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In statement issued on 61st anniversary of establishment of Syrian army Assad says Damascus won’t be deterred from helping Lebanon.

Thanks Assad, but giving Israel and the rest of the rational peoples of the world an Eminem salute isn’t the best way to go.

“The occupying enemy hasn’t forgotten the humiliating defeat and its submissive exit from south Lebanon under the strikes bold resistance,” the statement read.

“Syria, which stood by its brother (Lebanon) and sacrificed martyrs to defend Lebanon’s freedom as we did for Syria’s sovereignty, remains as always adamant in standing by our Arab people who’s fighting in Lebanon and Palestine, and by the bold national resistance who struck the enemy. All threats voiced by powers in the world who support t he enemy won’t deter us from continuing to support our brothers,” he said.

Wonder if this was jointly written by Assad and the reportedly visiting Nasrallah?

“The aggression, killing and destruction committed by the Israelis in Lebanon are part of an operation that was planned and organized by the large forces dominating the international community,” he said.

As opposed to what, the allegdly innocent bystanders in the Lebanese Parliment? Sorry that doesn’t work.

Syria has been humilated by Israel many times before and the IDF isn’t afraid to humilate it again. Apparently that means nothing as Assad attempts to rally the Arab street in support of terrorists.

Funny, he’s worried about Arabs in Lebanon, but has done nothing in support of Arabs in Iraq. Wonder why that is?

Don’t answer that. It’s obvious.

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Air America to Get a Companion

With radio networks dropping the leftist purviers of hate and bile faster than flys die at a Raid convention it’s safe to say Air America needs all the “companionship” it can muster.

And they’ll soon have some, although it will not be in direct competition, coming from the visual side of the media.

CARACAS, Venezuela Telesur has expanded to 17 Latin American countries in its first year on the air. Now officials with the T-V network financed by Venezuela and four other nations is eyeing U-S markets.

Telesur today marked its first anniversary.

The operation is touted by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as an upstart and alternative to what he calls the Washington-friendly coverage of media giants such as CNN.

Telesur hopes to make inroads in Hispanic communities in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Florida.

I can’t wait! I hope someone casts Chavez as lead role in one of those Telemundo type soap operas.

You know the type, where a scorned and cheated on wife chases the philandering husband around the casa, knife in hand. He slips on a puddle of spilled salsa and she stabs him in the heart as he lays there wiping off the tomatoes and jalapeños.

Only the propman blew it and the knife is real.

But I’m afraid my fantasy is just that, and the real content of this exercise in communist babble will look something like this.

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The rumors are flying north of the border that wanna be “First Husband” Bill Clinton still has a few tricks up his sleeve and is attempting cozy up to what has been described as “single, youngish (she just turned 40), attractive, wealthy, impeccably well-connected and politically ambitious – glamorous in every respect.”

The tabloids put it more bluntly: They called her the “blonde bombshell” or “Bubba’s blonde.” If true it would certainly be a step up from a cow with a supply of cigars.

But I digress. The rumored object of his affection is Canadian Belinda Stronach. Two years ago she quit her job as CEO of a billion dollar company and kicked her Norwegian speed-skating champion husband to the curb.

Free as a bird and rich as hell. And just switched from the Conservative to the Liberal
Party in Canadian politics. An acquaintance of Belinda’s says: “Bill was always more interested in her money than her breasts.”

Yea riiight! He’s thinking about how many cigars those millions can buy. Lets face it Bill is turning 60 next month, what better way to rejuvenate the jucies… er spirit than to have a trophy girlfirend.

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I’m unsure what has gotten into the Hezbollah members of the Lebanese Cabinet – maybe watching so much Israeli news on TV has given them a bit of chutzpah – whatever the case, they have agreed with the majority members in the Cabinet to a peace package.

Hezbollah politicians, while expressing reservations, have joined their critics in the government in agreeing to a peace package that includes strengthening an international force in south Lebanon and disarming the guerrillas, the government said.

The agreement _ reached after a heated six-hour Cabinet meeting _ was the first time that Hezbollah has signed onto a proposal for ending the crisis that includes the deploying of international forces.

Gee everythings all better now!

Except it’s not.

This government has had “control” since the Syrians pulled out in April, 2005. It’s six years after Israeli pulled all of its troops out and 2 since the passage of U.N. Resolution 1559.

