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Well its been 96 hours since a bungled video was released by BigGovernment.com that in the swiftest fashion possible led to her firing by the Dept of Ag Secretary Vilsack.

Not to mention swift condemnation by the NAACP. And odd happenstance given Sherrod’s speech was at an NAACP function. One would think the “brain-trust” would have fired off a query to Sherrod or those that arranged the meeting to get the entire story.

Just as swifty was the organization’s backtracking as the full video was… ahem found, or something.

First let me say Sherrod was unduly fired, period.

But what’s happened since is nothing short of raising Sherrod to the level of Sainthood by the media.

Thursday morning she was on no less than 5 different TV networks, and one had two interviews of her within a couple hours. Again nothing wrong with that, she’s “the story” of the moment.

My complaint is the unquestioning adoration she has recieved.

What should she have been questioned on you ask… glad you did.

How about asking to provide evidence that Fox News, and or the Tea Parties, propagate a racist agenda?

She’s in so many words accused both or doing so. And do I really need to note how loony she sounds with her tripe about Breitbart saying he would “like to get us stuck in the time of slavery.”

The lies contuine to mount as the story has progressed.

Here’s one from some nitwit at what used to be my home town newspaper, the Detriot Free Press.

Rochelle Riley claims “Sherrod was fired after Fox Entertainment (it’s not news) posted an edited video clip of Sherrod from a conservative activist.”

Nice job covering for a “Sister,” as Riley is black, but it’s a lie no one at Fox airred anything on the story until the 8 o’clock (PM) hour on the Bill O’Reilly show. Sherod was fired, at the WH’s request hours earlier.

Would you be surprised to learn the editorial board of the NY Times are also pushing similar BS?

By the time the conservative commentator took up the issue, the full transcript of the speech was out and Mr. Beck was citing Ms. Sherrod — but as a victim of administration recklessness. This time, he was right.

Perhaps the board should review Tuesday’s Glenn Beck show they would learn, 1, he called the firing of Sherood uncalled for and 2. also requested the full transcript be released because it wasn’t available when his show arried at 5 pm Tuesday.

Oh… and they note, “this time he was right.”

Yeah well if the editoril board and many other under the paper’s emply paid more attention to his show, rather than Obama’s coattails, they might learn he’s right FAR more often than the so-call “paper of record.”

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