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The head of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, speaking from his secret hideaway, has admitted in a broadcast speech that he would not have ordered the capture of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to a full scale war.

“We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me, if I had known on July 11 … that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not,” he said in an interview with Lebanon’s New TV station.

Put another way:

“Oh… my bust! I thought the playbook was the same as used before. Snatch a couple soldiers then trade their safety for hundreds of prisoners from Israeli lock-ups.” “Sorry… but as you can see Israel changed the playbook not I.” It’s the Joooooos fault!”

Capt’n Ed is of the opinion this admission shows a weakness of Hezbollahs position and is evidence Israel has come out on the winning side.

I remain skeptical, the court of public opinion at this point is what matters and the Arab press all point to Nasrallah as the winner. Not a good thing but hardly shocking either. And as ever… it’s the Jooooos fault!

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Former Pres. Carter was infamous for using his “status” as an ex-president to undermine a current sitting President’s policies. Lance Morrow writing for Time Magazine once called Cater the “Anti-President” for his antics against Clinton’s and the countrys policies on Haiti and North Korea.

Carter’s ultimate infamy came during the run-up to the first Gulf War, when he wrote members of the U.N. Security Council — including Mitterrand’s France and Communist China — urging them to thwart the Bush administration’s efforts at forming a coalition to free the freshly invaded Kuwait.

Fast forward to the current Israeli/Lebanon conflict and we have another Democrat playing spoiler to the Bush policy of providing $230 million in aid for Lebanon. This time it’s a sitting [Dim]ocrat, California Representitve Tom Lantos.

As I write this he sits in Israel threatening to withhold the needed funds until an agreement can be reached to have the new UNIFIL troops placed on the Syrian border in “adequate numbers.”

It should be said as the ranking Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives’ International Relations Committee Lantos has the power to hold up legislation and thus the funds. (and why in the hell is that allowed?)

On a personnel level I agree with his premise, but not his methods. The myopic optometrist that sits in his regal castle as President of Syria has declared any troop build-up (on the Lebanese side) along the Lebanon/Syrian frontier would be considered an “act of war.”

In short, fuck Assad, his lunacy would give me more reason to mass as large a force as possible along the border, all carrying flags saying “bring what-cha got big boy!”. But that’s just me.

However Lantos’ actions seems counterproductive to this writer. (not to mention subverting the President) If the funds are ultimately withheld it sends the wrong message to people not needing any more reason to hate the U.S.

It also seems an odd position to take for someone that is the Co-Chairman of, Congressional Human Rights caucus. I guess the human rights of the Lebanese doesn’t count when a political hack is making a political statement.

Lantos’ has said, “my purpose is not to withhold aid from Lebanon, my purpose … is to persuade the government of Lebanon that the closing of the Lebanon-Syria border to arms smuggling from Iran and Syria is in the prime national interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese people.”

Sounds good on paper or when listening to a sound bite but in the end Lebanon couldn’t give one wit whether the border ever gets closed to arms smuggling. Or getting any U.S. aid it seems.

Nawwar Sahili, one of 14 Hezbollah members elected to the 128-seat Lebanese parliament has called for his government to reject any U.S. aid offered. “The U.S. administration is a partner in Israel’s aggression against Lebanon,” Sahili said in a telephone interview. “Accepting it would be like absolving the U.S. administration.”

Like any rejected aid, the Lebanese Gevernment will continue to reject any purposals to have their own or foreign forces along its border with Syria. That’s the way it has been, the way it is, and will remain so.

Lantos is attempting to piss on a flat rock without getting his shoes wet. I should think a more productive effort would be for Lantos to investigate why the UNIFIL mission actively aided Hezbollah during the 34 day war. Something tells me he wouldn’t find any interest in the problem. There is no political gain to be had.

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What once was a promising sign of change in Lebanon has all been cast asunder by events of the last month. After a month of bombardment by Israel and what can only be described as a stalemate as the fighting temporarly ends the nascent democracy movement in Lebanon should be renamed The Cinder Revolution.

Corrupted by a more “prestigious” Hezbollah in many Muslim eyes and undermined by, who else, Kofi Annon.

And make no mistake, this ceasefire is nothing but temporary, as Israel has already fired a shot across the bow of both Hezbollah and its chief enabler the United Nations.

The IDF will have to resume operations in Lebanon if the expanded United Nations force being assembled does not fulfill its obligation to dismantle Hizbullah, an official in the Prime Minister’s Office warned on Tuesday.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah reportedly reached a deal allowing Hizbullah to keep its weapons but refrain from exhibiting them in public. Israeli officials called the arrangement a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which passed over the weekend and was approved on Sunday by the cabinet.

“The resolution is clear that Hizbullah needs to be removed from the border area, embargoed and dismantled,” the official said. “If the resolution is not implemented, we will have to take action to prevent the rearming of Hizbullah. I don’t think backtracking will serve any useful purpose. There has to be pressure on Hizbullah to disarm or there will have to be another round.”

