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Manure Pile Finally Burns Out, and before you get your hopes too high, it wasn’t this one!

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A man from Florida faces charges after attempting to bribe a policeman with McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

Steven T Denton, from Marathon, was originally arrested following a fight at a local pub but tried to avoid being locked up by bribing the police officer on duty, reports Keynoter.com.

Deputy Mark Eastly said: “Denton told me that if I would drive him to McDonald’s, he would buy me two cheeseburgers if I let him go and did not take him to jail.”

Spotted @ Pickled Pundit

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The al-Qaeda-linked JI has stepped up its training of Philippine terrorists, giving instructions on the manufacture of bombs hidden in cars, vests and even helmets, security officials said yesterday.

Top intelligence officials revealed this new threat as Interior Secretary Angelo Reyes and PNP chief Director General Edgar Aglipay presented three foreigners and their Filipino cohort who are suspected of training local extremists in the jungles of Central Mindanao.

Aglipay identified the four alleged JI militants as Indonesians Mohammad Nasir Hamid and Mohammed Yusop Karin Faiz; Ted Yolanda, a Malaysian; and their Filipino cohort Muhajir de la Merced, tagged as an operative of the Abu Sayyaf’s special operations group.

PNP Intelligence Group director Chief Superintendent Ismael Rafanan explained the four had been training Abu Sayyaf extremists and a small group of MILF guerrillas in bombing techniques and strategies.

“They have reached a high level of sophistication in (the) use of car bombs but Filipinos are not yet ripe for suicide bombings,” Rafanan said.

Rafanan said the three foreigners are members of JI, the Southeast Asia-based arm of al-Qaeda, said to be behind the October 2002 Bali bomb blasts in Indonesia that claimed over 200 lives.

The three foreigners were arrested as they entered the port of Zamboanga last December, after foreign governments had tipped off Manila on the suspects’ movements, Rafanan told reporters.

He said the group was headed for a known JI training base on Mount Kararao in Central Mindanao.

“They were preparing to go into (making) car bombs,” Rafanan said. “They have reached that level of sophistication. They are ready to do it.”

Although Rafanan did not identify the supposed targets, he said the suspects had planned to “train people to do that.”

Explaining the delay in presenting the suspects, Rafanan said this was due to follow-up operations by the military to determine local contacts and identify those sending terrorist funding from Indonesia.

Security officials also stressed the arrest had been made before the spate of bomb attacks that rocked Makati City in Metro Manila and the cities of General Santos and Davao in Mindanao, killing 13 people and wounding 140 others last Feb. 14.

“We cannot link them to the three bombings on Valentine’s Day,” he said. “They were supposed to launch five bomb attacks in Manila and on Mindanao island during the Yuletide season.”

Police announced the arrest of two suspected Abu Sayyaf bandits involved in the Feb. 14 blasts last Tuesday.

Authorities also bared plans for another bombing run by the Abu Sayyaf that would have targeted shopping malls in Metro Manila, Mindanao and central Visayas.

Rafanan said the three JI militants and the Abu Sayyaf bandit have been in PNP custody since December. He stressed the arrest had purportedly averted their “plans” to sow terror during the holidays.

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What More Proof do you Need?

If anyone doubts the sincerity of Shillary Clinton as she poo-poos the idea of an ’08 run at the White House, your not alone. Peggy Noonan offers proof positive:

Forget her prepared speeches, put aside her moderate statements on Iraq and abortion. This is how you know she’s running for president in 2008. Ten days ago a reporter interviewed her in the halls of the Senate (another kind of cloister) and asked if she planned to run for president. She did not say, “I’m too busy serving the people of New York to think about the future.” She did not say, “Oh, I already have a heckuva lot on my plate.” She said, “I have more than I can say grace over right now.”

