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Ever wonder where “War Hero” and erstwhile Presidential candidate has been doing of late? Beside practicing the art of losing even more support he received in November 2004 I mean.

Not content with his current loser status and continuing his mostly undistinguished Senate career (Five bills authored in 20 years) he has become an author of sorts.

No there isn’t a Kerry bio epic in the works, he has joined the millions that have joined the blogosphere.

His “better half” Teresa hasn’t allowed him to actually purchase a domain and any blogging software, but that hasn’t kept him from expressing himself. (As if that was a problem before)

Sen. John Kerry has become a dKos Kiddie! The Blogosphere’s home for the latest conspiracy theories, hate, vitriol, and whose owner became infamous for screeching “screw them” about Americans murdered and mutilated by terrorists in Iraq?

Funny what happens when the spotlight of the Presidential campaign is dimmed. During the campaign and at the height of public outrage over the “screw’em” comment Kerry de-linked the site from his campaign website.

Now he has become a full-fledged member complete with tin-foil hat.

It’s also a pretty sad commentary on how far one of the leaders of the Democratic Party has sunk to in an effort to court the “Anybody But Bush” crowd.

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This must be what she’s talking about:

WASHINGTON – A special prosecutor’s long-delayed report charges that a coverup at senior levels of the Clinton administration killed a tax fraud case against ex-cabinet member Henry Cisneros, the Daily News has learned.

David Barrett’s 11-year, $23 million probe, which will be released tomorrow, states in stinging terms that this Clinton coverup succeeded.

Cisneros was forced to admit in 1999 that he had made secret payments to a mistress before serving as Clinton’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Barrett investigated tax fraud charges stemming from those under-the-table payments.

Then-IRS Commissioner Peggy Richardson, a close friend of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), was involved in efforts to quash the probe, a source close to the case alleged.

But Richardson’s role was cut from Barrett’s report, which went through 26 drafts, because Democratic law firm Williams & Connolly successfully pressured Barrett to remove a section of the report naming her, a source said.

The law firm represents Cisneros, former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Opps – maybe it isn’t. That could prove to be a bit embarrassing.

Maybe this is what she uses to judge her “culture of corruption:”

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, criticized on Dec. 22 for admitting that it had not distributed any of the estimated $400,000 it raised for Hurricane Katrina victims, now claims to have handed out most of the money on Dec. 9.

However, a Cybercast News Service investigation has uncovered a possible conflict of interest between the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and the group that received the $290,000 grant. The CBCF dispersed the money to a group closely tied to CBCF chairman, U.S. Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.). The grant has prompted one critic to charge that Jefferson was engaged in a professionally “incestuous” relationship.

On a separate matter, Jefferson is reportedly under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for possible bribery in exchange for promoting business deals in Africa.

Hmmm… Sorry. Guess that isn’t it either, but I’ll keep looking.

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