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The party of [Dim]ocrats have themselves quite a problem on their hands.

Everyone from Rep[rehensible] Murtha to John “Timeline” Kerry and their like-minded associates have painted themselves into a corner by advocating timelines and “redeployments” from Iraq “to Okinawa.”

With the unauthorized and illegal leak of yet another classified document, and subsquent publication by the NYT of the NIE, they thought they had the Eviiiil Bushies again. Had’em already sitting on the horse, whip in hand, ready to lash the hindquarters of said steed and watch Bush fall to his quick death.

Headlines blared across the U.S. and within a a couple hours spanned the globe: “Bush’s Iraq war has doomed us all, and has spawned more terrorists than can be counted.”

All based on a couple, and very selective paragraphs, it should be noted.

But alas, it wasn’t to be. Bush countered the parade of leftist appeasement monkeys making the talk show rounds with a declassification of other and more pertinent sections of the NIE document.

Such as this one:

We assess that the Iraq jihad is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and operatives; perceived jihadist success there would inspire more fighters to continue the struggle elsewhere.

Does that sound like pulling out without completely finishing the job thus giving the jihadist-cut-throats cause to celebrate their “success” might just be a bad idea?

I thought so to. I also see the corner the [Dim]ocrats are standing in. It has fresh paint surrounding them. (a pale grayed pink-lilac color otherwise known as Mauve. Yeeech!)

Here, let me get out my paint brush again:

The jihadists greatest vulnerability is that their ultimate political solution an ultra-conservative interpretation of shari’a based governance spanning the Muslim world is unpopular with the vast majority of Muslims. Exposing the religious and political straitjacket that is implied by the jihadists propaganda would help to divide them from the audiences they seek to persuade.

Hmmm… where have I heard that before? Oh, yea it was part of the Bush plan to rid Iraq of Saddam and offer an example of what could be in the Middle East as opposed to rampant corruption, authoritarian governments, and little to no freedom of the press.

So, I pose the question again, how will the Democrats spin an Iraqi pullout now? They can scream and moan about more jihadists being produced and as soon as they do the above quotes from the same document they cite will be tossed in their collective faces.

Hi-larious, and Bush wins another round. BTW, for your reading pleasure cruise by Musing Minds for a round up of quotes from various Fox News programs.

UPDATE: So what do these idiot dimbulbs do? With douche-bag Nancy Pelosi leading the charge some of them are bleating about Bush “selectively releasing” portions of the NIE report that support the presidents policy in Iraq and the Middle East.

Wonder what she calls the two or three paragraphs that were leaked (out of 30 pages) by some despicable little bastard to further their political agenda? Besides “patriot” I mean, at least her definition of one.

Capt Ed has more on Pelosi and Sen. Reid.

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After watching Slick Willy make a fool of himself during the Chris Wallace interview Sunday I fully expected the leftist-progressives-moonbats to be in high dudgeon over what they perceived as a “hit piece and “set-up.”

I wasn’t disappointed. DKos, Atrios and the DUmmies, (and who the hell is “Big Dog?” Was it Monica’s pet name for it?) to name a few, are going ballistic. It’s HI-larious watching the mental and logical contortions (did I mention lies?) used to prop up Clinton’s “legacy,” such as it is.

What I didn’t expect, and shocked to find, was a MSM outlet that was in effect defending Foxnews and giving Clinton a smackdown over the interview. But that’s exactly what Jake Tapper (no where close to a Bush supporter) writing for ABC News has done.

For obvious reasons it’s my read of the day. And it should be yours also.

I’m also not shocked to learn Clinton, along with his fellow travellers in the [Dim]ocrat Party, when challenged on anything falls back on conspriacy theories and how it’s has been and always will be the Republicans, neocons, and conservatives. Did I mention Karl Rove?

Him to!

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The illustrious Kofi “The Magnificent” Annan graces the pages of Cranial Cavity this fine Tuesday. While addressing a meeting of foreign ministers, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Kofi said Iraqi leaders were “at an important crossroads” as the country faces a persistent insurgency and rampant sectarian violence.

Well, well. Welcome to the party Kofi, fashionably late I see.

Iraq and it’s leaders have been at an important crossroads since Saddam fled into his rabbit hole. With the exception of uttering a few sheep bleats after allowing the U.N. Mission HQ’s in Iraq to be blown sky high, then fleeing the country shortly thereafter, you and your hazard to mankind organization have been completely silent on the issue of Iraq.

Well, let me restate that. I wanna be fair even if it is Kofi were talking about. He hasn’t been entirely silent. There was that one time when Kofi did more than a little campaigning on behalf of John “Empty Suit” Kerry which speaks volumes doesn’t it?

But other than that, silent!

One other note on Kofi’s implementation of the Compact for Iraq. It calls for a “five year plan” for Iraq. It took the U.N. five years to gin up a five year plan!

