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Exploding Condoms?

BOSTON (AP) — A former strip club waitress was sentenced Wednesday to five years of supervised release after she pleaded guilty to mailing threatening letters and flammable material, including condoms filled with a potentially explosive mixture, court documents said.

The documents said Kimberly Lynn Dasilva, 49, of Hull, mailed the condoms to a television station, strip clubs where she had worked and other places, saying she was tired of being mistreated by men. In May, she pleaded guilty to mailing threatening communications and a violation of injurious articles as nonmailable.

Excuse me while I find my misplaced cluebat….

Oh, there it is.

Hey dumbass if you’re so damn tried of men abusing you maybe a new line of work would be in order. Strip clubs aren’t exactly the last great bastion of gender equality. But take my advice apply for nothing higher than a fast food fry cook. I’d hate to see you go into clinical depression as a result of all the “Don’t call us,we’ll call you” responses you receive.

For the record none of the condoms exploded. Dasilva told investigators she did not think they would explode.

That’s “comforting!”

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Whats NOT News Today?

Answer; Children have been subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations “peacekeepers” in Haiti and Liberia, a BBC investigation has found.

Girls have told of regular encounters with soldiers where sex is demanded in return for food or money. A senior official with the organization has accepted the claims are credible.

Too bad Kofi can’t be named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

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The United Nations has renewed its mandate of the multinational force in Iraq until the end of 2007. The 15-member United Nations Security Council unanimously voted to approve a request by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

al-Maliki made the request saying the troops were needed for a further year while it built up its own security forces.

Hear that noise? It’s the muffled popping of the cut & runners like Pelosi, Kerry and Murtha as their heads explode.

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune (possibly the worst paper in the country) has tossed an editorial into its journalistic waste bin that covers Bush’s recent trip to Asia and in particular the stop in Vietnam.

In it they cite a passage of Bush’s speech while in country that they claim shows he hasn’t learned the lessons from America’s involvement in Southeast Asia in the sixties and seventies. This is the para of the speech they take issue with:

“My first reaction is history has a long march to it, and societies change and relationships can constantly be altered to the good,” Bush said. The lesson for Iraq, he said, is that, “It’s just going to take a long period of time for the ideology that is hopeful and that is an ideology of freedom to overcome an ideology of hate.” Then he added, “We’ll succeed, unless we quit.”

In the opinion of the Tribune’s editorial staff Bush has “totally turned the history of the Vietnam War on its head,” and not surprisingly also note that Bush failed to “pay attention to even the history of a conflict he lived through (and failed to serve in).”

Boldface mine, notice they couldn’t help themselves to yet another helping of “chickenhawk” draft dodger nonsense. What follows is where the “crack editorial staff” thinks Bush has gone wrong and twisted history to suit his own needs:

In a nutshell, Vietnam succeeded after and arguably because we quit. American-Vietnam relations warmed only after Clinton got Americans to accept, grudgingly at the time (and Republicans were the biggest grudgers), that we needed to move on from the defeat we’d suffered in Indochina.

It bears mentioning, too, that China’s decision in the late 1970s, shortly after the United States called it quits in Vietnam, to put aside the centralized and doomed economic policies of communism had quite a lot to do with Vietnam’s success; it emulated the policies of its gigantic neighbor to the north.

If there’s a lesson in Vietnam for American policy in Iraq, it’s that the United States must be able to recognize the lost cause staring it in the face, deal with it and move on.

To these partisan hacks Vietnam has reached it’s present economic success only because the U.S. cut and run. They conveniently overlook the fact millions died as a result of that strategy. They overlook, or more likely refuse to accept, the South Vietnamese forces were actually winning the war as a result of a change in strategy and leadership on the ground in Vietnam from the time of the Tet Offensive until the [Dim]ocrats pulled the plug on funding Vietnamese forces.

None of that matters because, well… because it was Clinton (who also “failed to serve” and “didn’t inhale” his way through the war) and his diplomatic prowess that led to Vietnam’s transition to a reasonably stable democracy.

I would agree China’s slow change to a more capitalistic economy has fueled a quicker pace of change in Vietnam as it has in other sections of South Asia. But isn’t that part of the strategy Bush envisioned for Iraq. An Iraq not centered on providing more goods and services to all Iraqis and not give preference to his Sunni brothers? A vision of putting “aside the centralized and doomed economic policies of” tribal feudalism?

