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Ethicists and emergency medicine experts are raising concerns over New York City’s plan to dispatch the first ambulance service in the country equipped to preserve the organs of the newly deceased.

They question whether the organ-preserving ambulances will create tension among EMTs who may be charged both to save lives and to preserve organs for reuse.

So, what follows closely behind the Rapid Organ Recovery Ambulance?

A hearse with the rest of the body? Accompanied by a plethora of cop cars and bringing up the rear the Ghostbusters hearse with any “residuals” leftover?

These people are nuts, and even more so when you consider the program is getting federal funding.

Thankfully someone is clanging a warning bell: “Will raising organ donation follow pronouncement of death, or will people come to know that the organ donation ambulance has been sent, making them wonder if their relative got a full press of rescue care?” said Arthur Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. “This is called violating the dead donor rule — no organ donation [discussion] raised prior to pronouncement of death.”

Exactly, and there’s nothing like opening up a very large can of lawsuits in the most litigious society on the planet is there?

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Lesbos Unite!

Greek isl of LesboWell… unite if you’re not a lesbo and living on the Greek island of Lesbo.

In that case, man – if you’ll pardon the expression – your lawyers!

Three residents of the Greek island Lesbos are suing a group over its use of the word “Lesbian,” the Associated Press reports.

They want a judge to order the “Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece” to change its name.

“My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian,” Dimitris Lambrou, one of the plaintiffs, tells the Associated Press. “Our geographical designation has been usurped by certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos,” he says.

The group he’s targeting says it will defend itself in court. “This affair is totally ridiculous,” spokeswoman Evangelia Vlam tells The Telegraph.

Damn, what’s this world coming to when a respectable carpet muncher can’t even be called by the name they have used for decades?

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Sexist Cop on the PlanetLOS ANGELES – A California asbestos awareness group sued CBS Corp, a toy maker and several retailers on Friday, claiming they sold toy crime-scene kits based on the hit CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that contained the cancer-causing substance.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that laboratory tests revealed the fingerprint dusting powder in the kits contained “substantial quantities of tremolite asbestos … one of the most lethal forms of asbestos.”

A spokesman for CBS’ consumer products division declined to comment on specifics of the suit, but cited the findings of tests commissioned by Planet Toys and major retailers showing no asbestos hazard in the fingerprint kits.

“Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, three months ago we demanded that Planet Toys issue an immediate recall of the product,” he said, adding that CBS also had ended its licensing agreement with Planet Toys for the kits.

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The running tagline on presidential hopeful John Edwards is he’s an empty suit, full of hot air and not much else.

According to the New York Times his suit isn’t as empty as first thought, it full of ill gotten cash.

John Edwards ended 2004 with a problem: how to keep alive his public profile without the benefit of a presidential campaign that could finance his travels and pay for his political staff.

Mr. Edwards, who reported this year that he had assets of nearly $30 million, came up with a novel solution, creating a nonprofit organization with the stated mission of fighting poverty. The organization, the Center for Promise and Opportunity, raised $1.3 million in 2005, and — unlike a sister charity he created to raise scholarship money for poor students — the main beneficiary of the center’s fund-raising was Mr. Edwards himself, tax filings show.

A spokesman for Mr. Edwards defended the center yesterday as a legitimate tool against poverty.

The organization became a big part of a shadow political apparatus for Mr. Edwards after his defeat as the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004 and before the start of his presidential bid this time around. Its officers were members of his political staff, and it helped pay for his nearly constant travel, including to early primary states.

While Mr. Edwards said the organization’s purpose was “making the eradication of poverty the cause of this generation,” its federal filings say it financed “retreats and seminars” with foreign policy experts on Iraq and national security issues. Unlike the scholarship charity, donations to it were not tax deductible, and, significantly, it did not have to disclose its donors — as political action committees and other political fund-raising vehicles do — and there were no limits on the size of individual donations.

Can someone explain how this charity is a “legitimate tool against poverty” if some of its funds were used by Edwards to pay for “foreign-policy retreats?”

Yea… I didn’t think a valid reason was forthcoming.

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Lets just start by saying… FUCK YOU… and get to the heart of the matter.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it is suing Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing Co., claiming it provided secret CIA transportation services for three terrorism suspects who were tortured under the U.S. government’s “extraordinary rendition” program.

The cases involve the alleged mistreatment of Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian citizen, in July 2002 and January 2004; Elkassim Britel, an Italian citizen, in May 2002; and Ahmed Agiza, an Egyptian citizen, in December 2001, ACLU officials said at a Manhattan news conference.

Mike Pound, a spokesman for Englewood, Colo.,-based Jeppesen, said company officials had not yet seen the lawsuit and had no immediate comment.

He said Jeppesen provides support services rather than the flights themselves. “We create flight plans, what the fuel requirements might be, where they might refuel, the airports that they might use.”

I already had my say. Go ahead and have yours.

