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We’ve all heard the joke/phrase “Hey waiter there’s a fly in my soup.”

Well if the Center for Science in the Public Interest (and by extension CNN who are pushing this tripe) have their way your soup, a medium rare T-bone and your lobster bisque will all have labels on them.

In a segment only fit to satisfy a regulator’s hunger pangs, CNN’s “American Morning” fed viewers one left-wing group’s most recent attack on casual dining restaurants.

“When you go to a restaurant you better be watching what you’re eating, because some of the calories you get can be extreme,” said reporter Greg Hunter to introduce the “Extreme Eating” segment February 26.

Does that include the “menu” offered on the Fear Factor? Calories don’t get any more “extreme” than what is offered up for consumption than grub worms in white sauce or calves brains and gravy!

Read the rest, especially the section where CNN’s Soledad O’Brien ceases being a reporter of the story and becomes an advocate for these label freaks.

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Virgina Apologizes for Role in Slavery

The General Assembly for the Commonwealth of Virginia have been infected with some type Politically Correct virus.

Meeting on the grounds of the former Confederate Capitol, the Virginia General Assembly voted unanimously Saturday to express “profound regret” for the state’s role in slavery.

Hmmm… a useless political statement? Sponsors admit no other state that has apologized for slavery. That might be one clue, no one else cares about apologies for events occurring centuries ago.

Remind me again what month it is – oh yea – it’s Black Awareness Month.

Oops, up pops up the second clue. It’s just another wasted effort on the part of elected representatives of the people when they could have spent Saturday doing something meaningful. Like say, helping the 25% of Charlottesville, VA, households having incomes below the relevant federal poverty guidelines.

This exercise in futility passed the House 96-0 and cleared the 40-member Senate on a unanimous voice vote. Donald McEachin, who sponsored it in the House of Delegates, actually believes they did something important and memorable.

“This session will be remembered for a lot of things, but 20 years hence I suspect one of those things will be the fact that we came together and passed this resolution.”

Yea right, what an asshat. 20 years from now no one will remember McEachin much less this idiotic “apology.”

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Vilsack Performs “Self Sacking”

File this under, “and this is a surprise?”

Gov. Tom Vilsack entered the 2008 presidential race on November 30th last year challenging his hometown and the rest of America to have the courage to “create change” in uncertain times at home and abroad.

“Our country needs a president who builds and creates. Our country needs a president who wants to make our country more secure by confronting our problems, I will be that president,” Vilsack said at the time.

The self styled “underdog” in the race is no more. A short 2 months after announcing his grandiose plans Vilsack has quit. According to Jeff Zeleny at the New York Times’ The Caucus, Vilsack’s “people” cite Vilsack’s uphill struggle to raise enough cash to sustain the campaign.

Guess that tells you a lot about what the “country needs” if its citizens didn’t fork over enough cash.

See ya, not sure what made you think you had a chance, but see ya anyhow. Don’t let the [potential] Oval Office door hit you on the ass on the way out.

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Consider the following scenarios for a hot second:

1. You’re a platoon leader patrolling somewhere in Iraq, say Ramadi or Sadr City. Your troops are engaged by sniper fire from atop a three story building. No one is directly hit however one Sargent is winged by shrapnel.

2. On Humvee patrol just outside Baghdad your gunner sights a man by the side of the road ahead. He is carrying an object that fits the profile of an IED. He looks up to see your unit approaching and as he does drops the device, swings an AK-47 and fires a burst in the Humvees direction as he scurries into a nearby residential area.

What is missing from both scenarios above? Isn’t it obvious?

As both units came under fire they didn’t engage the threat.

Why you ask? Because that’s what the [Dim]ocrats want. They want the units in both scenarios to first scream “Hey are You an al-Qaida affiliated Jihadist Cut Throat?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Determined to challenge President Bush, Senate Democrats are drafting legislation to limit the mission of U.S. troops in Iraq, effectively revoking the broad authority Congress granted in 2002, officials said Thursday.

