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As I write this it’s now 0500 GMT, 0800 local in Lebanon. The “ceasefire” has started and it appears all gunfire and rocket launches have stopped.

The countdown begins, 10, 9, 8, 7, … until Hezbollah breaks the “silence.”

This post will be updated as events on the ground warrant.

+ 35 minutes into the ceasefire the Lebanese Cabinet votes to delay ratification and agreement to U.N. Resolution 1701 for two days.

+ 60 minutes and all’s quite on the Lebanese front.

+ 90 minutes, still quite. This is getting boring, come on you Hezzi bastards I know you got it in ya. How about an over/under bet?

Plus or minus 6 hours is the line. Place your bets now. I’m betting over and to coincide with the start of the morning news shows in the U.S.

+ 105 minutes, a CNN reporter is reporting hearing a “boom” with no indication or speculation what it was.

+ 120 minutes, quite. Still no identification of the source of a reported “boom” by CNN.

+ 180 minutes, it’s quite as a church mouse (or a Hezbollah rat) on the front. Reuters has an unconfirmed report of thousands of Lebanese heading south.

+ 240 minutes, a potential problem has arisen. In response to the Reuters report of people returning to their homes in the south Israeli spokesman are saying the travel restrictions are still in place south fo the Latani River.

+ 360 minutes and the ceasefire is still holding.

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DNC Chairman Howard Dean came out Sunday and urged Sen. Lieberman not to test the waters of Independent politics in the upcoming November mid-term elections.

“I know how hard this is for Joe, and he is a good person, but the truth is I lost one of these races and I got behind my party’s nominee and I think that is what you have to do if you want to help this country,” Dean, former governor of Vermont, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“The way to help this country is to limit Republican power.”

Said another way Dean wants Lieberman to cast aside his political convictions, join hands with the peaceniks and terrorist appeasement monkeys of the far, far left.

Me thinks Dean got a hold of the latest Rasmussen poll that shows, by a margin of 46% to 41%, the fine citizens Connecticut may be rejecting any idea of sending Lamont to D.C.

I also think Dean should shut his yap (who was it that tossed Joe under the bus?) and let the system work as it’s designed to: i.e. anyone can run for elected office as long as the legal requiremennts are met.

Lieberman meets the requirements in spades and I seriously doubt he will ever call Saddam a “pain in the neck” like Dean has.

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Arab countries criticized a U.N. Security Council resolution for not clearly labeling Israel the main aggressor in the conflict with Hezbollah, but expressed cautious hopes that an end to the monthlong conflict could be nearing.

Not surprising is it?

They must have been too busy planning their next female circumcision to notice it was Hezbollah that crossed an internationally recognized border, kidnapped 2 soldiers and killed 8 others prior to any hostilities on July 12.

“The resolution is the best that can be achieved in the mean time under the unbalanced international equation,” said Ahmed bin Heli, the league’s assistant secretary-general.

How about this as a better solution, take about 15,000 troops from Arab League countries to patrol the Israel Lebanon border and disarm Hezbollah.

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Sheehan: My Pussy Hurts

If Cindy “SheeHag” Sheehan has been on a been on a liquid diet as part of her month long and “nationwide ‘Troops Home Fast” hunger strike'” how is it possible she has been hospitalized for “dehydration and exhaustion” at Providence Health Center in Waco, Texas?

Allegedly her “condition” is because of her protesting earlier this week in 100-degree weather in Texas. Even more puzzling, she hasn’t been in Texas, she’s been in Seattle at the Veterans for Peace convention. I doubt it’s been 100-degrees in the Northwest this week.

Me thinks I smell a rat. Possible scenario? She has become light-headed due to a grey matter, helium conversion.

Her sister Dede Miller claims SheeHag also underwent additional tests for uterine bleeding.

Well now, that explains a lot. Her pussy hurts!

Michelle adds this via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Now almost 40 days into her fast supporting war resisters and their families, Sheehan, though weak, announced that she is offering land she bought in Crawford near Bush’s ranch as a refuge for U.S. troops who desert to resist the war in Iraq.

That’s absolutely “brilliant” SheeHag. And I bet the Military’s deserter recovery units will be thankful she has provided a central place to scoop up of these lilly-livered bastards in one trip.