The majority of the government has done exactly dog squat in that time and the Hezbollah members of it even less. And none of them have any control over the terrorist wing of Hezbollah.

Pardon me if I don’t piss myself in excited anticipation over this “news.”

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The U.N. in what can be best described as proof that it’s better to be late than never has awoken from a deep sleep of inaction and malfeasence and pulled its unarmed and defenseless observers from the center of the Israeli Labanon battlefield.

The United Nations has decided to remove 50 unarmed observers from posts along the Israeli-Lebanese border and relocate them with lightly armed U.N. peacekeepers, a spokesman said Friday.

“These are unarmed people and this is for their protection,” said Milos Struger, a spokesman for U.N. peacekeepers. He said the 2,000 peacekeepers in Lebanon have light weapons for self-defense.

The observer mission, known as UNTSO, had kept about 50 observers in four posts along the border. Two posts have already been abandoned: the one destroyed at Khiam on July 25, and a second near the village of Maroun al-Ras, where Hezbollah guerrilla gunfire wounded an observer on July 23.

As the UN finally “gets it right” cries are heard from the Hezbollah apologists (like this one and this Newsvine freak)) and sympathizers are heard screeming; “It’s the JOOOOS fault!

They take that stance out of idelogical idiocy of course and that mindset seems to fit the U.N. as well. But you have to ask yourself just who read the UNIFIL report of July 20 (pdf file) at Turtle Bay. Obviously no one, or at least no one that cared.

28. Control of the Blue Line and its vicinity appears to have remained for the most part with Hizbollah. During the reporting period, Hizbollah maintained and reinforced a visible presence in the area, with permanent observation posts, temporary checkpoints and patrols. It continued to carry out intensive construction works to strengthen and expand some of its fixed positions, install additional technical equipment, such as cameras, establish new positions close to the Blue Line and build new access roads.

These measures resulted in a more strategically laid out and fortified structure of Hizbollah’s deployment along the Blue Line. Some Hizbollah positions remained in close proximity to United Nations positions, especially in the Hula area, posing a significant security risk to United Nations personnel and equipment, as demonstrated during the heavy exchanges of fire on 28 May. In letters to the Foreign Minister, dated 23 March, 27 June and 5 July 2006, the Force Commander, General Pellegrini, expressed grave concern about the Hizbollah construction works in close proximity to United Nations positions and requested that the Government of Lebanon take necessary actions to rectify the situation. However, the situation remained unchanged despite repeated objections addressed by UNIFIL to the Lebanese authorities. UNIFIL observed the reconstruction of Hizbollah positions that were damaged or destroyed during the 28 May exchange of fire.

The United Nations should have been well aware as far back as March Hezbollah was using their positions as safe havens from which to carry out not only reconnaissance of Israeli positions, but possible areas they could attack from in the event of hostilities occured.

At this point the investigation isn’t complete and the Israeli side of events haven’t been aired. But all indications are, from the U.N.’s own reports via UNIFIL, they were sadly lacking in the “protect thy own” department.

And sadly it isn’t the first time. You’ll recall that U.N. special representative in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, and 22 others were killed when a bomb ripped apart the Mission headquarters in Baghdad. Shortly thereafter Kofi started pointed his crooked fingers at the U.S for not providing the needed security cordon around the compound.

An independent panel investigating the bombing found “UN security systems” in place “dysfunctional and in need of reform.” It was also discovered the U.S. had offered both assistance thru a detailed security plan and personal to accomplish the job.

The U.N. turned down that offer.

The investigating panel was led by Martti Ahtisaari, a former President of Finland and appointed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan. His words at the time show the U.N. didn’t learn much from that tragedy as evidenced by the current debacle in Lebanon; “There has been a dramatic shift. Earlier we all believed that the UN flags protected us…We need a much more professional approach, a professional staff, and resources available for the organization.”

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At the rate Ayman al-Zawahri is issueing tapes, he has issued his seventh this year, he may rival the Beatles in their hayday.

His latest appears to be a plea for attention (along with others that have been scorned) as the world’s media swarms around Israel and Lebanon.