Hezbollah head chopper Nasrallah said Monday he had no intentions of turning over Hezbollah’s weapons, but will “refrain from exhibiting them publicly.” So nothing changes, Hebollah keeps its weapons under wraps just as they have done for the last 20 plus years only this time with the very public compliance of Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Seniora.

For Kofi’s part he’s doing what he does best, be an apoligist for yet another terroristic regime.

Annan angered Israeli officials when he told Channel 2 on Tuesday that “dismantling Hizbullah is not the direct mandate of the UN,” which could only help Lebanon disarm the organization. Annan upset officials further when he said that deploying international forces in Lebanon would take “weeks or months,” and not days as expected.

Excuse me! Kofi better sit down and read his own roll of ass wipe. And I quote para 8:

8. Calls for Israel and Lebanon to support a permanent ceasefire and a longterm solution based on the following principles and elements:

– full respect for the Blue Line by both parties;
– security arrangements to prevent the resumption of hostilities, including the establishment between the Blue Line and the Litani river of an area free of any S/RES/1701 (2006) 3 06-46503 armed personnel, assets and weapons other than those of the Government of Lebanon and of UNIFIL as authorized in paragraph 11, deployed in this area;

If called on his idiotic statement I’m confident Kofi would pull the “Government of Lebanon” card and claim Hezbollah is part of the government.

Or, more likely, ignore the question.

Standby, the resumption of warfare should commence within the next week and when it does Saniora, Hezbollah and Kofi will have more blood on their hands. Again!

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As I write this it’s now 0500 GMT, 0800 local in Lebanon. The “ceasefire” has started and it appears all gunfire and rocket launches have stopped.

The countdown begins, 10, 9, 8, 7, … until Hezbollah breaks the “silence.”

This post will be updated as events on the ground warrant.

+ 35 minutes into the ceasefire the Lebanese Cabinet votes to delay ratification and agreement to U.N. Resolution 1701 for two days.

+ 60 minutes and all’s quite on the Lebanese front.

+ 90 minutes, still quite. This is getting boring, come on you Hezzi bastards I know you got it in ya. How about an over/under bet?

Plus or minus 6 hours is the line. Place your bets now. I’m betting over and to coincide with the start of the morning news shows in the U.S.

+ 105 minutes, a CNN reporter is reporting hearing a “boom” with no indication or speculation what it was.

+ 120 minutes, quite. Still no identification of the source of a reported “boom” by CNN.

+ 180 minutes, it’s quite as a church mouse (or a Hezbollah rat) on the front. Reuters has an unconfirmed report of thousands of Lebanese heading south.

+ 240 minutes, a potential problem has arisen. In response to the Reuters report of people returning to their homes in the south Israeli spokesman are saying the travel restrictions are still in place south fo the Latani River.

+ 360 minutes and the ceasefire is still holding.

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Arab countries criticized a U.N. Security Council resolution for not clearly labeling Israel the main aggressor in the conflict with Hezbollah, but expressed cautious hopes that an end to the monthlong conflict could be nearing.

Not surprising is it?

They must have been too busy planning their next female circumcision to notice it was Hezbollah that crossed an internationally recognized border, kidnapped 2 soldiers and killed 8 others prior to any hostilities on July 12.

“The resolution is the best that can be achieved in the mean time under the unbalanced international equation,” said Ahmed bin Heli, the league’s assistant secretary-general.

How about this as a better solution, take about 15,000 troops from Arab League countries to patrol the Israel Lebanon border and disarm Hezbollah.

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The fall out from the Reutersgate scandal is obvious and forces a recollention of words from another era spoken by former President Ronald Reagan; “Trust, but verify.”

Jules Crittenden, an editor at the Boston Herald, cuts to the heart of the matter:

Everyone in the news business gets taken for a ride sooner or later. It’s an occupational hazard. What is surprising is the scale of it in Lebanon. And what is tragic about this is, as a Boston Herald photo editor noted, editors everywhere can no longer trust the pictures from Lebanon. The public cannot know what is staged and what is real. They cannot know the true scope of the devastation that Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel and its cynical tactics have brought on the Lebanese people. The con artists have shafted themselves and their own people with their cheap tricks.

Read the full commentary.

If you were foolish enough to believe the lying eyes of Reuters photo editors were the only ones at work in the war zone, check this AP photo taken in Tyre, Lebanon. Then ask yourself why with all the destruction visible the bed hanging out of the apartment shows no damage.

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Arab League Meets

Issues harshly worded statement condemning any and everything related to Israel. Offers its “full support” to Lebanon and Hezbollah. Thanks… for nothing. Where were you after the Cedar Revolution? Where were you when assistence was needed in implementing Security Council Resolution 1559?

There’s an old saying that applys: “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!”

All you turbin wearing, duplicitous, deceitful scheming little fools have failed to lead, only follow and sympathize with terrorists and now you (as always) want to get in the way.

And while I’m at it… why aren’t you helping your Arabic brothers in Iraq?

