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By now I assume everyone has heard of Sheryl Crow’s preferred method to save the world from ultimate destruction. (somehow she has ignored all the extra trees that would be destroyed)

It’s also obvious if she truly uses a single square of toilet paper to wipe her rich privileged ass shaking her hand upon meeting her isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Unless you have no concerns about your hand smelling like an over ripe cat box.

Be that as it may, one has to wonder just how serious she is about the planet.

When it takes 3 18-wheelers, 4 full size buses and 6 cars to haul her stinkin’ ass around the country – and no evidence she is participating in the “carbon credits” scam – she’s proven to be just another in a long line that talks the talk but can’t, or refuses to walk the walk.

Explain how I shouldn’t be surprised.

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The above quote comes via President Bush as he made a whirlwind trip through “enviro-country.”

More specifically as he visited a U.S. Postal Service plant to view shiny new alternative-fuel vehicles and hailed them as a way to reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil.

“This isn’t a pipe dream,” Bush said. “This is something that our nation can accomplish.”

Previously Bush went to a high-tech ethanol lab in Delaware to focus on that science and toured Ford and General Motors plants in the Kansas City area to show people that hybrid vehicles are becoming sleeker and more common.

“The best way to become less reliant on foreign sources of oil is to manufacture automobiles that will use either less gasoline, or different kinds of fuels,” Bush said while touring the GM plant in Fairfax, Kan.

“Best way” are the operative words.

In a recently released study fuel cell expert Ulf Bossel explains that a hydrogen economy is a wasteful economy.

The large amount of energy required to isolate hydrogen from natural compounds (water, natural gas, biomass), package the light gas by compression or liquefaction, transfer the energy carrier to the user, plus the energy lost when it is converted to useful electricity with fuel cells, leaves around 25% for practical use — an unacceptable value to run an economy in a sustainable future.

What some have called the Holy Grail (read hack politicians representing corn belt states), E85 gasoline could cause just as many deaths as gasoline, or more.

The claim has been that ethanol burns cleaner than gas, making fewer unhealthy emissions and creating less smog. Everyone from President Bush, the biofuels industry groups, and even the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest have promoted ethanol as good for public health.

Mark Jacobson, an atmospheric chemist at Stanford University, knew that air quality got worse during Brazil’s big ethanol push in the 1970s and that the reason was still unclear.

His results, published today on ES&T’s Research ASAP website (DOI: 10.1021/es062085v), show that ethanol is no silver bullet for health. Switching to E85 blends (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) could result in slightly higher ozone-related mortality, hospitalization, and asthma (9% higher in Los Angeles and 4% higher in the U.S. as a whole), the study finds. Cancer rates would be similar for gasoline and E85.

“It’s true that ethanol does decrease some pollutants, but it also increases some others,” Jacobson says. Compared with gasoline, ethanol tends to produce less benzene and butadiene, but more acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, when burned.

For the record acetaldehyde, according to the EPA, humans exposed acutely to moderate concentrations of acetaldehyde experience irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract and altered respiratory function.

Animals exposed to moderate to high concentrations exhibit skin and eye irritation and notable cellular alterations in the respiratory epithelium and hyper-keratosis of the forestomach.

And how is that any different than say, an average smog alert in Los Angelas?

Formaldehyde? No worries (much) OSHA classifies it as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen”

Isn’t that lovely!

But as I said, no worries, the EPA also says “direct administration of acetaldehyde to rats has established alcohol dependency.”

See… you’ll be so shit-faced in the “E85 World” it won’t make a damn bit of difference what chemicals you’re sucking down the old windpipe.

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John Kerry on the correct side of an issue. The issue, the firing of Don Imus:

“I think that the…you know the punishment has to fit the crime so to speak. I think a long suspension, or a strong suspension met with his appropriate level, given that the team forgave him. To me it was in the hands of the young women. They made the judgment that they thought he was genuine and they felt they could forgive him. And I think it was appropriate to pay a price on the airwaves but I’m not sure that it was appropriate to say you’re off forever.”

Of course the reason for his support is partially exposed in his answer to the interviewer’s next question:

Dominic Carter: “If Mr. Imus has a show in the future would you appear on it?”

Kerry: “It would depend on what the context of the show was obviously. If he goes back to doing the same old same old I’d have trouble doing that, but if it’s a different show and he says it’s going to be different sure.”


Kerry spent a good portion of his presidential campaign sitting beside Imus knowing full well what his reputation was. At the time Kerry didn’t care, the ends justified the means. It didn’t matter then and it won’t matter in the future. Imus provided the only radio audience that reached the young male independent demographic. That won’t change no matter what venue he ends up on.

Should Imus continue his career on a satellite channel Kerry, Sharpton, Durbin, Biden and all the rest of the two-faced [Dim]ocrats will rush to his side to grab the mic again in the post “nappy head ho’s era.

