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Now this is funny.

The Register is reporting Al Gore’s blog has been hacked by a gang of miscreants that have flooded the site with links to every pharmaceutical in the known universe.

How appropriate for someone who must be on drugs to be pimping the largest scam in history.

The only thing that could be better is if the hackers were of the limp phallus variety.

And BTW “Dr.” Goracle, when are you going to update your so called blog, it’s last entry was in Sept. ’06.

UPDATE: Note to The Goracle: Dear Al, better get your gold-plated scam machine (a/k/a carbon credits company) fired up. Japan, Italy and Spain are facing a $33 billion combined bill for not meeting commitments made under the Kyoto Treaty. A large portion of the bill will be passed along to their respective taxpayers.

Sound like prime targets for your carbon credit scam Al. Better get busy, before some other snake oil salesman stakes his claim.

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LeftNut Dines on LeftNut

Turkey on Thanksgiving Day is nice, but for pure after dinner reading pleasure nothing beats a story detailing one enviro-nut taking a bite out of another.

And when the “meal” is Al GoreBot it’s more satisfying than a bucketful of free after dinner mints. (h/t Newsbusters)

[Robert] Redford was an early convert to the environmental movement, and talks proudly of having campaigned on it since 1969. “It was not a happy easy time, because those were the days that the oil and gas companies pretty much controlled the show on propaganda. Anyone speaking about solar energy would be smashed down as being a radical, a tree-hugger and granola-cruncher or what have you.”

He is notably cynical, however, about Al Gore’s recent award of a Nobel Peace Prize. “He’s making a lot of money, he’s having a belle époque, a heroic moment,” he says. “It must have been really hard for Gore to suffer all that [losing the presidential election], so he found another thing to come back with: the environment. He had a lot of money behind him, because in Clinton’s administration there was a lot of money. With that he was able to build himself a new campaign and pick an issue. And he picked an issue that just happened to arrive at its moment in time.” The less-than-subtle subtext is that Gore is an arriviste, while Redford has been out there, a grizzled loner, bearing the jibes and right-wing clobbering before the environmental cause was fashionable. Asked why he thinks Gore is not going back into politics, he says: “What’s most important – to be a hero to your country and go save it . . . or do you want to be happy and rich and be a hero and not get into the political scene?”

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I guess when your so deluded to think the world will end next May it’s not to far a leap in logic to think you can cheat and ask for an early demise.

MOSCOW – Members of a doomsday cult that believes the world will end next May and that barcodes are a sign of the Antichrist are holed up in a cave in southeast Russia and threaten to blow themselves up if the authorities try to eject them.

Yesterday, priests and officials were trying to talk to the 29 mainly female followers of “Father” Pyotr Kuznetsov, founder of the “True Russian Orthodox Church” sect.

Inside the cave near Nikoskoye, a village about 645km southeast of Moscow, the cult has stockpiled food and 450 litres of kerosene. The cave’s inhabitants include four children, one only 16 months old.

My question is why expend any resources on these nutcakes?

A valid argument can be made “for the sake of the children,” I suppose, but beyond that, to hell with them. Post one Russian guard to sound the alarm if any try to escape into the rational sane world and arm him with a 4 by 6 foot replica of a barcode.

That should keep them in check until their self-appointed date with the Grim Reaper in May.

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