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Has a Minute, or Two Passed?

P.T. Barnum is famous for having said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” A quick check of my watch tells me it’s been two minutes since I started this post. And right on time, here are two suckers.

SALT LAKE CITY – Two women claim they were bilked out of their life savings by an apocalyptic religious group that promised them land and a face-to-face meeting with Jesus Christ.

Kaziah Hancock and Cindy Stewart earlier won their lawsuit against Jim Harmston and The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of The Last Days in a district court, but it was thrown out by a judge.

They appealed to the Utah Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

In the appeal, the women’s attorney, Don Redd, argued Harmston and the church should not be allowed to create a “religious cocoon” to protect themselves.

You may remember this same outfit claimed the world was coming to an end and only church members would survive. As I look around my immediate surroundings the world seems to be still here. How about your part of the globe?

Again I’m going lean on P.T. Barnum to provide the correct context for this story. “More persons, on the whole, are humbugged by believing in nothing, than by believing too much”

I might also add that these two idiots may find comfort in a little “Hallucinogenic Religion,” assuming they’re not already stoned out of their pea brains.

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It’s International TV Turnoff Week

OK I’m behind the times, I never heard there was an International TV Turnoff Week. And I guess it’s this week based of White Dot’s website. Not being a large consumer of what television has on offer it might be interesting to see what these people are planning to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

  • Show customers they don’t have a real say over how these places are run.
  • Show owners of restaurants and cafes that TV may be LOSING them customers.
  • Start a conversation about noise pollution, image pollution and public spaces.
  • Suggest to owners they use a TV Free atmosphere to attract customers.
  • Show that ordinary customers are wise to the way TV is being pushed at them.
  • Tell people about the new and growing industry in “captive audience television”.
  • Show that ordinary customers HATE being a captive audience.

It all sounds fairly innocuous on it’s face. I had assumed “captive audience television” was a result of millions of TV automatons tuning into American Idol, but I could be wrong. Let’s look further into this groups agenda.

Remember what your favourite diner, pub or coffee shop was like before they put in the TV screens? Help us get rid of them! Add to our database of Ruined Diners and help us target them with leaflets, petitions and direct action.

Oh, oh… there’s every domestic terrorists favorite phrase, “direct action.” You know the type, the ELF’s favorite direct action is to burn down housing developments or SUV dealerships. PETA takes great pleasure in throwing simulated blood on your kids as you enter KFC, and their latest is to target the “King of Beers” and Bud Light ads.

White Dot apparently isn’t going to such physical extremes, but as you might expect they are going to be intrusive

BRITISH campaigners are to mark a global anti-television week in novel fashion, they announced on Monday – sending out a stream of activists armed with gadgets which switch off any sets within a 7-metre radius.

The campaign, organised in Britain by a group called White Dot, said its aim for TV Turnoff Week, which started Monday, was to remove television “pollution” from public areas such as pubs and bars.

A band of volunteers would be unleashed carrying the US-made TV-B-Gone gadget, which transmits a stream of infrared codes to turn off more than 1000 television models within range, the group said.

“We are going to be going into pubs and either turning off the TV and leaving information or asking people, ‘I just turned off the television. Did you notice?’,” David Burke of White Dot said.

“People may think it is intrusive for an anti-television campaigner to go into a public house (bar) and turn off the television, but a lot of people find the television intrusive.”

Why yes, it would be damm intrusive! And I suspect the TV will be turned back on (to a Manchester United game no doubt), the volume turned to the max and these idiots will be quickly shown the front door. End result? The game goes on, and a White Dot “activist” will be laying in the gutter clutching his/her electronic gadget, among other more “personnel things” (Oops, so much for having a family!) that may have been damaged in the process.

Excuse me while I unsheath my cluebat… Just because a pub is a public place doesn’t give anyone, including “TV activists,” the right to change what the owner has provided for his customers. End of story!

Well almost the end. The White Dot organization was founded in Chicago and they plan the same type of “TV activism” in and around that fine city. Imagine if you will these idiots strolling into Murphy’s Bleachers one fine afternoon and zapping the Cubs game off the TV screen. A full scale riot would ensue. Chicago’s finest would be pulling apart combatants for hours! And with luck the White Dotters won’t be having any children due to the previously discussed “damage.”

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Soros Bails Out of Russia


Soros Development Fund announced yesterday it is selling its share-holding of KMB-Bank, the last thing that attached the famous international financier George Soros to Russia. Intesa, an Italian bank group, now owns a control stock of KMB-Bank and is going to turn it into its retail subdivision with Intesa subsidiary bank focusing on operations with corporate clients.

Strange. With Rootin Tootin Putin looking more like a commited socialist every day you’d think Soros would stick around for a while.

Maybe pissing away $26 million dollars on a “flawed candidate” put a dent in his pocket change.