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In the aftermath of the V-Tech horror that tragically took 32 innocent lives all the usual suspects have come to the fore to bash America, President Bush, the lack of “effective” control, etc…etc.

The Mexican newspaper LaJornada has printed an editorial blaming it on our Culture of Violence and not so incidentally, BUSH!: “… that violent attitude is exacerbated by the warmongering spirit of the George W. Bush government, which has ignited much of the world with its war on terrorism. “

The New Zealand Herald has a comment thread on the V-Tech issue that includes these “Gems” of disjointed, factless idiocy: Take “Markus” for example, “Can’t be all bad, few less idiot Americans – what’s all the fuss about! That’s what you get if you let every man and his dog have a gun from the age of twelve – no sympathy sorry.”

Another in the thread had similar thoughts, what’s the “big deal,” he wrote, “more than 33 people die every day in Iraq.”

Whatever asshats.

But nevermind that. It’s just me venting over some of the nonsense I’ve seen in the last few hours. I’m hear to talk about “silencing” the Blogosphere.

Someone has begun a blog campaign to “honor” those that have been killed needlessly in Virginia by holding a “day of silence” for the blogosphere. “Silence can say more then a thousand words,” the sites owners proclaim.

“On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. More then 30 died at the US college massacre.”

Well isn’t that special, they request my silence as a member of the Blogosphere to honor those that may very well could have been alive if those that had seen the signs exhibited by this nut had intervened.

Cho Sueng-Hui’s English professor described him as “troubled” and advised him to seek counseling.

Cho’s college roommate describes him as anti-social and a loner. Even though he lived with him, he didn’t know him well at all because Cho refused to open up to anyone.

Sound familiar? It should the same signs were exhibited by the two killers that rampaged through Columbine High school.

There is no explanation to these senseless and tragic events. And sadly the question of “why” will never be answered either. Even in all of the writings left by the Columbine killers, no one can, or ever will really answer the “why” question.

Silence the Blogosphere? NEVER, silence contributed to deaths in Columbine and Virginia. There is no “honor” in remaining quiet.

The people that died this week deserve to be honored but I suggest the Blogophere do the opposite, it should be an “explosion of words” on 30 April, 2007.

Research the lives of those that died Monday. Pick one, anyone. Publish a post that honors that life. Their hopes, dreams and their accomplishments should be honored AND memorialized.

Silence isn’t an option.

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And she had a plan also that was detailed and an integral part of that checklist.

The plan was called “Six for ’06” during the November election cycle. But as Jake Tapper of ABC News points out the Democrats “have no major legislative accomplishments” during the first 100 days after assuming control of the House of Representatives.

Charles Gibson introduced the Trapper report Friday evening thusly:

“When Democrats took control of the Congress in January, they promised it would be a new day. They’d get things done. They even had a checklist. Well, a hundred days after taking control, we’ve checked the checklist. Here’s our senior political correspondent, Jake Tapper.”

Jake Tapper: “The anniversary of the Democrats’ takeover of Congress one hundred days ago was greeted with scorn today by Republicans.”

Senator Trent Lott: “Here we are, on Friday the 13th, discussing the first 100 days of the 110th Congress. They’re gone, may they rest in peace.”

Tapper: “Democrats, after all, have no major legislative accomplishments to mark this anniversary. None of their ‘Six for ’06’ campaign promises last year have made it to the President’s desk.”

Senator Mitch McConnell: “The result of that of course is that nothing has been accomplished.”

Tapper: “Democrats in the House and Senate have passed bills [list on screen] allowing funding of embryonic stem cell research, increasing the minimum wage, implementing 9/11 commission recommendations and funding the Iraq war while requiring troops to start withdrawing. But Democratic leaders have yet to reconcile the House and Senate versions of these bills and send them to the White House. And while campaigning last year Democrats emphasized the laws they would pass, today they say their success should be judged differently.”

Senator Charles Schumer: “Change, accountability and oversight have become more than words, they’ve become our mission.”

Indeed they have Schumer and reporter Trapper notes that as well:

“Democrats conducted twice as many oversight hearings over the Bush administration as Republicans did last year — on Iraq, the fired U.S. Attorneys, the environment, the list goes on. And this new dynamic has led to chest-thumping standoffs between the White House and Capitol Hill.”

Fuck what the Party promised during the election right Schumer? To hell with the 100 days or the 6 very specific promises made correct Schumer?

Meanwhile idiots like you waste a week or two crying about lost emails, from personal accounts set up to comply with Federal law and to be used for political correspondence, looking for reasons to slam someone for writing or talking about POLITICALLY appointed U.S. Attorneys General.


The [Dim]ocrats didn’t take control of the House of Representatives, the populace just gave the asylum keys to the inmates.

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Get you head out of your anus!

