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A Noteworthy Trip to Iraq

You can bet Michael Moore and many if his type wouldn’t dream of making this trip.

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq Dec 24, 2004 — It was “The Late Show with David Letterman” in a city far from home. Letterman and his crew put on a Christmas Eve show for Marines in Iraq on Friday.

Letterman asked the crowd at Camp Taqaddum if there was anyone there “from out of town,” the Marines Web site reported. The late-night comedian also joked, “If I wanted to face insurgents, I would’ve spent Christmas with my relatives.”

Letterman was joined by Paul Shaffer, his musical director, and stage manager Biff Henderson. The show included comedian Tom Dreesen and the band Off the Wall. Some band members scrambled for cover when a controlled detonation went off.

Letterman has also entertained troops in Afghanistan and Baghdad.

Hats off to Letterman, his staff, and guests. Other Commedians should take note and act accordingly rather than snipe [no pun intended – ed] from the sidelines.

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No Thanks Santa

You brought me a goat last Christmas and the damm thing didn’t make it past New Years Dinner. Except the leftovers.

Couldn’t you see your way to bring me something a little more substantial. Say for example, one of these, or this 420hp beauty.

But if you insist, and it must be another “Goat” this year, drop this beast in my front yard.

BTW Santa don’t drink all the Jack I left for ya, I may need a little “start me up” in the morning.

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Isn’t This a Bit Late?

I concede the “Holiday Season” runs thru the 2 nd of Jan., but couldn’t John Kerry have accomplished this in a more timely fashion?

Senator John F. Kerry is asking the more than 1 million people who registered online in support of his presidential campaign to help US troops in Iraq by donating money to the United Service Organizations so that the USO can provide soldiers with free phone cards for holiday calls home.

And of course Kerry didn’t miss an opportunity to mention he was in Vietnam. “As a soldier, I remember how much it meant to hear from loved ones, especially at the holidays. So I thought you and I could work together to make it easier for our soldiers serving in Iraq to phone home and hear a friendly voice.”

I thought he was in Cambodia for Christmas? John, just a thought, but in addition to the million or so your begging cash from, could you also chip in the money your pissing down a rat hole in Ohio? You know that “extra” campaign cash you now see fit to waste in an effort to subvert the electoral process.

BTW Senator, what happened to that promised trip to Iraq you were planning. Was it one of those stealthy Vietnam/”Magic Hat”/VC the Wonder Dog type trips that never made the newswires?

Merry Christmas Senator, and don’t let any of those pesky secret service agents bump into you on the Idaho ski slopes.

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Blog Awards Irony

Just as I slave over a new design for the Cavity I take a wander over to the Asian Blog Awards to check on the progress, or lack thereof, my humble submissions have garnered.

And what should I spy on this Christmas Eve? Cranial Cavity in a solid third place in a field of eight for the Best Designed category. Go figure. But I won’t be deterred, the new design [feel free to post suggestions at link – ed] should be available sometime the first week of ’05.

And as long as your following my wild goose chase links go vote! [Said with only a slight blush – ed] Both Cranial Cavity and Full Throttle need a little “Christmas love too.”

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Araftat’s cash cow:

NEW YORK Dec 23, 2004 — The CEO of a company that owns several U.S. bowling alleys, including a popular one in Greenwich Village, said Thursday it was severing ties with a group linked to the Yasser Arafat and would return its $1.3 million investment.

The late Palestinian leader invested the money in New York-based Strike Holdings, owner of Bowlmor Lanes in Greenwich Village, through a holding company he created called Onyx Funds, according to Bloomberg Markets Magazine.

“We are in the process of placing the funds in the amount they invested in escrow to be returned,” Strike Holdings CEO Thomas Shannon said in a telephone interview. Strike Holdings also owns bowling alleys on Long Island and in Maryland and Florida.

“Effectively as of today the PCSC will have no investments in Strike Holdings,” Shannon added. The PCSC is a Ramallah-based holding company owned by the Palestinian Authority.

The article doesn’t mention to whom the money will be returned to. It certainly would be counterproductive to give it back to the mostly corrupt Palestinian Authority. But here is a novel idea, why not disperse it among some the recent Israeli victims of murderous acts conducted by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

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Bush “Refugees”

There will be no snarky comment from me, nope, nothing about doors or smacked asses. Just let them go, quietly.

VANCOUVER – The first of an expected influx of Americans unhappy with the re-election of President George Bush have received their visas to come to Canada.

Hundreds of Americans have expressed a desire to come to leave the U.S. in the wake of Bush’s win.

The Kilbourne family of Seattle has already been approved by Immigration Canada, and they’re now looking around B.C. for a place to call home.

I guess they were swayed by this “Escape the Madness” campaign that targets Americans who might be ready to move north. Unlike the Kilbourne’s who applied a year ago,[ Their skill at prognostication are far better than all the highly paid pollsters! – ed ] the campaign offers a fast track approach, with a catch. You have to be an entrepreneur or have a Canadian job offer. They also need a net worth of $600,000. So just like the evil Bushites down South, it’s all about the Benjamins, at least on the Canuck side of the equation.

I have a question for any Washingtonians that may be visiting the Cavity. Mrs Kilbourne Moonbat just happens to be employed as a state prosecutor in Seattle. Assuming she remains in her job, is she required to be a State resident? I can see the appeals list now. All citing convictions by a state prosecutor that hasn’t been a state resident in “X” number of years.

As part of the aforementioned campaign is the perfect location for re-settlement for the Kilbournes and their ilk. Fruitvale, British Columbia. Enjoy your stay!