Or maybe he is stuffing his Shillary piggy bank full waiting for ’08.

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Flat Out Bullshit From the NYT

The New York Times: All the lies that are fit to print:

The only plausible reason for keeping American troops in Iraq is to protect the democratic transformation that President Bush seized upon as a rationale for the invasion after his claims about weapons of mass destruction turned out to be fictitious. If that transformation is now allowed to run off the rails, the new rationale could prove to be as hollow as the original one.

Just how many drugs are the NYT’s editorial board taking? One would think a statement that is so easily discredited, and fact checked, would never make it to printers ink.

No Liberal bias my aching ass.

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Call 911

There’s a raging inferno going on!

Oops… never mind. CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE. It’s a Colinoscopy.

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There is no Reason for This

Other than Fat Boy didn’t get his daily quart of Cutty Sark.

If the citizens – note I didn’t say “fine citizens” – of Taxachusetts re-elect this overblown, cartoon character of a human somebody needs to plant tons of TNT along the States borders.

Scream, “Fire in the Hole,” and set it adrift into the Atlantic Ocean. Let the dumb bastards fend for themselves.

And besides, Teddy wouldn’t have to go searching for a bridge, he could just drive off the edge next time he has a hot date in the car.

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Former presidents Clinton and Bush, as you may know, have formed an alliance of sorts and have been on the stump shilling for the tsunami disaster. And before you jump, I agree it’s for an excellent cause, so don’t fill my inbox wih partisan invective.

Yesterday Clinton spoke before a New York conference of senior American executives in his role as United Nations envoy for tsunami relief. As part of the speech he gave a little insight as to how he was chosen to fill the roll of Tsunami Envoy:

Clinton said he was chosen by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan because “he thought I could guilt-peddle my former colleagues better than anyone else he could think of”.

Ya gotta love that term, “guilt peddle.”

Wonder if he used that talent to convince Monica to become a “little swimmer” taster? OK… now you can fill my inbox!

This entry is stalled Outside the Beltway in the Beltway Traffic Jam

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Surely this nutjob isn’t representitive of those that spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to get an Ivy League sheepskin. I would hope!

Brown University student Liz Sperber has penned scribbled an article for the school paper, The College Hill Independent. Put Down Your White Man’s Burden, Support Iraqi Resistance opens with this paragraph:

UNCONDITIONALLY-that’s the way I support the Iraqi Resistance these days. While I do not offer political support to all groups involved in the anti-imperial struggle in Iraq, I work to support its collective purpose: forcing the troops out now. Forcing because the United States won’t leave any other way.

While she adds the caveat of not supporting “all groups” in the Iraqi “resistance” by inclusion of this cartoon, to illustrate her abhorrent screed she plainly glorifies and embraces those that use beheading as a political statement.

Not one to shy away from illustration myself I think it’s important to put on display just how deluded this moonbat is. Here are two passages – and that’s all I will provide, you’ll have to don your tin-foil costume to read the rest – that demonstrate how utterly clueless her Brown “edumacation” has served her:

With its roots in the mid-1990s [a possible future draft – ed], the national crisis in military recruiting has been marked by a recent plummet undoubtedly related to the multiform horrors of the war in Iraq-not least the increasing threats to under-armed and under-manned US troops which have resulted in the increased use of carpet-bombing (and civilian-killing) which has typically led to increased resistance, continuing the vicious spiral.
In Fallujah, for instance, where reporters were prohibited for several months beginning in November 2004, 65 percent of buildings were leveled to the ground and anywhere between 600 to 3,000 civilians were murdered, mostly by carpet-bombing, the increasingly favored technique employed in Iraq as manpower begins to dwindle. All of these conditions must be recognized when we consider our relation to the Iraqi resistance.

The one truth is the current recruiting shortfalls some services are experiencing. As a result Bushitler and his imperialistic cronies are carpet bombing Iraq to makeup for having less troops to carry out his stormtrooper agenda. If any of my readers can point to creditable sources that detail any US carpet bombing in Iraq please let me know. Until such time, I stand by my conclusion Liz Sperber is a nutzoid of the first degree and not worth any more of my time.

If you care to offer her a personel rebuttal she has kindly given her e-mail address: “LIZ SPERBER ’06 WANTS YOU! if you want resistance. Contact her at OutNow@brown.edu”

I’m afraid I must pass her generous offer, I don’t trust myself to remain civil!

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Lookin Like an Ass 101

Class Instructor: Euphoric Reality.

Prominent students enrolled: Arizona Congresswomen Kyrsten Sinema.

Editors note: Me thinks the Congresscritter was offered, and accepted, a scholarship. Although she obviously has previously had experience in being an ASS otherwise she wouldn’t be so proficient at it.

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The Good News is in!

Chrenkoff has posted all the things you absolutely won’t see in the MSM, part 26.

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