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Rep[rehensible]John Murtha: “It seems to me you start with a cease-fire, and then you try to work out the details long term.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented,” (H/T Capt’n Ed)

Some would say I have taken the two quotes out of context for the shock value or my intense dislike for the two subjects involved. Guilty as charged, get over it!

The Murtha quotes come via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Mr. Murtha, speaking yesterday at a Post-Gazette editorial board meeting, was asked if he favored a cease-fire in the campaign north of Israel’s border.

“I think so,” he said. “I think it would be very difficult to justify continuing on.”

Referring to the Bush administration’s position, he said: “You know, they say, ‘Well, we want a long-term cease-fire.’ It seems to me you start with a cease-fire, and then you try to work out the details long term. If you don’t, and you continue to have heavy-handed military action — and I support heavy-handed military action because it saves your own troops — but it creates enemies, and that’s the problem we have.”

Set aside for the moment that Middle East ceasefires have been called countless times in the past (with details to be named later) and all have led to more of the same old same old. Kidnappings, suicide bombers, border incursions, and rockets red glare over and into Israeli territory.

What’s more important is a closer look at Murtha’s “logic” used to take his position as stated. First he says “heavy-handed military action” could lead to the production of more enemies. (at best a debatable point)

Moreover he then states he “support[s] heavy-handed military action because it saves your own troops.”

So my take on his position is saving troops now is more important than breaking from a decades long policy of failed ceasefire after failed ceasefire. A policy that has led to thousands of deaths on both sides, Arafats widow living the life of luxury on the E.U.’s dime and Palestinian Health officials denying needed aid to its people, among many other atrocities.

Murtha’s position based on pure political expediency, nothing more – nothing less, and not anything close to a successful military strategy or a long term solution. Not surprising considering his long expressed desire to lose and failure to back up his rhetoric with action.

Also not surprising, but it is consistent. Consistent asshattery!

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The quote is from Fayad Hanna Amar, a young Christian man, referring to Hezbollah using his village as a staging area to attack Israel. “They are shooting from between our houses,” Amar said.

Amazingly this is quoted from a piece in the NYT and should serve notice to those that deny the obvious. Hezbollah has in the past and will continue to use civilians to hide behind. It’s also an indication, considering the source of the story, the “Party of God’s party may be about over.

But for some of the Christians who had made it out in this convoy, it was not just privations they wanted to talk about, but their ordeal at the hands of Hezbollah — a contrast to the Shiites, who make up a vast majority of the population in southern Lebanon and broadly support the militia.

“Hezbollah came to Ain Ebel to shoot its rockets,” said Fayad Hanna Amar, a young Christian man, referring to his village. “They are shooting from between our houses.”

“Please,’’ he added, “write that in your newspaper.”

Support Hezbollah, or die.

Many Christians from Ramesh and Ain Ebel considered Hezbollah’s fighting methods as much of an outrage as the Israeli strikes. Mr. Amar said Hezbollah fighters in groups of two and three had come into Ain Ebel, less than a mile from Bint Jbail, where most of the fighting has occurred. They were using it as a base to shoot rockets, he said, and the Israelis fired back.

One woman, who would not give her name because she had a government job and feared retribution, said Hezbollah fighters had killed a man who was trying to leave Bint Jbail.

“This is what’s happening, but no one wants to say it” for fear of Hezbollah, she said.

Point reaffirmed.

The pacifist left might point to Hezbollah’s civic work in southern Lebanon, and they do so loud, long to the point of ad nauseam. At the same time they fail to condemn Hezbollah and they ilk for gaining territory and “support” through intimidation and subjugation of the native populous. There is no “go along to get along.”

It’s go along, or die.

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In statement issued on 61st anniversary of establishment of Syrian army Assad says Damascus won’t be deterred from helping Lebanon.

Thanks Assad, but giving Israel and the rest of the rational peoples of the world an Eminem salute isn’t the best way to go.

“The occupying enemy hasn’t forgotten the humiliating defeat and its submissive exit from south Lebanon under the strikes bold resistance,” the statement read.

“Syria, which stood by its brother (Lebanon) and sacrificed martyrs to defend Lebanon’s freedom as we did for Syria’s sovereignty, remains as always adamant in standing by our Arab people who’s fighting in Lebanon and Palestine, and by the bold national resistance who struck the enemy. All threats voiced by powers in the world who support t he enemy won’t deter us from continuing to support our brothers,” he said.

Wonder if this was jointly written by Assad and the reportedly visiting Nasrallah?

“The aggression, killing and destruction committed by the Israelis in Lebanon are part of an operation that was planned and organized by the large forces dominating the international community,” he said.

As opposed to what, the allegdly innocent bystanders in the Lebanese Parliment? Sorry that doesn’t work.

Syria has been humilated by Israel many times before and the IDF isn’t afraid to humilate it again. Apparently that means nothing as Assad attempts to rally the Arab street in support of terrorists.

Funny, he’s worried about Arabs in Lebanon, but has done nothing in support of Arabs in Iraq. Wonder why that is?

Don’t answer that. It’s obvious.

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