

“Today, President Bush signed legislation removing discriminatory tariffs being placed on American companies and cutting taxes for American manufacturers to make our economy more competitive globally,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “These provisions will boost jobs and growth in America, but today’s signing also leaves Sen. John Kerry with no economic plan.”

With just 11 days to go until the presidential election, Democratic presidential candidate Kerry has no economic plan left. The Kerry plan for 10 million jobs relied on cutting the corporate tax rate for domestic manufacturers by 5 percent and allowing companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a 10 percent tax rate. The legislation signed by President Bush today cuts the corporate tax rate by 9 percent and allows companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a 5.25 percent rate. So not only has this legislation removed the Kerry team from having an economic plan, the legislation signed by Bush is superior in economic growth.

“The only two provisions left in the Kerry economic plan are raising taxes on America’s small businesses and a 1970’s era job tax credit that did not work then and definitely will not work now,” continued Norquist. “I find it quite ironic after all of Kerry’s complaining about jobs and his “plan” for these jobs, he has absolutely no plan 11 days before election other than to damage the American economy.”

To be honest I never saw the wisdom of any tax rate decrease for corporate America. It strikes me as a clever way to pander to the very people that Bush is accused of being in bed with. In effect Kerry would be “sleeping with the enemy” via the IRS and using the tax code as a condom.

H/T Rob

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Oh… there is it… but it seems to be dead!

Preparations for the crucial January election are “on track” and the absence of international observers due to the country’s tenuous security should not detract from the vote’s credibility, the top U.N. electoral expert here said.

The January election is seen as a major step in Iraq (news – web sites)’s path to democratic rule. The United States, which formally ended its occupation of Iraq in June but still wields vast influence, sees the vote as a key step toward establishing a stable government.

“International observation is important only in that it’s symbolic,” Carlos Valenzuela told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday. “I don’t think that the process will be less credible without observers, absolutely not. They are not the essence. They are not essential. They are not important. If they can come, fine, of course.”

Capt Ed offers his insight:

Those who claim that George Bush lives outside of reality, as John Kerry put it earlier, because he insists that elections will be held on schedule may find this a shock. However, we saw the Iraqis take back their sovereignty on schedule when everyone said that the US simply could not deliver it. I find no reason to doubt that Bush means to stick to his timetable, but just as in Afghanistan, the doubters likely won’t stop claiming the sky is falling until after the balloting starts.

There in a nutshell is the strategy behind the Kerry “eye off the ball” talking point. Divert attention from a success story in Afghanistan to what is perceived as a “failure” in Iraq. A strategy that has been fully supported by a MSM that has overtly and consistently avoided reportage on favorable news from Iraq.

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Supermans widow campaigns for Kerry. It’s not that Dana Reeves, widow of actor Christopher Reeve, has chosen to support Kerry. That’s her free choice, and given her personnel history an understandable one.

It’s these Kerry quotes:

“The American people deserve a president who understands that when America invests in science and technology, we can build a stronger economy and create jobs for the 21st century,” Kerry said during a campaign rally. “But George Bush has literally … turned his back on the spirit of exploration and discovery.”

In his remarks at the rally, Kerry said scientific innovation needs political support and that Bush, beholden to special interests, refuses to make investments that benefited everyone.

“On the other hand, he has an extreme political agenda that slows instead of advances science,” Kerry said.

By framing the Bush policy as “an extreme political agenda” [without the codeword, that should read, “extreme religious agenda” – ed] he is pandering to the pro abortion, anti-Christian, Liberal Kerry base, nothing more. Kerry is not stupid as many may believe, he knows Bush has not blocked any research and in fact is the first president to allow federally funded embryonic stem cell research.

He also knows that it is he, the Baroque Candidate, that has “turned his back on the spirit of exploration and discovery.” He has failed consistently in supporting the single most important federally funded research project in the history of mankind. The US Space program. Here is his Senate voting record, and a few highlights.