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A federal judge upheld the Bush administration’s new terrorism law Wednesday, agreeing that Guantanamo Bay detainees do not have the right to challenge their imprisonment in U.S. courts.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge James Robertson is the first to address the new Military Commissions Act and is a legal victory for the Bush administration at a time when it has been fending off criticism of the law from Democrats and libertarians.

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The lawyer representing Frank D. Wuterich, who is under investigation in the Haditha killings, earlier said he had plans to call the Democratic congressman as a trial witness, if his client is charged in the case.

The case has been handed over the the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and is still under review. The NCIS is expected to finish its probe by August, at which time Lt. Gen. John F. Sattler, who commands the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at Pendleton, will decide whether to bring charges that could include murder.

Attorneys for Wuterich have now filed a lawsuit that claims Murtha tarnished the Marine’s reputation by telling news organizations Wuterich’s Marine unit cracked after a roadside bomb killed one of its members and that the troops “killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” Murtha also said repeatedly that the incident was covered up. (a charge that has proven to be false)

The suit also accuses Murtha of spreading “false and malicious lies” about Wuterich and his squad that were “intended to serve his own private purpose and interests.”

Say what you will about the validity of the suit but Wuterich’s lawyers sure have pegged Murtha for what he is. A self-serving, disingenuous buffoon who cares little about the Service he once served in.

I suspect this suit may be more about Murtha’s sources than what Rep[rehensible]Murtha may have said.

“This case is not about money; it’s about clearing Frank Wuterich’s name, and part of that is to identify where these leaks are coming from,” Zaid told the Post. “Congressman Murtha has created this atmosphere that has already concluded guilt. He’s created this environment that really smells, and he’s the only one who has done that.”

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be cheering on a lawyer, a profession I usually hang the shyster tag on, But I’ll make an exception in this case.

Hang Murtha out to dry. And find those leaks!

Others noting this story: Flopping Aces, Expose the Left, Iowa Voice and It Shines For All.

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The federal government, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have been named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Detroit area Lebanese-Americans by the civil rights group, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

“This lawsuit does not take away from our appreciation of the effort that has been initiated and the safe return of so many,” said Imad Hamad, regional director of the civil rights organization, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. “However, there are thousands that are still trapped in the southern part of Lebanon, where there is no type of communication.”

Just what would you have the U.S. do Hamad, sail a warship up to a pier in Tyre Lebanon (a Hezbollah stronghold), march thru the streets announcing their arrival and load up these dumb-shits like so many cattle?

They had their chance to get out and blew it. And I suspect many that are left behind are not tourists caught up in the turmoil. They are duel US/Lebanese citizens that have been there far longer than the normal 2 week vacation and now are crying to get out.

News reports claim anywhere between 500, 000 and 750,000 people have fled north, but these “poor” stragglers were left behind! Bombed out blocked roads isn’t a valid excuse as the numbers demonstrate.

I suggest they snag one of those Hezbollah lackys that lead the media around by the ear and catch a ride out, assuming you’re not selected to be cannon fodder of the week and designated as a “civilian casualty” for the same media to fawn over. And secondly… just shut up!

Live with it and just shut up. If there is a better reason for tort reform I haven’t seen it.

UPDATE: Tel-Chai Nation also notes the story and asks whether: “Taxpayers money shouldn’t be spent on people like these.”

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Top White House aide Karl Rove has been told by prosecutors he won’t be charged with any crimes in the investigation into leak of a CIA officer’s identity, his lawyer said Tuesday, lifting a heavy burden from one of President Bush’s most trusted advisers.

And don’t you know the DUmmies are goin’ WILD!

And oddly enough (guess that isn’t true it it?) Atrios fails to note this news. It’s been two hours since Fitzmas was cancelled and not a single word. Wonder why? You know he rolled his fat ass out of bed, he’s posted a breaking story about Bush in Iraq that broke after the Rove story.

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And it came none too soon!

MIDDLEBORO A local veteran who lost parts of both of his arms in Iraq, is suing filmmaker Michael Moore. Sgt. Peter Damon says Moore recycled old news footage and used it in a way that made Damon seem anti-war.

The snip-it appears in Moore�s film “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Sgt. Peter Damon, a father of two from Middleboro, strongly supports the war effort in Iraq and never agreed to appear in Moore�s movie. He is now suing for $85 million.

“I didn’t lose my arms over there to come back and be used as ammunition against my commander in chief,” said Damon.

Damon was interviewed by NBC in 2003 while being treated at Walter Reed Army Hospital. The interview was about a new painkiller being used on injured soldiers. Damon says he did not express any views on the war itself in that interview.

Michael Moore used a clip from that interview in “Fahrenheit 9/11.” It shows Damon lying on a gurney, saying he feels like he�s being “crushed in a vice.”

The scene appears in a sequence that talks about how the government is abandoning veterans.

The lawsuit also names NBC, Miramax, and other production companies.

I sure would love to be in charge of selecting this jury. The fat bastard would be forking over more than $85 million if that were the case.

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