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Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator who spent his last year in captivity after his ruthless regime was toppled by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, was hanged before dawn one year ago today.

In an ironic twist, or possibly in celebration, the British Government today has asked drug giants GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca to hand over papers as part of an investigation into bribes allegedly paid to Saddam Hussein.

The Serious Fraud Office investigation, which is expected to cost around £22m, could become one of the biggest the organization has ever carried out.

Rest in dishonorable Peace asshole. Unfortunately your legacy will live on for many years to come.

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Judging by his latest statement, this stupid: [That is like saying] “Iran is about to invade Mars.” I mean, they have nothing. They don’t have an army or navy or air force.

As Capt Ed notes they have two of each, both the IRG and the Artesh provide for Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force and its Qods Force (special operations).

Ya know, the Paulbots can get all puffed up about the cash their “campaign” is gathering, despite it’s only a tenth of what the front runners have, but I dare a few to pass through here and defend this utterly ignorant, stupid statement.

My God, my junior high school level son has a better clue of world affairs than Ron Paul.

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“Violated, betrayed and disgusted.”

Those are the words of Sean Dubowik, who went into the prestigious Mayo Clinic for routine gallbladder surgery, and discovered the doctor had photographed his penis during the procedure.

Not content keeping his “trophy” to himself the doctor apparently showed it around to some of his colleagues. That was immediately followed by a call from the clinic noting the offense, suspension of Dr. Hansen, and profuse apologies: Chief executive of the hospital Denis Cortese said in a statement: “The insult to our reputation, our patients, and our staff is the greatest outrage. We are taking this extremely seriously.”

While I understand Mr Dubowik’s feelings of betrayal I also have a feeling business is about to pick up, as they say, at his place of business.

Having a world-wide story of your tattooed penis (yes I said tattooed, with “Hot Rod”), when you’re a strip club owner isn’t exactly a customer killer if you get my drift.

I smell a “special ladies night” in the offing.

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During todays Democrat debate Hillary talks about “pollution permits” as a way she would fight the Earth hotting up then rambles on to what (I think) was her first lie of the day.

She claimed to be a little girl (a 5th grader actually) during the Apollo program to the moon.

Considering her birth year was 1947, and assuming she didn’t flunk Kindergarten numerous times (a possibility I admit), that would make the year 1958 when she was 11 years old and in the fifth grade.

The first Apollo mission of any kind didn’t occur until October 27, 1961, an unmanned test of the Saturn 1 Rocket. The first manned mission was Apollo 7 launched on October 11, 1968.

Maybe she did flunk out of Kindergarten 10 times, but honestly, it’s hard to believe a 21 year-old would be in the fifth grade.

Obviously it’s much more likely she is still, and always will, be a lying piece of dung.

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Pompous Ass Nobel Prize Awarded

The envelope please…

And the winner is… Nobel Laureate Al Gore!

Al Gore has come under fire for making personal gain from his mission to save the planet after charging £3,300 a minute [about $6,600] to deliver a poorly received speech.

The former American Vice-President was also accused of being “precious” at the London event, demanding his own VIP room and ejecting journalists, despite hopes the star-studded gathering would generate publicity for the fight against global warming.

Many of the audience at last month’s Fortune Forum summit were restless as Mr Gore, who has won both a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar for his campaigning work this year, delivered the half-hour speech that netted him £100,000 [about $200,000].

Oh… how NOT so shocking!

Anyone who give this pompous gasbag credibility at this point is an absolute fool.

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