While these officials said the precise wording of the measure remains unsettled, one draft would restrict American troops in Iraq to combating al-Qaida, training Iraqi army and police forces, maintaining Iraq’s territorial integrity and otherwise proceeding with the withdrawal of combat forces.

Jim Manley, a spokesman for Senator Reid, declined to discuss the deliberations, saying only, “No final decisions have been made on how to proceed.”

That’s called a trial balloon floated by these idiots to see how high it flies. With luck (note I said luck not any form of common sense) it will die before it gains enough hot air to float.

Captain Ed has it about right.

This is a textbook case of micromanaging a war. Instead of taking the one option open to Congress — defunding the war effort — they have decided to override the Constitution by setting themselves above the President in the chain of command. They understand that a defunding effort would unmask them as defeatists and retreatists while American troops face the terrorists, especially in Anbar. Even Joe Biden understands that much.

To which I’ll add, they needed “unmasking?”

Since when?

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John Hawkins lists nine top reasons a Democratic President can’t handle the war on terrorism in his column at Townhall. (H/T Lorie)

Here are my two favorites of the nine:

1) The Democratic insistence on treating the war on terrorism as a law enforcement issue will make it extremely difficult to deal with terrorist groups. When you have heavily armed terrorists ensconced in foreign nations, sometimes with the approval of their government, it’s simply not practical to capture them, read them their rights, and take them back to America for trial. That is something that should be obvious after that approach was tried by Bill Clinton in the nineties and it failed to produce results. Going back to it in the post 9/11 world, which is what the Democrats want to do, is nothing but an invitation to catastrophe.

5) Using the American military to further the interests of our country makes liberals uncomfortable, even though they’re usually happy to send the troops gallivanting off to the latest godforsaken hotspot that has caught the eye of liberal activists. That’s why many Democrats, like Hillary Clinton, who oppose winning the war in Iraq, are all for using our military in Sudan. However, it is also why those same liberals will oppose using our military to tackle terrorists abroad except in Afghanistan, where it would be politically damaging for them to call for a pull-out.

As someone once said read the rest.

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It’s all about the money!

That’s what Global warning alarmists tell you is the cause for some to oppose the “consensus sham.” It’s all about the money!

It truly is about the money, money that is redistributed from richer western industrialized societies to poorer nations.

The World Bank wants to breathe life back into a mooted $10 billion-plus fund to combat climate change which would need public and private sector backing, its Chief Scientist Robert Watson told Reuters on Tuesday.”

Tackling climate change is in many ways an energy problem — and there are big up-front costs to install the energy saving kit and other technologies that would curb emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels.

Developing countries especially need to clean up — or de-carbonise — their energy, given their emissions are seen overtaking rich nations soon after 2010, and because they are installing huge new capacity to power their breakneck growth.

Funding for poor countries now includes the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which has 30-plus donor countries, and carbon trading under the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012, but these are not nearly enough, said Watson.

The World Bank’s idea is for a fund which will lend money on soft terms to poor nations to help them cut emissions, getting in return interest payments plus carbon credits equivalent to the amount of the emissions reductions, which the fund could then sell on.

Expect a full court press by the compliant MSM to push for additional taxes to fund this socialistic income redistribution scam.

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A blogmiester can say that right?

Well some can and certainly this one can. You won’t see any presidential candidates knockin’ at this door with a contract in hand.

And that IS the difference isn’t it? If it were to happen to this blogger I would be honest enough to sit his potential employer down and point out any conflicts of interest or ideals that would hurt his campaign.

Marcotte in her blind ambition to get next to Breck Boy and lend some blogstreet cred to her despicable tiraids failed in the first step towards that goal.

Good riddance you despicable wench.

P.S. Edwards, kiss your chances as presidential nominee good-by. After pissing off millions of Christians, from both sides of the political divide, I’d have a better chance at the [Dim]ocratic national convention.

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