“The war with Israel does not depend on cease-fires … “It is a jihad (holy war) for the sake of God and will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq,” al-Zawahri said. “We will attack everywhere.”

Spain to Iraq? But I thought his objective and main target was flag waving infidels in America. Guess not and the return of Spain to the 15th century is also on his terror menu of death.

“All the world is a battlefield open in front of us,” he said in portions of the tape broadcast by Al-Jazeera television. “Like they attack us everywhere, we will attack them everywhere.”

That should give the World War III derniers something to think about. It also gives the Moonbats fuel for their “it’s Bush’s fault” mantra, but who cares. They’ll take that tripe to their collective graves.

Jay at Stop the ACLU noticed an improvement in the quality of this latest al-Zawahri screed:

I just saw part of the video on CNN. A few things to note is the quality improvement of the video. It seems a lot more polished than past videos and it seems he is reading from a prompter. Experts are reviewing it and many think it is a call for attacks or to prepare for some. The images behind him are a change from the usually plain background. It was also noted that his weapon was not beside him like past videos. The man in the left background is the a commander who actually planned 9/11 and was killed in Afghanistan. The man in the right background is unknown. It is being studied on whether he is another jihadist that they consider a martyr or a possible future “martyr.”

The video is available here if you care to view and judge for yourself.

I have long believed Osama has been squirreled away in Iran vice the conventional wisdom that says his location is the Pakistani/Afghan border region. If I’m right maybe the quality of this tape indicates al-Zawahri has joined him at a jihadist version of Motel 8 in Tehran.

Regardless, I tend to side with Kim Priestap, “Jihad shmihad. It’s destroy Israel and America all the time. Zawahiri is such a bore.”

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The federal government, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have been named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Detroit area Lebanese-Americans by the civil rights group, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

“This lawsuit does not take away from our appreciation of the effort that has been initiated and the safe return of so many,” said Imad Hamad, regional director of the civil rights organization, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. “However, there are thousands that are still trapped in the southern part of Lebanon, where there is no type of communication.”

Just what would you have the U.S. do Hamad, sail a warship up to a pier in Tyre Lebanon (a Hezbollah stronghold), march thru the streets announcing their arrival and load up these dumb-shits like so many cattle?

They had their chance to get out and blew it. And I suspect many that are left behind are not tourists caught up in the turmoil. They are duel US/Lebanese citizens that have been there far longer than the normal 2 week vacation and now are crying to get out.

News reports claim anywhere between 500, 000 and 750,000 people have fled north, but these “poor” stragglers were left behind! Bombed out blocked roads isn’t a valid excuse as the numbers demonstrate.

I suggest they snag one of those Hezbollah lackys that lead the media around by the ear and catch a ride out, assuming you’re not selected to be cannon fodder of the week and designated as a “civilian casualty” for the same media to fawn over. And secondly… just shut up!

Live with it and just shut up. If there is a better reason for tort reform I haven’t seen it.

UPDATE: Tel-Chai Nation also notes the story and asks whether: “Taxpayers money shouldn’t be spent on people like these.”

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Sorry I missed it two weeks ago, but I’m among a few hundred million that did. And could care less: “Kucinich Marks 5 Year Anniversary Of Introduction Of The Department Of Peace Legislation With Floor Speech.”

So how is that “important piece of legislation proceeding Dennis?

“Today, thanks to hundreds of community groups, led by the Peace Alliance, momentum is building. Fifteen cities have passed resolutions endorsing the Department of Peace and seventy-four members of the House have signed onto the bill.”

Uh…Ah… fifteen cities. Out of hundreds of thousands in America.

Fast forward to this week and Kucinich has introduced new legislation that calls for “an end to the current conflict in the Middle East.”

“The continuing violence in the Middle East is spiraling out of control and is on the verge of being full-out regional war in which there will be no winners.

“The US has a moral obligation to become immediately engaged and to try to seek a peaceful resolution to the situation. This Administration must seek an immediate cease-fire and return all sides to the negotiating table.

Sorry to break the news to ya Dennis.. but Hezbollah has never been to a “negotiating table,” at least not without holding hostages, how can they be returned to one?

Anyway, happy belated anniversary Dennis, may you have another five years as head of the Barking Moonbat wing of the [Dim]ocratic Party.

