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You can’t make this stuff up:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on an overseas trip to embrace an audience and a topic for which President Bush has shown scant affection: “Old Europe” and global warming.

Pelosi, D-Calif., and seven other House members left Saturday for meetings with scientists and politicians in Greenland, Germany and Belgium on ways to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

You have to wonder what these buffoons will learn from EU countries when they have failed to meet Kyoto Treaty goals.

You know it’s bad when enviro-weenies like Friends of the Earth International are slamming the EU for missing it’s targets.

“I think there are better ideas,” Pelosi said. “I want to keep the door completely open to working with the president on the issue of energy independence and global warming.”

Better look elsewhere San Fan Nan, the EU is fresh out of better ideas.

UPDATE: Alas, Rep. Pelosi departed Europe to early, a couple more days and she could have learned the EU’s “Get Out of Jail Free Card, (otherwise known as Carbon Credits) may be producing more greenhouse gas than it is saving.

Of course she could read it online but I doubt she’s savvy enough to navigate her way around a keyboard.

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Media Bias? The Hell You Say!

Shocking (not)

By a wide margin, the news media concentrated on Democratic presidential contenders more than Republicans during the first three months of 2007, according to a study issued on Thursday.

Campaign stories in newspapers, on television, online and on the radio focused on Democrats 61 percent of the time and on Republicans 24 percent, said the Project for Excellence in Journalism, which regularly monitors 48 different outlets to gauge coverage trends.

“There’s nothing structurally to say that the Democratic race is more important or newsworthy,” Rosenstiel said.

There is as far as the media is concerned!

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So Who’s the Coward Now Rosie?

After The Views most infamous Lardass called fellow co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck a “coward” one must ask how much “bravery” it took Rosie O Donut to cut-and-run 3 weeks before her contract expired?

This is another case of being sad and funny simultaneously.

Obviously it’s hilariously funny to watch Hasselbeck finally stomp a mud hole in Rosie O Donut’s ass after absorbing so many personnel attacks the last few months.

But it’s equally as sad to think some idiot media mogul will sign TV’s most prominent Carpet Muncher to a long term multi-million dollar contract to host her own show.

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Samuel R. Berger, the Clinton White House national security adviser who was caught taking highly classified documents from the National Archives, has agreed to forfeit his license to practice law.

In a written statement issued by Larry Breuer, Mr. Berger’s attorney, the former national security adviser said he pleaded guilty in the Justice Department investigation, accepted the penalties sought by the department and recognized that his law license would be affected.

“I have decided to voluntarily relinquish my license,” he said. “While I derived great satisfaction from years of practicing law, I have not done so for 15 years and do not envision returning to the profession. I am very sorry for what I did, and I deeply apologize.”

Yeah, sure you have.

And in the process removes all possibility of being asked questions needing answers under cross-examination by the Board on Bar Counsel.

Slippery, slimy bastard!

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Presidential “candidate” (in name only) John Edwards has gone from channeling dead people in court to promising to “look into” the possibility of ChimpyMcBushCo had a hand in the planning and carrying out the plot to bring down WTC #7 on 9/11:

Why does ANYONE take this guy serious?

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But don’t send the National Guard of Kansas, Gov. Sebelius says “Bush’s war” has depleted her Guard and it has forestalled any effective efforts at clean-up in tornado-ravaged Greensburg, Kansas.

The rebuilding effort in tornado-ravaged Greensburg, Kansas, likely will be hampered because some much-needed equipment is in Iraq, said that state’s governor.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius said much of the National Guard equipment usually positioned around the state to respond to emergencies is gone. She said not having immediate access to things like tents, trucks and semitrailers will really handicap the rebuilding effort.

The Greensburg administrator estimated that 95 percent of the town of 1500 was destroyed by Friday’s tornado.

The Kansas National Guard has about 40 percent of the equipment it is allotted because much of it has been sent to Iraq.

Asshat! Maybe she should check with the DoD before she runs her mouth.

Currently, the Kansas National Guard has 88 percent of its forces available, 60 percent of its Army Guard dual-use equipment on hand, and more than 85 percent of its Air Guard equipment on hand, said Randal Noller, public affairs officer for the National Guard Bureau. Under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, which is a national partnership agreement that allows state-to-state assistance during governor or federally declared emergencies, Kansas has more than 400,000 Guardsmen available to it, he pointed out. However, Kansas has not yet requested assistance from other states.

Gotta love that last line. Where did she learn her Governorship skills at the Gov. Blanco School of Procrastination?

To be honest just how much does a destroyed town of 1600 need. Obviously to the BDS sufferer Sebelius 60% isn’t enough. Just as obvious these nitwits have taken that bait and swallowed the bait entirely.

Funny, when tornados ravaged Kansas in May 2003, two months after the start of the war, she wasn’t whining about a depleted National Guard.

Swayed be a large shift in public opinion much?

UPDATE: Kansas Senator Brownback, and presidential candidate weighs in on Gov. Sebelius comments:

Brownback said Tuesday that local officials and the Kansas National Guard commander all told him they have the resources needed to respond.

“That’s what really got me, is her saying that,” Brownback said in an interview.

“So I asked, privately and publicly, the adjutant general, do you have the equipment you need?” he said. “Because if you don’t, we’re going to hit Fort Riley and McConnell (Air Force Base) and other places to make sure we have all the equipment we need to respond to disasters. Everybody there said no, we have the equipment we needed.”

Hmmm… that looks like a dose of penicillin for Sebelius’ acute BDS.

And BTW, her fiery rhetoric doesn’t match her actions, out of the thousands of Guard at her disposal she’s only called up 110.

For the record this is the Guard inventory on hand (h/t Bob Owens)

Kansas has 88 percent of its state Guard forces available, and 83,000 Guardsmen from neighboring states are also on the ready should the state request their assistance, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said Tuesday, citing National Guard Bureau statistics.

According to Whitman, the Kansas Guard have available 352 Humvees, 94 cargo trucks, 72 dump trucks, 62 five-ton trucks, 13 medium-haul trucks and trailers and 152 2 1/2-ton trucks, a surplus, he noted.

Gee, wonder just how much she thinks she needs for a town of 1600?

Would it be any surprise to learn her concern is not with Guard equipment available but aligning her acute BDS with previously stated anti-war stance?

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