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It didn’t take long for the Defeatocrats to use yesterdays busted terror plot to their political advantage. Not surprising really, just extremely disappointing.

The most common theme heard and championed by Sen. Harry “We killed the Patriot Act” Reid is our efforts in Iraq are a diversion of assets and that has led to more terrorists which by extension dooms the war on terror to failure.

I don’t disagree, there in fact may be more terrorists than 5 years ago. I don’t believe it matters and frankly who cares, it just gives the U.S. more targets to kill. Lets face it no matter how much ass kissing the politicos want to do it won’t diminish those demented enough to commit suicide for a political statement.

No matter what foriegn policy the U.S. or the U.K. choses to follow the jihadist-cut-throats will still exist and will still take aim at western interests.

This mornings WaPo contains a story on the current London plot that gives a clue to how, in the long run, terrorism can be defeated. Muslins have to clean their own house and rat on each other.

It all began with a tip: In the aftermath of the July 7, 2005, suicide bombings on London’s transit system, British authorities received a call from a worried member of the Muslim community, reporting general suspicions about an acquaintance.

From that vague but vital piece of information, according to a senior European intelligence official, British authorities opened the investigation into what they said turned out to be a well-coordinated and long-planned plot to bomb multiple transatlantic flights heading toward the United States — an assault designed to rival the scope and lethality of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackings.

From that single phone call the investigation progressed to having dozens of suspects under surveillance since late 2005. Authorities tracked the suspects phone calls, travel patterns and what type of Internet searches they were conducting.

In the end they were successful in breaking up the plot, from the single tip by a concerned Muslim.

And that folks is precisely how the war on islamofacisim will be won. No one knows their own neighborhood better than those that live in it. As soon as the so called moderate Muslims get off their collective asses and start pointing fingers at the extremists amongst them the war can’t won with any certain finality.

When they turn on their extremist “brothers” the threat will be defeated within a couple years. Without their willing assistence your looking at decades before any substantial progress can be made.

Other references to this story: Capt Ed.

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The fall out from the Reutersgate scandal is obvious and forces a recollention of words from another era spoken by former President Ronald Reagan; “Trust, but verify.”

Jules Crittenden, an editor at the Boston Herald, cuts to the heart of the matter:

Everyone in the news business gets taken for a ride sooner or later. It’s an occupational hazard. What is surprising is the scale of it in Lebanon. And what is tragic about this is, as a Boston Herald photo editor noted, editors everywhere can no longer trust the pictures from Lebanon. The public cannot know what is staged and what is real. They cannot know the true scope of the devastation that Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel and its cynical tactics have brought on the Lebanese people. The con artists have shafted themselves and their own people with their cheap tricks.

Read the full commentary.

If you were foolish enough to believe the lying eyes of Reuters photo editors were the only ones at work in the war zone, check this AP photo taken in Tyre, Lebanon. Then ask yourself why with all the destruction visible the bed hanging out of the apartment shows no damage.

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So says a NBC “reporter” Kevin Corke. “Yeah well said because a lot of people here are going to be asking the question, not only today but in the days to come, if, if the administration has known about this potential plot what was the hold up in getting the word out, especially domestically?

Now right now they’re saying, Ann, that there’s no expectation that there will be domestic arrests related to this particular terror plot but still it does beg the question how long ago did they know of this and why are we just hearing about it right now?” (The obvious answer, the NYT was kept out of the loop – ed)

As Ace of Spades demonstrates the DUmmies were hot on the trail of the London plot also with everything from the ever popular Defeatocrats timing queries to wondering why “mobile phones, ipods, wallets – even spectacle cases had to be checked in” when security authorities must “… know about x-ray scanners?” (Caution: if following the link to Ace’s page check your brain cells at the door. They won’t be needed to read the DUmmies comments – ed)

To be honest this humble blogger has a couple questions myself as related to this CNN report. Most news sites have reported the terrorists under arrest had been under surveillance in Britain since last December. CNN and a few others also note “two of the suspects recently traveled to Pakistan and later received money wired from there“.

Question: (NYT you need to answer this) Was the U.S. governments SWIFT financial surveilence and tracking program used? If so wouldn’t that kill the meme started by the NYT editors and pimped by every [Dim]ocrat suffering from BDS for the last couple months?