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And apparently horse’s asses, by choice.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Saddam Hussein has asked the court in his trial in Baghdad to execute him by firing squad — “not by hanging as a common criminal” – if it convicts him of all charges and sentences him to death.

Sure, whatever he wants as long as he’s dead. However I think I’ll petition the court and ask for a slight variation to the normal firing squad routine that has been used for ages.

As opposed to the tried and true AK-47 or the U.S. made M14/M1A I’ll request this elite and very privileged group (how do I volunteer?) of death squad members use a Powerline 856 Silhouette that can be purchased in a package deal that includes sight, glasses & practice targets.

Some modification of the squad will need to be made I admit. Notably an increase of the normal 5 – 6 riflemen to about 10. Even so with ten executioners I estimate it will take at minimum 75 to 100 shots per man to put Saddam down.

Why so many? The Powerline 856 is Daisy air rifle. It shoots the same tiny little bb’s you used as a kid to shoot out the neighbors windows and plink a few dents in the aluminum siding of grouchy old George that lived down the street.

It would be a fitting, and very, very slow end for Saddam.

I’d pay top dollar for the DVD if it ever went on the market.

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Sometimes you just have to laugh at the terrorists. Honest, they can be funny. A case in point is the tape that surfaced of the formerly breathing terrorist Zarqawi. You know the one where he attempted to like like Elliot Ness blazing away with his tommy gun. Instead he looked more like Willy E. Coyote slammin’ into a painted rock.

Here is the latest example of hilarity inadvertently provided by Hezbollah and reported by the crack investigative team at MSNBC News.

Israeli intelligence sources tell NBC News that among the targets hit in Lebanon are as many as a dozen financial institutions — part of a previously secret campaign to destroy Hezbollah’s financial infrastructure. Some banks were demolished, others deliberately damaged but not destroyed. In one case, Israel also took out a bank manager’s home.

Nothing much there except fodder ripe for the taking by the “human rights” crowd to scream about civilian infrastructure being taken out.

But wait it gets better. The Middle East and Africa Bank is on the hit list along with two others noted in the article and all three have rolled their eyes and said; “Who…us?!”

But a fundraising appeal that aired last week on the Hezbollah-connected Al Manar television station asks that money for the Hezbollah resistance be sent a specific account at the Middle East and Africa Bank.

An Arabic speaking NBC News producer called the number listed on the television ad, and was told to go to any U.S. bank and wire the money. Our producer was advised to not tell anyone the money was meant for Hezbollah.

The Middle East Africa Bank has a relationship with the U.S. bank Wachovia. After NBC News informed Wachovia of the Hezbollah fundraising appeal, Wachovia immediately terminated the relationship.

In a statement, a Wachovia spokesman said, “Wachovia confirms that it has very stringent procedures and policies in place to monitor accounts and ensure compliance with the Patriot Act, including not conducting business with any organization identified by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization or supporting terrorism.”

Later, NBC News called back the same number advertised on Al Manar and, this time, was provided with the name of a separate bank.

MSNBC has provided an edited transcript of that conversation for your reading pleasure but here is a partial sample:

NBC: I am from America.

Hezbollah Facilitator: You have to go to the bank — any bank.

NBC: That for sure will reach the Mujahideen?

Hezbollah Facilitator: For sure. Do not mention resistance or anything like that. If you do, they won’t wire them.

NBC: Thank you – God be with you. Bye bye.

Some might not find that funny, but in an odd way I do, and here’s why.

What was the excuse used by the New York Times to print their story on the SWIFT financial surveillance program?

Correct… it was because the Bush Administration, along with a bunch of media sources, had disclosed the program years prior to the NYT publishing details of the program on its front page.

The common meme by the defenders of the Times was that you would have to be very very stupid jihadist cut throat to use the SWIFT money tranfer system because well… because everyone, his brother and your neighborhood jihadist would use alternate means to finance their next beheading or IED manufacturing plant.

Is it safe to say Hezbollah is very, very stupid?

And the NYT is so full of SHIT their collective eyes are brown in color?

I thought so. And that’s funny, in an odd sort of way.

And it shouldn’t go without saying, a basket full of Kudos to Adam Ciralsky, Lisa Myers & the NBC Investigative Unit that published this story and went above and beyond what many in the Antique Media would do.

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