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Interns that work for the Anderson 360 show spent this week calling every senator in an effort to determine their stance on Congressional earmarks.

To say their week of burning up the Senate phone lines was a bust is a vast understatement.

Of the senators running for president, Senators Clinton, Dodd, Biden and Brownback, none, I repeat, none bothered returning the calls or told 360 staff interns “they would get back to us and haven’t.”

Hmmm… what are they hiding?

And BTW, have a read about the un-named Congress-critter who’s earmarked $231,000 to ensure “minorities are hired at an airport.”

An airport that doesn’t exist. It hasn’t been built; it hasn’t even been approved to be built.

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The running tagline on presidential hopeful John Edwards is he’s an empty suit, full of hot air and not much else.

According to the New York Times his suit isn’t as empty as first thought, it full of ill gotten cash.

John Edwards ended 2004 with a problem: how to keep alive his public profile without the benefit of a presidential campaign that could finance his travels and pay for his political staff.

Mr. Edwards, who reported this year that he had assets of nearly $30 million, came up with a novel solution, creating a nonprofit organization with the stated mission of fighting poverty. The organization, the Center for Promise and Opportunity, raised $1.3 million in 2005, and — unlike a sister charity he created to raise scholarship money for poor students — the main beneficiary of the center’s fund-raising was Mr. Edwards himself, tax filings show.

A spokesman for Mr. Edwards defended the center yesterday as a legitimate tool against poverty.

The organization became a big part of a shadow political apparatus for Mr. Edwards after his defeat as the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004 and before the start of his presidential bid this time around. Its officers were members of his political staff, and it helped pay for his nearly constant travel, including to early primary states.

While Mr. Edwards said the organization’s purpose was “making the eradication of poverty the cause of this generation,” its federal filings say it financed “retreats and seminars” with foreign policy experts on Iraq and national security issues. Unlike the scholarship charity, donations to it were not tax deductible, and, significantly, it did not have to disclose its donors — as political action committees and other political fund-raising vehicles do — and there were no limits on the size of individual donations.

Can someone explain how this charity is a “legitimate tool against poverty” if some of its funds were used by Edwards to pay for “foreign-policy retreats?”

Yea… I didn’t think a valid reason was forthcoming.

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Michael Moore’s Style of Health Care

NHS trusts in England are struggling to meet key hygiene standards, according to data submitted to the NHS watchdog.

A quarter of the trusts report they are not complying with one of the three standards relating to the hygiene code, covering areas including cleanliness.

A spokesman for Patient Concern said: “This is terrible. It is bad news for patients and shows trusts are not getting the basics right.”

Just how bad is Moore’s preferred style of health care, a/k/a “socialized medicine?”

60% NHS trusts have failed to meet standards related to reducing the risk of infection, failing to decontaminate equipment properly and not meeting the hygiene code.

Oh but wait it gets worse, England’s 394 trusts self-declare how they are doing against the core standards, which then help determine their overall NHS rating.

Which means they are so screwed up they can’t even lie to make themselves look good!

But it isn’t all bad news. Trusts did best in meeting standards covering professional codes of practice, whistle-blowing and openness.

Goodness! Their mighty good at protecting their own jobs, making sure they have a process to squeal on co-workers and “openness,” whatever that means.

But when it comes to providing an environment safe enough to approach within a 100 meters without infection by some type of green oozing crud… not so much.

Wonder when Michael Moore will produce a slockumentary on the British NHS?

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Amnesty International has called for the creation of an international monitoring body to address human rights violations by Israel and the Palestinians.

The “human rights” group says the body must have a mandate to investigate and prosecute offenders.

Strange… isn’t that a duty of the U.N.’s human rights commission? And what of that thing they call the International Criminal Court whose mandate is based on a treaty signed by 104 nations?

I’ve maintained the U.N. is as useless as tits on a boar hog for the longest time, and the AI isn’t much better, but it would appear AI and I agree on at least one point:

The United Nations is in fact useless and they admit as much by calling for yet another international monitoring body.

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Lets just start by saying… FUCK YOU… and get to the heart of the matter.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it is suing Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing Co., claiming it provided secret CIA transportation services for three terrorism suspects who were tortured under the U.S. government’s “extraordinary rendition” program.

The cases involve the alleged mistreatment of Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian citizen, in July 2002 and January 2004; Elkassim Britel, an Italian citizen, in May 2002; and Ahmed Agiza, an Egyptian citizen, in December 2001, ACLU officials said at a Manhattan news conference.

Mike Pound, a spokesman for Englewood, Colo.,-based Jeppesen, said company officials had not yet seen the lawsuit and had no immediate comment.

He said Jeppesen provides support services rather than the flights themselves. “We create flight plans, what the fuel requirements might be, where they might refuel, the airports that they might use.”

I already had my say. Go ahead and have yours.

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