Using that timeline as a guide can we assume a U.N. “Ten Year Plan” is in the offing to combat U.N. “peace-keepers” that are committing sex crimes against children with impunity in the far corners of the world?

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Scene one: The Pope in a speech in his native Germany at University of Regensburg, quotes a medieval emperor about the barbarity of forced religious conversions. (Sharia law anyone?)

Scene two: Muslims burnt effigies of the Roman Catholic leader and staged demonstrations around the world.

Scene three: “These are all lies. The prophet (Muhammad), peace be upon him, came as a mercy to the world.” – Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik, Saudi Arabia.

Scene four: Pope Benedict XVI apologized, Benedict now says that he hoped Muslims would understand and said he respected Islam and hoped Muslims would understand the true sense of his words.

Scene five: Muslims burn two churches in the West Bank and a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza got hit with two separate bombs and a concussion grenade.

(Directors commentary) Pope ole boy, that apology didn’t seem to have much effect on the jihadist lunatics. Me thinks they want your head on a platter. Better watch out, Dhimmitude may be headed to a Vatican near you!

Epilogue: Meanwhile, there is a British call to kill all the “nonbelievers” and several bombs have gone off in Thailand.

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Subtitled: PETA Rides Stringray to Jump Shark.

Last week the world lost one of its greatest and most recognizable conservationists in Steve Irwin. Not withstanding things that are grey, 6 feet tall and hop on two legs, and cuddly euclyptus leave eaters Steve was the face of Australia world-wide.

With that as a backdrop it’s pretty evident what the Barking Moonbats and low-level terrorists at PETA would do, attack him. The only surprise is they didn’t gather around his grave and hold a candlelight vigil for the dead chickins Steve fed his most favored Crocs.

Animal rights group PETA have branded Australia’s Steve Irwin a ‘cheap reality TV star’, less than a week after he tragically died in a stingray attack.

While Mr Irwin’s fans across the world have been mourning the death of their favourite ‘fearless’ presenter, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have seen one of their problems now dealt with.

PETA’s Dan Matthews said: ‘His death is no shock at all. He made his career out of antagonising frightened wild animals, and that’s a very dangerous message to send to young children.

‘If you compare him with a very responsible conservationist like Jacques Cousteau, then he just looks like a cheap reality TV star.’

The Romans had a saying “Nihil nisi bonum” that means speak only good of the dead (literally it is ‘nothing if not good’).

My dear ole Dad had a saying also; STFU!

So PETA is jumping for joy because “one of their problems” is dead! Oh… and they’re “worried” about messages sent to children. That “worry” never surfaced when they were tossing fake chicken blood on kids as they attempted to get a Chucky Meal at KFC.

Funny how that works isn’t it? These guys are a combination of every despicable blog troll that has every dropped a stinkin’ pile of poo in a comment section. And then some!

And just to show how tone deaf these moroons are they invoke the name of Jacques Cousteau and use him as an example to attack Irwin. Do they know, or even care, (he said rhetorically) that Cousteau’s Grandson was part of the film crew when the accident happened?

Anyone that gives these detestable idiots one red cent are certifiably insane.

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Amnesty International, the people who think “torture” is having to listen to loud rap music and having jockey shorts pulled over a jihadist head, is reporting Canada has had it’s own “extraordinary rendition” program.

The cases of four Canadian men who were arrested and allegedly tortured in Syria suggest Ottawa operated a secret program to send terror suspects to nations where they could be interrogated brutally, a top Amnesty International official said on Tuesday.

A commission set up to inquire into what happened to one of the men, Maher Arar, is due to release its report next week. Arar was deported from the United States as a suspected al Qaeda member in September 2002.

He spent almost a year in jail in Damascus, where he said he was beaten repeatedly. Arar also alleged that his Syrian interrogators had asked questions based on information provided by Canadian intelligence agents.

(Emphasis mine) Funny that, Syria of all places. For its part they deny the allegations of torture.

Yea riiight! They don’t torture; Much.

They just set “fires” so they can claim later to be “great firefighters.”

You gotta love the plausible deniability angle of this story. Bush gets off scott free, at least to those not suffering from an acute case of BDS. Bush sends this guy off to The Great White North, who then sends him on a Syrian vacation!

The [Dim]ocrats will claim this has Rove’s fingerprints all over it! In reality extraordinary rendition has Clinton’s prints and most likely his DNA, considering he didn’t give a damn where he left it. Rendition was started in 1995 by Michael Scheuer then a CIA Chief.

At the time rendition was used as part of criminal proceedings. Scheuer relates, “only suspects who had been tried in absentia for terrorist offences or had an outstanding arrest warrant were to be targeted. They had to be part of some legal process.”