  • In 1991, Kerry Voted To “Reduce Funding For The Space Station From $2 Billion To $100 Million,” And Transfer Funds To Other Programs. (H.R. 2519, Congressional Quarterly Vote #132: Rejected 35-64: R 3-40; D 32-24, July 17, 1991, Kerry Voted Yea
  • In 1992, Kerry Voted To Terminate Space Station “Freedom” Project. (H.R. 5679, Congressional Quarterly Vote #194: Rejected 34-63: R 4-39; D 30-24, September 9, 1992, Kerry Voted Yea)
  • In 1993, Kerry Voted “To Terminate The Space Station Program.” (H.R. 2491, Congressional Quarterly Vote #272: Motion Agreed To 59-40: R 36-8; D 23-32, September 21, 1993, Kerry Voted Nay)
  • In 1994, Kerry Voted To Cut $1.9 Billion From Space Station Program, Thus Terminating It. (H.R. 4624, Congressional Quarterly Vote #253: Rejected 36-64: R 6-38; D 30-26, August 3, 1994, Kerry Voted Yea)
  • In 1995, Kerry Voted To Reduce NASA Funding By $400 Million. (H.R. 889, Congressional Quarterly Vote #105: Motion Agreed To 64-35: R 43-11; D 21-24, March 16, 1995, Kerry Voted Nay)
  • In 1995, Kerry Voted To Cut $1.8 Billion From NASA’s Human Space Flight Program. (H.R. 2099, Congressional Quarterly Vote #463: Motion Rejected 35-64: R 12-41; D 23-23, September 26, 1995, Kerry Voted Yea)
  • In 1996, Kerry Voted To Cut $1.6 Billion From NASA’s Human Space Flight Program And Terminate Space Station Program. (H.R. 3666, Congressional Quarterly Vote #267: Motion Agreed To 61-36: R 38-12; D 23-24, September 4, 1996, Kerry Voted Nay)
  • >

Has Kerry shown any inclination to support science? I think not. Here is more on space program spin-offs, and a relevent commentary by Joseph N. Pelton, director of the Space & Advanced Communications Research Institute at George Washington University.

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Yes you read that correctly, 20 percentage points over Kerry. And the people conducting the survey have a track record, they correctly predicted Bush in a squeaker in 2000.

Many may be familiar in the Kelly Blue Book, the used car buyers bible for pricing data. Their election year 2004 poll has been released, with the surprising results. Overall poll results show President Bush winning the election among drivers by 20 points.

  • 58.6 percent of drivers plan to vote for President George Bush
  • 38.3 percent of drivers plan to vote for Senator John Kerry
  • 2.2 percent of drivers plan to vote for Ralph Nader
  • 0.8 percent of drivers plan to vote for someone else altogether

There is even more bad news for Kerry:

The study also shows that voters support candidates with similar vehicles to their own. The President has made it known that he drives a Ford F-250 on his ranch in Crawford, Texas. That being said, it may be no surprise that Bush is finding heavy support from drivers of large SUVs and full-size pick-up trucks like the Chevy Suburban or Ford F-Series trucks. While Senator Kerry’s family owns several cars, he is best known for driving an old Dodge convertible around Washington D.C. The Kelley Blue Book study shows Kerry snagging votes from just over half of convertible drivers. While the Blue Book believes Nader drives a hybrid vehicle, five of six hybrid drivers participating in this study are squarely in Kerry’s corner.

“Clinton won in both 1992 and 1996 by appealing to ‘minivan soccer moms,’” said Rick Wainschel, vice president, Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research. “The fact that Kerry is currently trailing nearly 3-to-1 among minivan ‘security-moms’ in our 2004 poll, should be of some concern to his political camp.”

Take this poll for what it’s worth, but I can’t help wondering if Kerry previously saying he owned an SUV and then claiming “the family” held the pink slip hasn’t skewed the results a bit.

You be the judge.

UPDATE: Sean reminds, it’s the Electoral College that picks the President, not pre-election polls. But, he is sticking to his previous prediction.

UPDATE II The California Yankee has listed the latest tracking polls.

UPDATE III Capt Ed also lists the latest polling madness and offers an opinion that “each poll seems to point in wildly different directions.”

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If Kerry Talking Points Were Kewpie Dolls

The Kerry campaign’s shooting gallery cupboards would be bare.

The Bush tax cuts (which Congress just voted to extend) are an affront to the most fundamental principles of fairness. They are skewed in favor of those who already pay less than their rightful share of taxes and shift the burden even farther onto the shoulders of the most overtaxed. In other words, the Bush tax cuts are unfair to the rich.

I know there’s a lot of hype to the contrary, but look at the numbers. If you and your spouse have a taxable income of $60,000 a year, you’ve had almost a 24 percent income tax cut since President Bush took office. (And ditto if your income was just $20,000.) Meanwhile, the folks who make $350,000 a year got a cut of only about 12.5 percent; those who make $1 million a year got an even smaller cut.

John… call your office, the “tax cuts for the rich” meme ain’t working no more.

I find it appropriate that on the day Kerry’s tax cut meme lays a fat goose egg, the Baroque Candidate is pandering to the NRA/Conservative voters by hunting for geese in Ohio:

Kerry returned after a two-hour hunting trip wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, but someone else carried the bird he said he shot.

“I’m too lazy,” Kerry joked. “I’m still giddy over the Red Sox. It was hard to focus.”

