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Am I the only one that thinks it rather odd a shootout occured between police and the perps?

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine police have killed two Dutch brothers suspected of running pornographic Web sites during a shootout in the capital Manila, officials said on Thursday.

Police said their two-storey apartment had been under surveillance for weeks after a pornographic Web site had been traced to the residence.

Reynaldo Jaylo, head of the Presidential Anti-Illegal Recruitment Task Force, said five Philippine women who performed sex acts over the Internet for U.S. customers were also detained during the raid.

Willen Cornelis Van Engelenburg, 44, and his brother Hendrikus, 38, died on Wednesday night while being treated from bullet wounds at a local hospital, he said.

On the other hand the Philippine National Police have been called “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”


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“Sadly they are dealing with my father as if he were not human. My father has girls, and his girls have children … his grandchildren … so they should consider the human side.”Raghad Hussein, Daughter of Saddam, speaking about her fathers “Fruit of the Loom” photos. And she continues:

“They think that my father has a lack of concern for human rights, but regardless of the details, the Americans should be humanitarian in dealing with his family, because we are human. Saddam has three young ladies and they have children, I have five and Rena has four, and Hala has two … Therefore, our father is very dear to us … His grandchildren love him a lot. Why aren’t humanitarian factors taken into account?

She continued by saying that her son Ali is 20-years-old, and said to her, “Oh mother, this is to be expected. It will be bad for them before it will be bad for us.” As for the rest of the children, Mrs. Hussein said, “their eyes were filled with questions. Why is all this happening to us? Why at this moment, does the whole world is see us as the big enemy.”

She demanded that the Americans consider that Saddam Hussein has daughters and grandsons that are affected by what happens to him. She described her father as having loved the people and his family. “He is a kind father and cared very much about every detail of our lives.”

Can there be a better example of the phrase, “the Devil is in the details?”

Raghad Hussein’s selective memory has forgotten a couple of important details that illustrate Saddam’s care for his family. Raghad and sister Rana are both widows thanks to a brotherly slaughter believed to have been organized by Rana and Raghad’s brothers, Uday and Qusay, at Saddam’s request.

And by the way Raghad, just how is life in Jordanian exile? Have you read the latest Danielle Steele bodice-ripper yet?

This entry stalled Outside the Beltway in the Beltway Traffic Jam.

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US company admits bribing Philippine airport officials.

An American firm, GE InVision, admitted bribing Philippine officials when it sold explosives detection machines to an airport here, Newsbreak magazine reported in its latest issue, which came off the press Monday.

InVision said that its Filipino sales agent paid US$108,000 “to make gifts or pay cash to influence Filipino government officials to purchase InVision products” in November 2001.

Quoting a US Securities and Exchange Commission report, Newsbreak said InVision sold two airport security devices to the subcontractor responsible for building the airport terminal baggage handling system. At the time of the sale, InVision received repeated requests for a commission from the sale from its agent in the Philippines. But the money was used to pay off officials. InVision recorded the payment in its books as a sales commission.

The US SEC completed its investigation of InVision in February this year and said the company violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits American companies from bribing foreign government officials. InVision will pay more than $1 million to settle with the US SEC.

The US SEC report does not mention the amount involved in the sale and the names of persons or government agencies in the Philippines. In an interview with Newsbreak, Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo said his office will immediately request the US government for information on the parties involved. “We’re confident we will get it and we will prosecute and file charges against those guilty,” he said.

The Philippines is one of three countries in Asia where InVision made improper payments to government officials. The others are Thailand and China.

Yea riiight, Marcelo, dream on. Even if he gets the names the court case will become a race between a guilty verdict and the perps death by natural causes.

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Howard the Duck knows Black people, at least he says he does:

Black voters are upset with the Democratic Party for coming around just weeks before elections seeking their votes, party chairman Howard Dean said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press.

Taking black voters for granted is a long-standing problem for the party that dates to the 1960s, said Dean, who promised changes in strategy even as he cited diversity at the top of the Democratic National Committee.

“African-Americans are annoyed with the Democratic Party because we ask them for their votes four weeks before the election instead of being in the community now and that’s a mistake I’m trying to fix,” he said. “There’s a new generation of African-American leaders and a new generation of African-Americans. We can’t go out and say could you vote for us because we were so helpful during the civil rights era.”

Keep in mind this is the same Dean that angered many blacks when he said he wanted “to be the candidate for the guys with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks.” He was also a Governor of a State, Vermont, with less than 1% Black population and while in office didn’t appoint any Black members to the Cabinet.

Somehow I don’t believe this pander party Dean is attempting will go over very big. I also suspect his next trick will be to turn his limo over the MTV’s “Pimp my Ride.”

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Yea, What He Said

Via the Daily Demarche:

When I saw Saddam Hussein on CNN, being checked for lice, I thought I had seen everything. Obviously, I was wrong. I had yet to see the man in his underwear. Now, I have. But this time I am not even going to begin to assume I have seen it all. In a region where the rumor of the desecration of a book can lead to rioting and the loss of life, where women are beaten for showing their ankles in public and where tribalism is the name of the game, these photos could have garnered any conceivable reaction, and many that are inconceivable, I am sure.

In the West, of course, there is only one reaction; sensationalistic glee that the photos were leaked. No one really cares what Saddam looks like in his drawers, but the photos are themselves proof that the President does not have full control over his administration. As a result we will see, I am sure, a “full investigation” into the leak. Read that as a waste of resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Regardless of the outcome of any investigation the anti-Bush folks will find fault.