Which means, for example, out of a thousand jihadist-cut-throats Clinton may have gotten his hands on only a very small number would ever see the inside of a jail. Because they didn’t have a G-damn arrest warrant for them!

That all changed for the better after 9/11. The “terrorists are criminals” mantra that was endemic during Clinton’s era was an utter failure and allowed the extremists of all stripes to grow in strength.

And BTW for all that stood with mouths agape when Bush “admitted” the US was carrying out renditions last week where the hell have you been for the last 10 months? This “news” has been well know since December of 2005.

I guess you missed that, huh?

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Mentions of the nearly three thousand that died on 9/11? No!

Notation on the WTC collapse? No!

The Pentagon attack? No!

Flight 93 and the brave souls that died trying to save thousands of others? No!

Nothing but unadulterated bashing of President Bush: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

NEW YORK – In the five years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, Americans have successfully kept the light of freedom shining even as the Bush administration has consistently violated the spirit and letter of our laws, the American Civil Liberties Union said today.

“The hallmark of the past five years has been the administration’s stunning dismissal of the rule of law and its willingness to trample on our Constitution,” said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. “This is our democracy, our America. We must not stand on the sidelines while the president abuses his power and diminishes American values.”

Since 9/11, the government has broadened its powers to allow law enforcement to secretly search our homes, monitor what we read and collect personal information on all of us such as medical, financial and phone records, even if it has nothing to do with terrorism — and all without a court warrant.

“But we have had successes in these years,” Romero noted, pointing to the Supreme Court’s rejection of the military commission system established by President Bush to try detainees at Guantánamo Bay, and the recent federal court ruling rejecting warrantless wiretapping of Americans.

etc…etc… etc. It aslo includes a long list of what they believe are “abuses” by the Bush Administration.

While your at it check the DNC’s website. Lede story? “Our new video highlights the Bush Administration’s willingness to use fear and smear tactics to gain political advantage in a tough election year.”

The DNC’s “Chairman” Howard the Duck’s page contains nadda, ziltch, zip, nothing on 9/11. The last entry was his “observance” of Labor Day.

Figures don’t it? The [Dim]ocrats largest fund raiser (next to Moveon) so naturally he simple must pay homage to all the “little people,” on Labor Day.

Despicable; Truely despicable! But it doesn;t end there. Outside the Beltway has a roundup of the Left’s most egregious diatribes, all spewed on Sept 11th.

Is there any rational reason to post, “But, anyway, just a big hearty fuck you to the White House and the news media who have decided this day is largely a personal narrative about George Bush.”

This from one of the top rated, and I use the term very loosely, left… ah, make that lunatic left blogs.

If your stomach can stand it read the rest. But I wouldn’t recommend it on a full belly.

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Boo Frickin’ Who, someone call him a Whaaabulance! This from Saturday’s edition of the NYT:

“It was a terrible error on my part,” Mr. Armitage said in an interview, discussing his conversations with reporters. He added: “There wasn’t a day when I didn’t feel like I had let down the president, the secretary of state, my colleagues, my family and the Wilsons. I value my ability to keep state secrets. This was bad, and I really felt badly about this.”

Not bad enough not to let various parties be left swinging in the wind while “special” prosecutor FitzClown wasted tens of millions of tax dollars tracking down ghost conspiracies.


Oh and get this line the NYT has the audacity to print; “Mr. Armitage also confirmed what had long been speculated — that he was the anonymous government official who talked to Bob Woodward…” Long speculated by who? It damn sure wasn’t anyone in the employ of the Grey Lady. They’ve spent the best part of three years riding the Wilson pony for all its was worth and in the process leaving one of their own reporters to rot in jail for next to nothing.

Maybe they mean The Minute Man who pegged Armitage well over a year ago. But I have my doubts and agree with this assessment the NYT editors have “gone insane.”

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Normally the Friday’s Follies column is reserved for the stupid things us humans do on occasion. Robbing a bank and leaving your drivers licence behind would qualify. Or if you’re looking at the other end of the robbers gun asking, “is that gun loaded.” (And they say there is no such thing as a “stupid” question!)

This Friday is dedicated to stupid politician tricks and we start with pseudo-Republican Lincoln Chafee. After a year on the job UN ambassador John Bolton’s ame was resubmitted for confirmation. A vote was expected Thursday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and predicted to be along Party lines.

It didn’t happen, the vote was blocked by pseudo-Republican Chafee. He made the claim, thru a “spokesman” that “he still had questions that were not answered.” Chafee is expected to send a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice outlining his questions about Bolton.

Hey ASSHAT, you’ve had a year to send your questions via the U.S. Post Office. As screwed up as they are I feel relativly confident you could have gotten a response by now. The only response you deserve at this late date is, go fuck yourself with a rubber hose… with the lawn sprinkler attached! NOTE: Sen. Christopher Dodd needs to use that rubber hose as well. His plans are to recommend his colleagues filibuster the floor vote on Bolton to keep him from being confirmed.