I have more than I can say grace over right now. What a wonderfully premeditated ad lib for the Age of Red State Dominance. I suggested a few weeks ago that Mrs. Clinton was about to get very, very religious. But her words came across as pious and smarmy, like Tammy Faye with a law degree. Maybe she still thinks in stereotypes; maybe she thinks that’s what little Christian ladies talk like while they stay home baking cookies. Whatever, it was almost as good as her saying, “I’m running, is this not obvious to even the slowest of you?”

Well, is it not?

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Poor enough the government floats [no pun intended] the idea of leasing the Philippine Navy’s Headquarters.

Defense officials plan to lease out to private investors several military properties, incuding the Philippine Navy’s own headquarters along Roxas Boulevard, to raise more money for modernizing the armed forces.

Also to be leased out are the Navy golf course in Fort Bonifacio as well as part of the 76-hectare Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City, Defense Secretary Avelino J. Cruz Jr. told the Commission on Appointments (CA) yesterday.

During his confirmation hearing at the Senate, Mr. Cruz also said that the operational plan for proposed lease program would be ready for implementation in two weeks.

On a brighter note, some progress is being made tracking down those suspected to be involved in the Valentine’s Day bombings. Four have been arrested, including 3 believed to be members of Jemaah Islamiah.

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We are all aware of the spam-bastards that infest our systems via comment and trackback spam. For the most part, whatever software used, it can be defeated through various hacks, plugins, and htaccess tricks.

I have a question for you. How many blogs do you visit that include enhancements to their sites with features such as music? Any feature that requires JavaScript and ActiveX is suspect.

Let the Blogger beware, I warned you, with the help of ZDNet:

The problem involves the use of JavaScript and ActiveX, two common methods used to launch programs on a Web page. Security experts said malicious programmers can use JavaScript and ActiveX to automatically deliver spyware from a blog to people who visit the site with a vulnerable Web browser.

Spyware tools also have been hidden inside JavaScript programs that are offered freely on the Web for bloggers to enhance their sites with features such as music. As a result, bloggers who use infected tools could unwittingly turn their sites into a delivery platform for spyware.

Evil bastards aren’t they? Just another reason to avoid blogs that contain “music” for my pleasure. Not that I ever intentionally visited any, or searched for them either. With thousands of dollars I have invested in CD’s what’s the point? To have some knucklehead offer me his/her choice in music? Thanks, but no thanks!

Get your “shocked” antidote at the ready. The IE browser is the most vulnerable to be infected, and Google’s Blogspot in none to safe either:

The problem only affects Web surfers using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer who fail to choose the highest IE browser security settings, security experts said.

The blog vulnerability has cropped up most visibly in Google’s Blogger, the most widely used blog-publishing tool. But it could affect other services as well.

Visitors to Blogger’s Blogspot.com network have complained that they were exposed to infected sites when they used the “Next Blog” link. The feature was designed to help people discover new journals and takes Web surfers to a random Blogspot site.

OK, so you weren’t shocked and saved your “antidote” for another day. Here’s my advice, go here and get the hell off IE. After completing that task go here and get a better blogging system.

UPDATE: The 2nd Annual Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics, will be held in Chiba Japan [A prefecture near Tokyo] in May. Guest speakers include Ethan Zuckerman, Eytan Adar, Natalie Glance and Matthew Hurst co-creaters of BlogPulse. Among the many topics to be covered are “applications built on top of blog data” and “Alternative blog forms (podcasting, moblogging, photoblogs, etc.).” Both topics should address the current JavaScript and ActiveX problems.

UPDATE II: Thursday’s NYT has an article, “Bloggers Add Moving Images to Their Musings,” that talks about the current blogging rage, “vlogs” and “moblogs.”

UPDATE III: In what may be more frightening than getting hijacked by some blog-jerks idea of providing you musical entertainment it this NYT piece that announces “The Latest Initiative in Congress: Blogging.”

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A Pulitzer in the Making

Claudia Rosett has done yeoman’s (yeo-woman’s?) work for nearly two years tracking down the corruption and plethera of scandals that plague the UN. If anyone deserves the title of Pulitzer Prize winner Rosett fills the bill nicely. However with her targets holding the same limo-liberal, appeasement monkey (dare I say Kerry? Dean?) ideology as many Pulitzer voters, it seems unlikely she would ever be considered for the award. She is certainly more deserving than this barking moonbat, or any of these village idiots.