I guess the Star Tribune editorial staff missed that part. As they have so many other things during Bush’s six years in office.

The Tribune ends with this: “In Vietnam, the battle was left for the Vietnamese to sort out, and they did. The “bad guys” won; Bush shared toasts with them last weekend. The world did not go to hell in a handbasket of falling Communist dominoes.”

No the hell was in Cambodia and Vietnam as the “bad guys” did in fact win and murdered millions. Those shaking hands and toasting Bush last week aren’t the “bad guys” they are those that took over for them and are trying to straighten out the mess left behind by peacniks, media types like Cronkite declaring wars lost and and other leftist moonbats of many stripes.

It’s very plain to see the Tribune wishes the same for Iraq. They hope for al-Sadr, his closest ally Iran’s AlmadenJihadist and al-Qaeda to win. Not the vast majority of Iraqi’s who need and want a stable properous country to live in.

UPDATE: As if on cue MSNBC’s Countdown show featuring Herr OlberFool chimes right in with the same idiotic reasoning as the Star Tribune.

OlberFool” “The domino theory was nonsense, sir. Our departure from Vietnam emboldened no one.”

Well except the previously noted massacre in Cambodia when millions were offered at communisms sacrificial platter. Plus a few hundred thousand in Laos.

OlberFool: “Communism did not spread like a contagion around the world.”

Post 1975 and the U.S. pullout from Vietnam saw Communism spread to Angola, Mozambique, and by the end of the Carter Administration, the Soivet Union was in Afghanistan. Communist insurgencies were threatening Malaya (suppressed by the Brits), Indonesia, and the Philippines in the decade of the sixties. In the ’70s, there were Marxist movements all over Central and South America, and the Maoist Sendero Luminso (Shining Path) in Peru.

That smells like a contagion to me, but not OlberFool.

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Democrats Take Aim

Yea right… the [Dim]ocrats taking aim at something is like watching the Gang Who Shouldn’t Shoot Straight. None-the-less, they are. And their target is everyone’s pocketbook.

Oh they don’t say that, their aiming at Big Oil, but we all know what the end result will be. Increased prices for everyone.

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an outline of priorities over the first 100 hours of the next Congress in January, promises to begin a move toward greater energy independence “by rolling back the multi-billion dollar subsidies for Big Oil.”

Of course as any business big or small does when Uncle Sam takes away a tax benefit it all rolls downhill and lands in the lap of the consumer. That’s the economic given of the situation, not that the [Dim]ocrats will frame their argument in those terms.

Thats too honest. Their not attempting a rape of your wallet, they’re taking on BIG BUSINESS.

It’s interesting what they’re targeting and makes one wonder if they have thought their “plan” through. (hold the snickers please, I know that’s not possible)

Topping the list for repeal are tax breaks for refinery expansion and for geological studies to help oil exploration. Wonder how they’ll sell that one when everyone, even many [Dim]ocrats in their more lucid moments, concede no refinery expansion/construction has occurred in the U.S. since the mid-seventies. The lack of refinery capacity was a prime suspect during the Katrina related shortages and also this past summer.

Their second target is a measure passed two years ago to promote domestic manufacturing. It allows oil companies to take a tax credit if they chose to drill in this country instead of going abroad. This goes hand-in-hand with cutting tax breaks for geological studies. If there are no geological studies conducted and no credits for drilling oil wells within the U.S.

It all fits into their agenda. The [Dim]ocrats wouldn’t allow drilling of any kind even if it were a gusher Olive Oil well, the product of which would be sprinkled on their $75 dollar a plate pasta lunches at Spagos.

According to Congressional Budget Office estimates the production tax credit saves oil companies $5 billion over 10 years. The refinery measure and exploration credit puts a total of about $1.4 billion over the same length of time.

In total these economic geniuses are looking at less than one billion per year if these measures pass. Pelosi and her moonbat minions don’t care, it’s Big Oil after all. They have to be punished for not only being Big Oil but also for what they feel is a too close relationship with the Eviiiil Bush and Dr. Death Dick Cheney.