Now that I have that out of my system here’s another message for you from The Reform Party of Syria: (h/t Flopping Aces)

The result of the Pelosi trip on Middle Eastern reformists is having quite a chilling effect. Five years of investment by the US State Department and the Bush administration in organizations and people who have committed their lives to helping their oppressed countries is being flushed away by the Democrats in Congress who, with the visit of Pelosi to Syria, have shown that they favor the stability of dictatorships to freedom even if they had a direct hand in killing American troops in Iraq.

For Nancy Pelosi to cajole with Assad who has facilitated the killing of American soldiers is a travesty. RPS wants to remind all the Democrats in Congress what Assad has been up to in building terrorist bases in Syria. Many of the Democrats already know it because they get the same good intelligence as the National Security Council or the DIA. The US public has not been informed of these training terrorist bases because the media is disinterested in highlighting any reason that would prompt Bush to take action. Without public support, the US can never achieve success in the hard and long struggle to subdue extremism and to spread freedom.

Assad has built four different bases in Syria that we know of to train terrorists to send them to Iraq.

Is it safe to call Pelosi one of the stupidest Congress-weasels to ever step inside the Capital’s rotunda?

And if that doesn’t convince you maybe her thoughts of taking an “Iranian vacation” with fellow appeasement monkey Rep. Tom Lantos will.

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Gee ya think that might be warranted?

As someone who has spent thousands of hours doing the very same type of maritime intercept operations they were conducting, in the very same geographic position, I think I can lend a hand and point to the most egregious errors they committed.

1. The the officers and crew were inadequately equipped to defend themselves.

At the time of their capture, they had disembarked from their vessel, the HMS Cornwall, and boarded two inflatable boats in order to board and inspect a vessel under a U.N. mandate. Their only weapons were light side-arms and no match for the six Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy vessels that surrounded them.

2. Inadequate air cover.

While the HMS Cornwall’s Lynx helo was on station during the boarding ops it returned to the Cornwall’s flight deck far too early and before their crewman were safely on board the Cornwall. By the time the helo was scrambled back to the scene of the abduction it was too late.

In addition the Times on Line reports that “British soldiers operating in southern Iraq were put on alert earlier this year against the hostage threat. They were authorized to use “maximum force” to avoid being captured while on patrol. The same rules of engagement clearly did not apply to naval personnel patrolling Iraqi waters.”

3. Lack of training in proper procedures and/or no official Code of Conduct for the British military.

The U.S. Military operates under at very precise Code of Conduct. A quick Google of “British military code of conduct” turns up ziltch. If one were to apply the U.S. Code the British sailors and Marines violated nearly every article of the Code.

4. Inadequate use of available resources.

HMS Cornwall was under operational control of Commodore Lamert, commander of Coalition Task Force 158. CTF 158 had available 11 warships in addition to Cornwall (12 units from theUS, UK, Australian and Iraqi navies) – including two Cylcone-class patrol vessels which could have easily operated in the shallow waters where the boarding party was conducting inspections.

The question should be not why why there was a shortage of warships, but why the assets available were not used.

5. The British Minster of Defense’s (MoD) total lack of appreciation of the recent history of the area.

As noted in #2 above the MoD issued orders to ground forces in the south of Iraq to prepare for any possibility of hostage taking by enemy forces. By all indications that warning wasn’t extended to the naval forces.

This latest incident coincided with fresh accusations by Lt. Col. Maciejewski, the commanding officer at the UK base at Basra Palace, that insurgents in southern Iraq are being funded and armed by Iran. In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said he had no “smoking gun” to back up his claims, but then claimed that “all the circumstantial evidence points to Iranian involvement in the bombings here in Basra.”

The most recent example was in 2004 when the Iranian Revolutionary Guards caught and imprisoned six British Royal Marines who were alleged to have strayed with their three riverine patrol boats inside Iranian territorial waters on the Shatt al-Arab. The British marines were blindfolded and subjected to humiliating interrogations before they were finally released following pleas from the British Foreign Office.

Also in April 2004 a Iraqi Resistance attack on the oil terminals in al-Basrah had knocked out of commission the two largest terminals in Iraq. U.S. forces suspended oil exports from the Iraqi port of al-Basrah after the attacks that left three Americans dead and four wounded. The al-Basrah and Mina al-Bakar terminals are both located within TF 158’s area of operations.

6. That the MoD ignored both recent and past history of the area is unconscionable.

The neighbors don’t even agree what to call it. For the Iranians, it is Arvandrud, or Arvand River. To the Iraqis, it is the Shatt al-Arab, or Arab coastline.

And in most cases the United Nations is of little help. “It is up to each country to decide their borders,” said Farhan Haq, a U.N. spokesman. “The United Nations does not draw borders. What the recognized borders are in that waterway is the decision of Iran and Iraq.”

As the Sunday Telegraph reports “Horseplay between young Brits completed what might have been the end of a package tour as the 15 sailors and marines from HMS Cornwall were returned by the grace and favour of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

With tensions high over Iran’s refusal to halt uranium enrichment, and recent U.S. detentions of Iranians in Iraq, Iran may have found a way to assert itself internationally without provoking serious repercussions.

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