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Access to a blog and a webcam probably contributed to the on-line suicide of Abraham Biggs Jr, 19, said Dr Jon Shaw, director of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Biggs, of Pembroke Pines, in Florida, took a lethal mixture of three drugs on Wednesday, then blogged about it while a webcam broadcast his actions, including his death.

“There’s an exhibitionistic quality to this, a strange dance between the suicide and the audience. He’s doing it for the group in a very complicated process we don’t really understand. Would he have carried it out without the audience? Probably not.”

And you know this how “doctor?” Using that logic how do you explain hundreds, if not thousands, of suicides each year that are not witnessed and only discovered after the fact?

Dr Jon Shaw, you’re a nitwit. But hey, you got your name in the paper.

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