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I mean really! A self-described “white chick” writing about inequality for females in the Muslim world. Janet Albrechtsen will be lucky if a fatwa isn’t issued calling for her death.

Her voice shaking, the young woman in the hijab sitting about five rows back from the podium was clearly angry with me. As were other women in the audience, some in hijabs, one wearing a nikab, only her eyes visible through a narrow slit. Angry with me for writing about Muslim women.

It was late one Friday afternoon a few weeks back and I was speaking at a conference on The Journalist and Islam at NSW Parliament House. I asked them what I had done to offend them so.

Was it that I had written about the many Muslim women in Arab and other Muslim countries who are treated as second-class citizens and the many Muslim women in the West who are similarly mistreated in the shadow of Islam?

Apparently, white Christian girls should not write or speak about such things. My error….

The only error made is speaking truth to those with their heads in the sand.

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This may not be the stupidest thing I’ve ever come across but it’s damn close. Too close for comfort, truth be told.

The next time you beat your keyboard in frustration, think of a day when it may be able to sue you for assault. Within 50 years we might even find ourselves standing next to the next generation of vacuum cleaners in the voting booth.

Far from being extracts from the extreme end of science fiction, the idea that we may one day give sentient machines the kind of rights traditionally reserved for humans is raised in a British government-commissioned report which claims to be an extensive look into the future.

Visions of the status of robots around 2056 have emerged from one of 270 forward-looking papers sponsored by Sir David King, the UK government’s chief scientist. The paper covering robots’ rights was written by a UK partnership of Outsights, the management consultancy, and Ipsos Mori, the opinion research organisation.

“If we make conscious robots they would want to have rights and they probably should,” said Henrik Christensen, director of the Centre of Robotics and Intelligent Machines at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Critical thinking this is not.

Quick, someone figure out which replicant the [Dim]ocrat Party will support for president in 2056?

I’m thinking Rep. Mohammad Automaton ([Dim]ocrat Silicon Valley) who runs on a platform of Social Security reform (Replicants to receive benefits), Nation Health Care (at Jiffy Lube) and elevating the ACLU from a private organization to a government Cabinet level post.

But I could be wrong.

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Here Come the Fat Police

Naveed Sattar, Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, either needs to self medicate or find a doctor who will cure his delusions.

He’s concerned about obesity, as many of the world’s population are, however he’s taken one giant leap into the Politically Correct World of nutjobs, moonbats and certifiable lunatics.

He is calling for more government intervention (yea right, when did that ever work?) with a central agency set up to deal with the problems of obesity. Ok, so where the problem?

He’s taking his campaign to the clothing manufacturers and retailers. “Oversize clothes should have obesity helpline numbers sewn on them to try and reduce Britain’s fat crisis,” he says. The tags are meant for clothes with waists above 102 cm for men, 94 cm for boys, 88 cm or size 16 for women and 80 cm for girls.

He also advocates all TV ads for sweets and snacks be banned before 9 pm.

Yea you read that correctly, he’s missing his optimum target audience, those that lay around all frickin’ night munching anything and everything that will still be allowed after 9pm. (dumb ass, in more ways than one)

This may surprise you, but I agree with his plan. But I have a single caveat.

All clothing designed to fit the near non-existent ass of a size 2 supermodel type must have a warning label explaining the health hazards involved in self induced vomiting 352 times each day.

Until that happens Professor, STFU.

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At least that’s what all the “antis” are attempting to claim. You know… the anti war types, anti-Bush types, many of the [Dim]ocrats and Mamma SheHag who all take great pride in hanging then “quagmire label” on Iraq.

The following take little comment from me other than to say it appears in next weeks edition of Newsweek International Magazine:

Civil war or not, Iraq has an economy, and—mother of all surprises—it’s doing remarkably well. Real estate is booming. Construction, retail and wholesale trade sectors are healthy, too, according to a report by Global Insight in London. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports 34,000 registered companies in Iraq, up from 8,000 three years ago. Sales of secondhand cars, televisions and mobile phones have all risen sharply. Estimates vary, but one from Global Insight puts GDP growth at 17 percent last year and projects 13 percent for 2006. The World Bank has it lower: at 4 percent this year. But, given all the attention paid to deteriorating security, the startling fact is that Iraq is growing at all.

How? Iraq is a crippled nation growing on the financial equivalent of steroids, with money pouring in from abroad. National oil revenues and foreign grants look set to total $41 billion this year, according to the IMF. With security improving in one key spot—the southern oilfields—that figure could go up.

As someone once coined the phrase… read the rest including the Iraqi cell phoine company that stands to reap revenues $520 million. The U.S. State Department reports that there are now 7.1 million mobile-phone subscribers in Iraq, up from just 1.4 million two years ago.

The quagmire seems to be located in the countries microwave towers that carry cell signals!

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Damn War Criminals!

Who Bush and Cheney? No Jacques Chirac and the rest of the Frogs.

France yesterday defended recent fighter jet raids on towns bordering Sudan’s Darfur region by claiming the aggressive action was aimed at preventing regional chaos.

In the past two weeks, with minimal publicity, Mirage F1 jets have attacked and scattered a rebellion in north-eastern Central African Republic (CAR). But reports from the ground say the operation has had a devastating impact on civilians.

A French armed forces spokesman yesterday refused to give details of whether bombs, missiles or machinegun-fire had been used by the jets.

So when well the peace at all costs moonbats hold France accountable at the International Criminal Court?

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A federal judge upheld the Bush administration’s new terrorism law Wednesday, agreeing that Guantanamo Bay detainees do not have the right to challenge their imprisonment in U.S. courts.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge James Robertson is the first to address the new Military Commissions Act and is a legal victory for the Bush administration at a time when it has been fending off criticism of the law from Democrats and libertarians.

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Freak Tornado Hits London

Many people are spending the night in a respite centre after a tornado ripped through several streets in north-west London.

Up to 150 houses and many cars were damaged when the freak weather hit the Kensal Rise area.

One man in his 50s suffered a serious head injury and five were treated for minor injuries and shock.

Fire services have sealed six roads in a zone covering a quarter of a square mile and searched at least 100 homes.

This is the first reported Tornado to hit the U.K. in over twenty years.

That could only mean one thing, its Bushs fault because of his lack of support for the Kyoto Treaty.

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