Here are a few notes of caution and or advise for those “looking North.” If your expecting to live in a “cleaner environment,” unsullied by the “Kyoto killing Bush”, think again. Canada has been renamed “The Great Grey North” for pumping out coal fired power plants like popcorn. And just to rub a little more soot into your eyes, Canada is lagging the United States in curbing toxic pollution. Although total North American emissions declined by 18 per cent from 1998 to 2001, Canadian emissions rose three per cent.

What’s that you say you have daughters that will love living in Canada. Well again, be forewarned, those that would impose Islamic Sharia law already have a foot in the door and may be coming to an idyllic Western Canadian hideaway near you.

And a special note to those of you that are leaving exclusively because Bush is a warmongering, unilateralist comes this sobering thought. Canada has been unmasked as an unfriendly interloper in a foreign land. It has invaded the Philippines and in the process the capitalistic bastards have threatened the environment, threatened the indigenous Subanon Tribe of the Southern Philippines, utilized armed paramilitary guards, and destroyed the Subanon tribal sacred place. All in the name of the almighty dollar.

So welcome one and all to Canada, or more appropriately, a land called “Bush Lite.”

H/T Random Nuclear Strikes.

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And the 2004 Ebenezer Award Goes to…

… Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, Washington. and here to accept the award is Principal Mark Robertson.

Principal Mark Robertson cancelled a performance of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol by a private theater group on the high school’s campus, claiming that the show would raise serious questions about the role of religion in public schools. Although the principal also cited a school policy against the sale of tickets for the show, the performance had been scheduled for months in advance, and the same theater group had previously performed two secular plays at the school without incident.

“Although A Christmas Carol was canceled, the students and parents at Lake Washington High School witnessed an outstanding performance of the role of Ebenezer Scrooge,” said Anthony Picarello, President and General Counsel of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

The school stood out in a strong field of “Ebby” contenders, including two that won “Dishonorable Mention.” The Plano School District near Dallas, Texas, came in a close second for prohibiting student speech about Christmas so severely that, on Friday, a federal court ordered the school to allow students to engage in religious expression at the school’s “Winter Break” party. The U.S. Justice Department has also started a broader investigation of the District’s practices regarding student religious speech.

And in third place was Macy’s Department Stores, for striking the phrase “Merry Christmas” from its banners and employees’ vocabulary in favor of the more generic “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings.” “It’s ironic that the setting for the classic Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street, and the perennial sponsor of a Thanksgiving Parade featuring Santa, suddenly forgot its history,” noted Jared Leland, The Becket Fund’s Media & Legal Counsel, “not to mention the reason why the bulk of its customers come flooding in this time of year.”

I’ll leave you with a section of this OP/ED piece by Alcestis “Cooky” Oberg in USA Today.

When city officials of Kensington, Md., tried to ban Santa Claus in 2001, citizens took to the streets – literally. Dozens of white-bearded, red-suited Santas roared into town in pickup trucks and motorcycles, defying this stunningly stupid ban in a wonderful act of Christmas civil disobedience. The townspeople cheered.

Maybe it’s time for us all to engage in some Christmas civil disobedience: Don a red suit, grab a knapsack of toys and charge full-tilt into the poorest sections of our towns, hoping that our belly laughs will be heard in every dark corner of City Hall, in every dingy school administration building.

And, as politically incorrect as it may be, we might do this in the name and memory of the original Santa Claus: old St. Nicholas who held the love of children and charity to the poor high like a blazing beacon, against the dark forces that try to erase reverent charity and generosity from public society – perhaps even from the human heart.

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A Registry of Despicable Shysters

Chrenkoff has posted the definitive list of Saddam’s potential legal council, or as he puts it “Devil’s advocates.”

Among those featured are a defender of Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, a shyster claiming to have met Saddam in 1998, a former legal advisor to the Palestinian Authority and an obvious effort to put a “pretty face” on the entire charade with inclusion of the daughter of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

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Kicking and Screaming

Kofi says, hell no he won’t go!

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Tuesday corruption allegations in the Iraqi oil-for-food program had cast a shadow over the United Nations but said again he would not resign as the world’s top diplomat.

To meet criticism in the Republican-dominated U.S. Congress that the United Nations was withholding documents, Annan said a U.N. probe led by Paul Volcker, the former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, would produce an interim report by the end of January and release internal audit reports at that time.

“The U.S. needs the U.N. and the U.N. needs the U.S. — and we have to find a way of working together,” he said at an end-of-year news conference.

Maybe, for once Kofi speaks the truth. If by working together he means from a distance. Like the long married couple that tries a trial separation the UN could vacate it’s current Eastside premises for say… Outer Mongolia.

“There is no doubt that this has been a particularly difficult year and I am relieved that this annus horribilis is coming to an end,” Annan said using the Latin phrase for “horrible year.” It was popularized by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth in 1992 to describe the divorces of her children and a fire at Windsor Castle.

“The allegations over the oil-for-food program have cast a shadow over an operation that brought relief to millions of Iraqis,” Annan said. “We must find out the truth as soon as possible.”

In a year when UN Officials have done nothing but stonewall attempts to resolve the OFF scandal we are to believe this time it’s different. We are supposed to accept this promise of an “interim report” as something that will calm the stormy waters that the UN navigates thru.

Well sorry Kofi, it’s time to go. Even if they must pry the “house keys” from your “cold dead hands.”

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Here is one clue:

Santa Claus lives in a completely sustainable commune that apparently generates its own electricity, creates its own food, and produces its own jobs. No evidence suggests that Santa owns any expensive items, attends any NASCAR events, or pays any taxes. Santa’s successful kibbutz reflects his preference for a simple, Blue-state life.

Read the rest for the counter argument.

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