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Will Hillary Shed Another Tear?

Geesh… the agony for Hillary Clinton never stops.

First she gets all weepy over, well over nothing in New Hampshire. But it was a good show none-the-less.

And now this, she’s lost a namesake, famed explorer Sir Edmond Hillary has died.

Oh wait, that was a pseudo-namesake and just another example of how easy it is for Hillary to lie through her teeth and smile simultaneously.

I wish this wench would go away, but alas… she’s the Republican’s best hope for remaining in the White House.

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California utilities would control the temperature of new homes and commercial buildings in emergencies with a radio-controlled thermostat, under a proposed state update to building energy efficiency standards.

Customers could not override the thermostats during “emergency events,” according to the proposal, part of a 236-page revision to building standards. The document is scheduled to be considered by the California Energy Commission, a state agency, on Jan. 30.

Let me get this straight, even if an “emergency event” occurs like say an extreme drop in temperature when a winter storm moves through the area, as happens all the time, I have no ability to tinker with MY thermostat, in MY house, to take the chill off my babies, dogs and the flat beer sitting on the coffee table.

During times when the Santa Anna winds blow in off the desert and temps rise into the three digits I can’t crank up the aircon to an acceptable level!

Is that about it? This isn’t just nanny-state, its down right 1984ish!

These people, and I use the term very loosely, are the nuttiest of the nuts!

They will have to pry my thermostat from my HOT & SWEATY hands under threat of death. (and even that won’t work!)

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Ya gotta hand it to the PaulBots, they’re an energetic bunch, when it doesn’t mean squat, like being obnoxious sign wavers before any polls open.

However, as the New Hampshire results show when it came time to pull a lever they all stayed home hugging their IPods and X-Boxes.

If Paul can’t pull double digits in a state that is renowned for being infested with maverick voters, and more registered “independents” reside than Dems or Repubs, he’s charred toast.

Of course that assumes Paul ever made it past the “dough stage” of bread making, which he didn’t. He started as an asterisk, and he finishes as one.

Rumor has it the following highway sign was seen as the PaulBot bus left New Hampshire via I-89 South:

Thank you for visiting the ‘Live Free or Die’ state. You lived here and you died here, please check your foil hats at the State Line!”

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association said Monday that the traditional Golden Globe Awards ceremony has been canceled and will be replaced with a news conference format.

“We take some comfort, however, in knowing that this year’s Golden Globe Award recipients will be announced on the date originally scheduled,” said Jorge Camara, president of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

What’s more comforting, Jorge, is we will be spared another year of inane childish political comments by the likes of Meryl Streep and so called “stars” talking about each other’s genitalia.

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. The Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards for that matter, are nothing if not ostentatious bovine excrement and just an opportunity for those with overextended egos to parade around acting as if the world revolves around them, and only them.

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Don Perata (D – Oakland) was driving his Senate-owned 2006 Dodge Charger shod with 22-inch chrome wheels and a Candy Apple Red paint job when he was startled by a man knocking on his window.

Said perp was brandishing a gun and ordered the Senator out of the car.

“It was an automatic, and he was nervous, tugging at a mask,” the Oakland Democrat said after the carjacking. “I thought, ‘What if he pulls that trigger?’ Staring down the barrel from three feet away, it looked like the Caldecott Tunnel. … He yelled ‘gangster style’ and I jumped out.”

The car was spotted several hours later, bling intact.

Alls well that ends well I guess. No one thankfully was hurt and the car and all the Senator’s personal possessions appeared to be returned.

My question is why the hell is a Senate owned Charger sporting 22 inch rims and the high priced tires required for them? If Perata purchased them ok, but even he admits it was foolish: “My next car will be something that doesn’t attract so much attention,” Perata said.

If they were paid with state funds Perata has some explainin’ to do.

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