Wednesday’s piece in the Opinion Journal (The Real Refugee Scandal It’s a matter of life and death, not sex.) is another example of her diligent work. Here are a few cuts:

So prolific in scandal has the United Nations become that it’s getting hard to keep tabs. You can surf the channels, from rape by peacekeepers in the Congo, to theft at the World Meteorological Organization, to a Human Rights Commission crammed with despots; from inadequate auditing to botched management to wasted money to running the biggest heist in the history of humanitarian work–the Oil for Food program in Saddam’s Iraq.

The current flap over the resignation of UNHCR High Commissioner Ruud Lubbers and Kofi’s “defense by diversion” efforts in this and other scandals is one small part of the story. Without downplaying media attention given (MSM and Blogosphere) to Lubbers sexcapades, she points to a much bigger story of the Commission’s complacency with regards to North Korean refugees.

But that’s hardly the worst outrage that’s been bubbling at the UNHCR. If you believe in the UN charter’s promise to promote “justice and respect for obligations arising from treaties,” along with “the dignity and worth of the human person,” then the real scandal–less racy, but colossally more devastating in human cost–has been the UNHCR’s failure in recent years to stand up for refugees fleeing North Korea. The problem here is not, as far as I am aware, one of embezzlement or fraud. Nor is it on a par with any amount of sexual harassment in the comfortable Geneva headquarters of the UNHCR–however upsetting that might be. The true horror is the way in which the well-mannered nuances of UN bureaucracy, structure and management have combined to dismiss demurely the desperate needs of hundreds of thousands of human beings fleeing famine and repression in the world’s worst totalitarian state.

It’s a RTR story, but don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

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That Was Too Easy!

When Ted Rall announces he has started a blog it follows the “fur will fly.”

It also stands to reason Rall would be taken down promptly and with gusto!

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What a funny guy:

“I have served the U.N. all my life. I have done, and am still doing, everything I can to correct its imperfections, and to improve and strengthen it,” […] “And I believe profoundly in the importance of that task, because a strong U.N. is of vital importance to humanity.” – Kofi Annan

A little translation is in order – replace “UN” with “Kofi” and it reads more faithful to the truth.

“I have served the “Kofi” all my life… etcetera.

See what I mean, much clearer and to the point. And the best is yet to come. Then he gets side-splittingly, monitor drenching, pants pissing hy-larious when addressing the Democratic Republic of Congo and UN sexual exploitation of women and girls.

“Both the U.N. Secretariat and the member states have been too slow to realize the extent of this problem, take effective measures to end it, and punish the culprits. But we are now doing so, and I am determined to see it through.”

To be honest Kofi left out Karl Rove in his list of miscreants, but again as a (lower case “b”) bush league quipster Kofi ranks right up there with the best pros, “I get no respect” Rodney included.

With all due respect Kofi did forget part of his comedic monologue , while not forgivable, it’s understandable considering Kofi tried to re-write that part of the script.

Be honest… where else can you find such comedic talent at such low moderate enormous cost.

Now excuse me while a make a quick change of pants.

UPDATE: Sean notes this BBC article that lists Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as areas where Kofi has setup his other sexcapades businesses.

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Better late than never:

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union offered to provide training for Iraqi police and judges on Monday in a move aimed at ending a transatlantic rift over Iraq on the eve of a summit with President Bush.

EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels approved a plan to train 770 senior Iraqi police officers and judges in the EU and in countries near Iraq. The mission, due to start mid-2005, could be extended to Iraq if security allowed.

I’ll tell you precisely where they have been. Camped out in their centuries old villas and chalets praying that opposition to anything and everything “Bush” would lead to a Kerry victory in last November. Now these asshats are faced with four more years of Bush and are forced to swallow a dose of reality!

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