Just fuckin’ brilliant! At a time when the Iran, and N. Korea issues are hot & heavy these mental midgets want to filibuster Bolton. You can almost hear Iran’s Ademajihadist and N. Korea’s “Lil Kim” whispering to the Security Council members, “Hey, don’t listen to them, they can’t even get a vote on the legitmacy of their ambassador!”

ASSHATS, one and all!

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The recently released tape from al-Qaeda’s spokesmodel Ayman al Zawahiri featured the American Jihadist Adam Gadahn, aka Azzam the American. The vast majority contained the normal “death to America” diatribes that have become a parody of themselves.

However the most interesting section contained an “Invitation to Islam.” What follows is a short excerpt. (The tape of the entire speech can be downloaded here)

And as we know, it was Wahshi who was later personally called to slay the enemy and false prophet of God Wasadena. It has come to us, in an authenticated saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him, that God laughs with pleasure at two men. One of them kills the other but both of them enter the garden. One of them fights in the path of God and is martyred. Then God pardons the killer and he embraces Islam, fights in the path of God, and he is himself martyred.

In other words, if the Zionist Crusader missionaries of hate and counter-Islam consultants like Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Michael Schuur [ed. Michael Scheuer], Steven Emerson, and yes, even the Crusader-in-Chief, George W. Bush, were to abandon their unbelief, and repent, and enter into the light of Islam, and turn their swords against the enemies of God, it would be accepted of them and they would be our brothers in Islam.

Interesting no? As a side note Robert Spencer mentioned by “Azzam” spoke to the news that he was called out by a Jihadist: “I am honored to be in this company, of course, and pleased to see that Al-Qaeda has noticed my work and is unhappy with it.”

All this time some have thought they hated us because of American foreign policy, or Playboy channel or an excessive amount of McDonalds that dot not only our land but most of the rest of the planet.

But truth be known Azzam is speaking… (what’s the latest Progressive catch phrase?) Oh yea… Azzam is speaking truth to power. You see America’s foreign policy doesn’t dictate the spreading of Islam much less radical Islam. If we were to except his “invitation” and convert to Islam, in addition to formulating a foreign and social policy that promoted al-Qaeda’s radical interpratation of Islam all would be good.

Game, set, match. War on Terror would end… maybe.

If given the chance I would like to ask Azzam what foreign policy was in effect that led to the sacking of Medina, Persia or Byzantium? But somehow I doubt I’d get a coherent response even if he was smart enough to know their place in history.

As a public service here’s an outline of a potential U.S. foreign and social policy al-Qaeda might find acceptable, thus spareing our heads from a potential meeting with a jihadist’s chopping block.

1. The denial of equality to women under the disguise of religious sanctions provided by Holy Quran to perpetuate male domination.

2. Adoption of barbaric and age-old practices of Triple Talaq, multiple marriages for men, unequal rights for women in parental property, refusal to family planning, no alimony, no education. (see one in 10 young British Asians believes so-called honor killings can be justified)

3. Conversion to Islam by coercion/persuasion (see Azzam and al Zawahiri above) of non-Muslims before marriage, supporting illegal infiltration of Muslims, active conversion of uneducated and financially constrained majority citizens to Islam.

4. To keep the Muslim herd under control by discouraging education, stringently implementing Islamic religious and social practices and by constantly scaring Muslims of majority community by false propaganda (Islam khatre mein hai).

5. When questioned, deny, evade or claim persecution of Muslims to justify Islamic way of thinking for preservation of Islamic community.

6. To slowly and gradually create Muslim majority areas, provinces and constituencies which are amenable to implementation of Islamic agenda. (see hospital gowns and chocolate bars)

7. To create civil, military, ethnic or religious strife under the disguise of ‘Muslim Persecution’ for achieving Islamic nationhood. (See the Danish “Muhammad cartoon controversy” that was aided and abetted by Danish imams also see this angry reaction for a call to condemn terrorism “unequivocally”)

8. Substitute man made civil law with Islamic Shari’ah law as per Osama’s fatwa issued in August of 1996.

9. Follow the dictates of the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal is to reoccupy the “trusted” land (Andulusia), which is comprised of Spain, Portugal, southern France, the Kingdom of Granada and the Middle East. (hmmm..sounds strangely like a World War, lets be fair and call it a “half a world War)

Take all of the above with the thought that in all cases it refers to the Islamic extremists that live and breath amoung us and NOT Muslims and those of the Islamic faith as a whole.

I’ll close with these sage words spoken by the King of Jordan, we are in a “struggle between the perverse view of Islam against the rest of us moderate Muslims”.

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