Secondly, (This is also pointed at the NYT) all reports emphatically state British authorities, including MI5 and MI6, worked in close cooperation with U.S. intelligence services to crack this case. Was the NSA terrorist surveilence program used?

On a related subject: Do you hear those crickets? If not your not listening close enough. Check Atrios. Not a single post on the terrorist plot. Nothing, nadda, ziltch! It’s all about Lamont’s Nutmeg State victory and Bush bashing.

The Daily kos? Not much better, kos himself hardly notes the plot other than to claim the White House must be happy as clams: “… this is the reason they’ve shown no interest in truly fighting terrorists. They need Osama Bin Laden as much as OBL needs the Republicans. It’s all they’ve got.”

(NOTE to Kos) All the [Dim]ocrats have are Harry Reid, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy, three of the Party’s leaders, taking the opportunity to bash Bush rather than praise another successful effort in the war against the jihadi-cut-throats. They should take Capt’n Ed’s advice and STFU.

Another Kos poster, Hunter, pens this absurdity in noting Britains success in rolling up terrorists: “… and that the British have accomplished this via normal law enforcement techniques coupled with apparently excellent human and signals intelligence.” His ignorance of how much more invasive the British anti-terror laws are compared to what the U.S. is saddled with (thanks to bleeding heart terrorist appeasement monkeys) is astounding, but not surprising.

To Talk Left’s credit at least the plot is mentioned, although it’s in a post about how Bush is using it to political advantage.

Before I go there is one more place to check. I have been posting at Newsvine since its beta days last November. It has become a [Dim]ocratic cesspool of Bush bashing, Israel hating nimrods over the last few months. Not to mention every topic thread related to 9/11 conspiracies reaches the 200 comment level with a 80% to 20% ratio in favor of them. But I digress.

Newsvines contains several threads on the London attacks. The first one I checked has this as the first comment from cordovas: “It’s unbelievable how many “terror plots” are being thwarted just in time for midterm elections. People in power are systematically using fear to manipulate the minds and hearts of people.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. And Oh, BTW what does it matter because, “what does blowing a plane up do besides taking out innocent civilians?”

The other thread has this as the first comment from chilli888: “Tony Blair has painted a big bullseye on London with his irresponsible and active support of bush in Iraq.

He will be in large part responsible for any major terror attack in London.”

These fuckin’ people have more screws loose than a 57 Desoto.

It’s all so tiresome isn’t it?

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Security at all airports in the UK has been tightened and delays are expected after Scotland Yard disrupted a terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight.

It is believed the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled on aircraft in hand luggage, with flights from the UK to the US being targeted. As a result a ban on carry-on luggage has been instituted for all flights within the UK.

BBC journalist Joe Lynam encountered the increased security measures at Gatwick airport.

“I was handed a piece of paper saying that pretty much nothing could be taken on board the plane,” he said.

“Everything had to be checked in and that includes mobile phones, ipods, wallets – even spectacle cases had to be checked in.”

This post will be updated as new information is available.

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For the second time in three election cycles, Cynthia McKinney has lost in a Democratic primary in Georgia’s 4th District, this time by Hank Johnson, a former DeKalb County commissioner who thumped her by a margin of 59-41 percent.

“We love our country,” she said in her concession speech. Along with praise for the leftist leaders in Cuba and Venezuela.

“Members of the press, as well as our political leaders, don’t give us explanations that explain, or conclusions that conclude,” McKinney said. “There comes a time when people of conscience are compelled to dissent.”

And some of our political “leaders” smack around Federal police officers and then pull the race card while flanked by every racial demagogue on the planet.

Good riddence Cynthia. Take your 911 conspiracies and racial hatred straight to hell. Now she will have an abundence of free time to perfect her dance routine with Cindy Shehag and all the rest of the Barking Moonbats.

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Arab League Meets

Issues harshly worded statement condemning any and everything related to Israel. Offers its “full support” to Lebanon and Hezbollah. Thanks… for nothing. Where were you after the Cedar Revolution? Where were you when assistence was needed in implementing Security Council Resolution 1559?

There’s an old saying that applys: “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!”

All you turbin wearing, duplicitous, deceitful scheming little fools have failed to lead, only follow and sympathize with terrorists and now you (as always) want to get in the way.

And while I’m at it… why aren’t you helping your Arabic brothers in Iraq?

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