Just keep in mind one thing. The [Dim]ocrats have resurrected something from Bush I, “No new taxes.” For the most part they will stick to that. What they will do is slash every tax cut on the books, or let them sunset out of existence.

All the “extra” revenue generated will fuel their pet social engineering and wealth redistribution projects. And as business rolls the extra cost down to the consumer the economy will inexorably head down the toilet as prices go up and inflation increases.

NOTE: Wonder if during that “first 100 hundred hours” Pelosi will figure how increasing costs to Big Oil will reduce dependence on foreign oil?

Oh wait I know. Higher fuel costs means less driving by consumers and less oil used. Question: If it was Bush’s fault that gas prices went to 3 bucks a gallon (they say) will they accept responsibility for the higher costs to consumers?

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It’s the “Abuse” says O.J. Publisher

Judith Regan publisher of the latest outrage by O.J. where he offers a pseudo-confession (as if it’s needed) to his murderous act says she did it for the “kids’ and because she was a victim of domestic violence and thought the proceeds would go to Simpson’s children.

“I wanted the confession for my own selfish reasons and for the symbolism of that act. For me, it was personal,” Regan says.

Highly personal I suspect, to the tune of millions to be made off the sales of this despicable exercise in crass commercialism. And how did she know the proceeds would go the Simpson’s kids?

She says it was “contracted through a third party who owns the rights” and was told “the money would go to his children.”

“That much I could live with,” she claims. To believe this you also must give credence to the fact a highly educated head of one of the largest publishing house in the U.S. is so stupid she believes this alleged “third party” would do so. She would have to believe someone so connected to O.J. as to have rights to anything he produces for publication is pure as the driven snow.

Yep, Regan believes a close confidant to a murderous slimebag, a slimebag that has done nothing but capitalize on his infamy since day one, should be trusted.

Ah-huh, riiiiight!

Trust isn’t a word that Regan has a close association with considering her extra-marital dalliances with former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik.

She has been described as a “foul-mouthed tyrant” and the “enfant terrible of American publishing,” I’ll second that notion and add she’s a despicable wench who needs to have her ass spanked as if she were an errant child.

On the other hand, she might like it.

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It was pretty obvious from the start.

When the pre-election days brought news of “botched jokes,” rumors of a Murtha Majority Leader post, Joememtum getting the under the bus treatment in favor of Ned Lamont it had all the earmarks of another brilliant political strategic move by Karl Rove.

Post election news only goes to confirm that notion. Nan from San Fran Pelosi wastes her endorsement for Majority Leader on a sure loser, Rep[rehensibile] John “Bribe me Later” Murtha. The [Dim]ocratic Caucus calls in George McGovern to teach the lessons of appeasement and surrender from days long past.

And finally (not really, it’s only the start of the Majority Party buffoonery) Senator Patrick “Never met a classified leak he didn’t like” Leahy attempts to have a “do over” of the Military Commissions Act signed into law last month.

I’m tellin’ ya it’s all a Karl Rovian plot of epic proportions. The Republicans really did win this election.

Who’d a thunk it? Except Karl of course.

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Most if not all the [Dim]ocrats cite the cost of the Iraq war as a reason to get out. First is their belief the price of a single human life on what they believe is an “unwinnable” war is too high a price to pay.

To a point I would agree, every human life lost is precious and shouldn’t be squandered. However when weighed against the cost of appeasement and allowing the jihadist-cut-throats free reign to establish a caliphate from East Asia to Spain the cost is acceptable.

Even when it comes at the cost of the 300 billion or so spent thus far in Iraq. That’s the other sticking point for the [Dim]ocrats. The monetary cost. It drives them crazy to see money spent fighting a war rather than taking another stab at Shillary Care or some other soak the rich redistribution of wealth that’s alleged to help the poor.

I also suspect they are all about to wet the collective panties over the prospect of the American taxpayer being raped of an additional $845 billion. In fact urinating on themselves probably doesn’t fully describe their joy. Masturbation in the form of a large [Dim]ocratic circle-jerk would be more to the point because they would not have to take “credit” for the thievery, they can blame the United Nations.

Without any notice or critical comment from the mainstream media, two groups funded by billionaires have launched clever public relations campaigns designed to shake down American taxpayers for more money for the U.N. It’s all in the name of fighting poverty and disease, of course.