The Massachusetts senator was referring to Boston’s American League championship Wednesday night. He stayed up late cheering his hometown team onto victory, then got up for a 7 a.m. hunting trip at a supporter’s produce farm.

Kerry adviser Mike McCurry said it’s important in the final days of the campaign that voters “get a better sense of John Kerry, the guy.”

Somebody needs to remind “the guy” that irregardless of how “lazy” you may be, a 3-4 pound dead goose isn’t the most taxing [pun intended] endeavor one can be called upon to perform. In fact the 12 gauge probably weighed more than the goose!

And why did he wait til after the Red Sox clinched the ALCS to get “giddy over the Red Sox?” I don’t recall hearing anything til now, must be that pre-emption thing, he can’t make a move until after the fact. Being “giddy” could also explain why he called Red Sox All-Star David Ortiz “Manny” and named Eddie Yost as his favorite Red Sox player although Eddie never played in Beantown, he was a Washington Senator.

UPDATE: double “L” Michelle has the photos of the Great White hunter, Kerry.

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Although aimed primarily at the European Union this isn’t good news:

The Vatican is becoming increasingly alarmed at what it regards as official anti-Roman Catholic sentiment and secular trends in Europe, as government after government approves measures on abortion, family law, and scientific study that run counter to Catholic teaching.

Strike the word Europe and inset Kerry and this blast from the Pope is a shot straight to both Kerry’s and the Democratic Party’s heart.

UPDATE: Capt Ed gives “Another Priest’s Perspective” on political activism in the church.

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… the Philippine Government went out of their way to avoid using the label “terrorism?”

Now, just a few days later three Filipino Muslims are accused of planning to bomb the US embassy on orders from Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). For those unaware of Southeast Asia’s brand of Islamofascism, JI is listed by the US as one of many known terrorist networks and in fact was founded by Osama bin Bastard’s brother-in-law.

The three suspects, Abdul Manap Mentang, his girlfriend, Monawara Usop and Mursid Mubpon, were arrested in Manila and told investigators they were ordered to scout out the US embassy in Manila last month in preparation for another bombing, military spokesman Lieutenant General Edilberto Adan said.

“Last September 23, Mentang, his live-in partner Monawara Usop, and Mubpon conducted casing operations on the US embassy,” Adan said.

“Mubpon was tasked to design a bomb triggering mechanism utilizing a cellular phone in connection with their plan to bomb the said embassy.”

No further evidence against the three was given.

Except this, that was obtained by what is called “tactical interrogation” in the Philippines.

The three also confessed to bombing the airport and the wharf [in] Davao last year, Adan said, also after receiving orders from JI. The blasts in March and April 2003 claimed 38 lives and injured more than 100 other people.

Yep, no terrorists here, last week. This week in a flip-flop that would make Waffles proud, they have nabbed three suspects that were previously figments of someone’s imagination. Or someone that is deathly afraid of all the economic damage the terrorist/terrorism label can bring.

With the governments shifting attitude on terrorism it’s little wonder why President Arroyo has been labeled as “the weakest leader in the region” [Asia] and that “She is an equal opportunity weakling.”

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You would think someone, anyone, in the Kerry campaign had an ounce of common sense. It has become increasingly obvious that is far, far from the truth. Double “L” Michelle reports on what can only be described as FLUGATE.

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Going Around the Bend

There are several ways to look at this exchange between Hardballs Chris Matthews and Jimmy Carter.

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you the question about – this is going to cause some trouble with people but as an historian now and studying the Revolutionary War as it was fought out in the South in those last years of the War, insurgency against a powerful British force. Do you see any parallels between the fighting that we did on our side and the fighting that is going on in Iraq today?

CARTER: Well, one parallel is that the Revolutionary War more than any other war until recently has been the most bloody war we’ve fought. I think another parallel is that in some ways the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war. Had the British Parliament been a little more sensitive to the colonial’s really legitimate complaints and requests the war could have been avoided completely and of course now we would have been a free country now as is Canada and India and Australia, having gotten our independence in a non-violent way.

One way is too chalk it up as just another rambling screed by the worst president of the 20th century. Another, as my title clearly suggests, poor Jimmy has truly gone around the bend, one slice short of a sandwich, or put more bluntly he’s fucking NUTS. One state, Georgia, lost more people in the Civil War than were lost during the entire American Revolution. Somebody needs to locate Jimmy’s history teacher and slap the living hell out of him or her. Jesus!

There’s more here than meets the eye. Notice how the British Parliament should have been “more sensitive” to those rabble rousing colonialists? And how Jimmy believes we should all be eating tea and crumpets each afternoon? Sound familiar, like Kerry’s “sensitive war on terror.”

Frankly I think this should contain a disclaimer at the end – “I am John Kerry, and I approved this message.”

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