The reaction of the Iraqi people, by all accounts, has been mixed. A few comments, however, have left me wondering about the state of the body politic in America, as compared to Iraq:

Thirty-five year-old Sattar Jabbar says it is a shameful that these photos were published because Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq once, and it’s a humiliation for the government and the people…

Maithan Shehab Ahmad says he hates Saddam after the 12 years he spent in the military fighting in the Iran-Iraq war. But he says he was disgusted to see the photos.

“Saddam Hussein stole my life from me,” he said. “I spent 12 years of my life in the military and he took everything. But that does not mean we accept the humiliation of our president.”

I have to wonder: if any embarrassing photos of President Bush made it into the press would the anti-Bush forces in America have the same respect for the office of the President that these two Iraqis seem to have? I doubt it.

While the people of Iraq face daily threats from murderous jihadists (“insurgents” for some inexplicable reason to the NY Times) and attempt to form a new government, we in the West are eating up pictures of the hirsute former dictator. While Americans turned away from long lines of voters, their franchise unpracticed, in order to park in front of the TV in time for whatever drivel is our favorite, the Iraqis turned out in number despite the threat of terror. While college kids and the Hollywood effete equate the President with Hitler, Iraqis still take pride in the office of their leader, despite the monster who was so recently deposed.

There is a lesson to be learned in all of this, but I doubt that anyone really cares. Maybe tomorrow there will be a picture of Saddam brushing his teeth. If not, I think Desperate Housewives is on.

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In the past two weeks the US has had most of the Islamic world pissed because of NEWSWEAK. The last two days – with the aid of the UK’s Sun Newspaper – the Pentagon and State Department has had to fend off more criticism due to Saddam “One Hung Low” Hussein’s skivvie pics.

And now this, the Hindu’s of India (well, at least one is) are pissed and are seeking damages for “hurting the sentiments of Hindus worldwide.

A California brewery’s decision to withdraw a beer named after the elephant-God Ganesh from the market has not quenched the desire of Hindu activists to seek damages for “hurting the sentiments of Hindus worldwide”.

Brij Dhir, a Golden Gate University law student and attorney licensed in Mumbai, says he is going ahead with his class action lawsuit seeking $1 billion to compensate Hindus worldwide for the “emotional distress” they have suffered.

Dhir’s ire was roused by Lost Coast Brewery’s Indica India Pale Ale named after Ganesh. The label depicts Ganesh holding a beer in one of his four hands, and another in his trunk.

“Withdrawing the beer is not a mitigating gesture,” Dhir said.

“We want to go ahead with this case and create a precedent for future generations, so that Hindu symbols and Gods are not insulted in this manner.”

One billion dollars! Where do I start with this one? Mr. Dhir and his shyster must truely believe in this Hindu God. Ganesh is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.


Dhir might be an Indian by heritage, but he is the proverbial “All American Boy” when it comes to scamming the US judicial system in search of “success” and “wealth.” And the sad part is, if this ends up being heard in the 9th district circuit court they have an even chance to win. Those moonbats in robes that run that place agree with almost anything.

I suggest the defendants shyster point out Ganesh’s normal appearence as a defense ploy. Generally Genesh is described as having an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. And he rides on a mouse!

If an elephant riding on the back of a mouse doesn’t hurt the “sentiments of Hindus worldwide” I doubt a six pack of beer will either.

Where will it all end? Now that the Quran is being flushed all over America and beer is being recalled over a mouse riding elephant what’s next on the piss off the world agenda?

Will the Kabbalah Center be next on the desecration hit list? If so will it spawn a mass protest by Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore and Monica Lewinski? (Who was quoted as saying the cult was “stimulating my mental brain”) Will they all gather enmass for a 3.5 million Kabbalian moonbat march on Washington D.C., prominently wearing their “red string bracelets,” as protection from the evil Bushies and their stormtroopers, the Capital Police?

The world wonders and waits for the next “desecration.” And a billion dollar settlement.

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UPDATE: Michelle has an extensive list of links to the fallout of the NewsWEAK story.

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Get Your Mitts off my Wiener !


Wisconsin question of the day, “Are we banning Little Oscar?”

It’s no secret that they take their cheese pretty seriously up in Wisconsin, but sausage is probably a close second. That was proven once again this week when the city council in Madison was considering a bill to ban mobile advertising in the city.

Sounded pretty good—until one alderman thought of hometown business Oscar Mayer. “Are we banning Little Oscar?” Tim Bruer asked, according to reports. The thought of banishing the Wienermobile from the city limits was enough to send the proposal to defeat by a 12-7 vote.

The Madison council’s move was the second big victory for sausage lovers this week; earlier, two Chicago companies, Vienna Beef and Alpha Baking, agreed to finally produce packages containing equal numbers of hot dogs and buns. With Memorial Day approaching, all appears right for a successful summer of grilling in the Midwest.

Also see Alderman Michael Murphy’s reaction to illegal beer consumption at Milwaukee’s Miller Park during tailgate parties.

If that isn’t enough wiener action for you, head over to Nippon Meat Packers site. Take in the sites and learn how to wrap you wiennie in the shape of an elephant, shark, hippo or the ever popular sunflower wiener.

Shamelessly stolen from AdFreaks

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