First, something called the “Millennium Campaign” has been urging achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, admitting that “the MDGs will require more resources from the U.S. and other rich nations.” How much? U.N. adviser Jeffrey Sachs has said a global energy tax will be necessary to force the U.S. to provide an additional $845 billion in foreign aid.

The U.S. contact for the campaign is Carol Welch, an adviser to Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), a group supported by a large number of liberal foundations, including the Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Planethood Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Stanley Foundation, and Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation.

Open Society Institute is the “baby” of George Soros where he funnels billlions of dollars to foist his socialistic tripe on the Western World and the U.S. in particular. It’s also an arm of MoveOn.org the darling of [Rep]rehensible John Murtha, John “Botched Joke” Kerry and many others that are so far left they see “the right” just around the corner.

With the [Dim]ocrats and their “right hand men and woman” in the MSM all pissing and moaning about Iraqs $300 billion you have to ask yourself why the U.N.’s attempt at a pillage of nearly three times that amount in taxpayer money has received so little coverage.

I guess the answer is obvious. It’s not the amount spent but where it’s spent. As long as it’s for the redistribution of wealth it’s a non-story.

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The buffoonery never stops I guess. The proceeding post notes the [Dim]ocrats hauling out old war horse – I use the term very loosely – George McGovern to teach them how to be loser appeasement monkeys of the first order.

Todays news brings news of their second and third step into political oblivion.

The second step is Senator Patrick “Never met a classified leak he didn’t like” Leahy attempting to have a “do over” of the Military Commissions Act signed into law last month.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is expected to take over as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and The (Calif.) Daily Journal reports that Leahy is drafting a bill to undo portions of the new law in an effort to restore habeas corpus rights for enemy combatants.

A spokeswoman for Leahy told the newspaper the bill would be intended to repeal portions of the law that prevent some detainees from pursuing federal court challenges to the government’s authority to hold them indefinitely.

Spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler told the newspaper the goal is to “try and do something to reverse the damage.”

“Damage” to the [Dim]ocrats is giving “rights” to non-Americans, not to mention jihadist-cut-throats caught on the battlefield.

Not content taking these first two steps into the darkness Nancy Pelosi has apparently served up Rep[rehensible] John Murtha as her choice to become House Majority leader as the third, but certainly not the last step.

Pelosi, in a letter distributed Sunday to newly elected House Democrats, wrote that Murtha’s outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq helped change the electoral campaign for the House this fall. Murtha began calling for a U.S. pullout from Iraq a year ago, and his open opposition to the war made him a focus of intense criticism from Republicans and the White House.

What was that Pelosi was saying about putting aside partisanship and how she was looking forward to working with the White House?

Don’t mean shit now does it. As soon as the “Majority” that is the current Senate and House learns they will get the same lack of support for their agenda as the Republican Majority had for the last 6 years their whining, pissing and moaning will be horrendous.

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Or is it the Second?

Regardless, if the a 62-member Congressional Progressive Caucus thinks George McGovern, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate, (“The longer the title, the less important the job”George McGovern) in for a chat will lead them to the promised land of 2008 and control of the White House their smoking crack.

According to McGovern the “Democratic leadership is wise enough to know that if they’re going to follow the message that election sent, they’re going to have to take steps to bring the war to a conclusion.”

In comments to reporters before a speech at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln McGovern also blamed the Iraqi insurgency on the presence of American troops (surprised – not) and that the Iraq and Vietnam wars were equally “foolish enterprises” and that the current threat of terrorism developed because, not before, the United States went into Iraq.

Unfortunately old-age has apparently taken its toll on what few mental abilities McGovern may have possessed as a younger man. Even then they were lacking much coherence when he led the charge of anti-Vietnam moonbats. The only foolish enterprise related to Vietnam was pulling out when the Cong leaders readily admitted they were losing after Tet. That “enterprise” left millions dead in Cambodia as a result.

At this point his feeble mind somehow misplaced a plethora of Islamic terror attacks that occurred after 9/11 but prior to the invasion of Iraq.

He also must not be aware of the hundreds of Islamic terror attacks since, and before 1970.

I’ve got a suggestion for McGovern, STFU, go have coffee with Momma Sheehan and “Department of Peace” advocate Dennis Kucinich. Those three moonbats should get along famously.

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