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A few days ago it was pointed out it had been 9 YEARS since “Sen.” John Kerry had produced anything resembling actual work that he’s paid handsomely for.

Well, as Cassy points out, that broadside seems to have struck a nerve with the (erstwhile) Massachusetts senator (lower case intentional) and he responded. That was quickly followed up by a factual response – as opposed to an inaccurate lie filled “kerry-esque” response, by those that want to see the asshat put out to pasture.

Now that’s an idea I can get behind. Along with one that champions the quick, swift retirement of his Massachusetts compatriot Fat Boy Ted.

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Hmmm… Michelle Malkin must be exposing more left-tards, race baiters, hate-mongers and asshats again.

Her inbox is full.

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Ron Paul’s delusional sycophants have been very silent since he gave up his mythical run for the White House.

But post something about Paul supporting the despicable John Birch Society and they descend on the post like flys on shit.

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Best Blog Headline of the Day

“DURBIN WATCH, Tears of a Clown” via Michelle.

Too little too late to my way of thinking. Dick Durbin should be given air time on al-Jazeera to make a statement and apology. Not that it would matter much. But it sure would be interesting to see him live on what most probably is his favorite cable network!

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In The Bullpen has the story. And much more, make sure you have a look around while there.

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Yea, What He Said

Via the Daily Demarche:

When I saw Saddam Hussein on CNN, being checked for lice, I thought I had seen everything. Obviously, I was wrong. I had yet to see the man in his underwear. Now, I have. But this time I am not even going to begin to assume I have seen it all. In a region where the rumor of the desecration of a book can lead to rioting and the loss of life, where women are beaten for showing their ankles in public and where tribalism is the name of the game, these photos could have garnered any conceivable reaction, and many that are inconceivable, I am sure.

In the West, of course, there is only one reaction; sensationalistic glee that the photos were leaked. No one really cares what Saddam looks like in his drawers, but the photos are themselves proof that the President does not have full control over his administration. As a result we will see, I am sure, a “full investigation” into the leak. Read that as a waste of resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Regardless of the outcome of any investigation the anti-Bush folks will find fault.

The reaction of the Iraqi people, by all accounts, has been mixed. A few comments, however, have left me wondering about the state of the body politic in America, as compared to Iraq:

Thirty-five year-old Sattar Jabbar says it is a shameful that these photos were published because Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq once, and it’s a humiliation for the government and the people…

Maithan Shehab Ahmad says he hates Saddam after the 12 years he spent in the military fighting in the Iran-Iraq war. But he says he was disgusted to see the photos.

“Saddam Hussein stole my life from me,” he said. “I spent 12 years of my life in the military and he took everything. But that does not mean we accept the humiliation of our president.”

I have to wonder: if any embarrassing photos of President Bush made it into the press would the anti-Bush forces in America have the same respect for the office of the President that these two Iraqis seem to have? I doubt it.

While the people of Iraq face daily threats from murderous jihadists (“insurgents” for some inexplicable reason to the NY Times) and attempt to form a new government, we in the West are eating up pictures of the hirsute former dictator. While Americans turned away from long lines of voters, their franchise unpracticed, in order to park in front of the TV in time for whatever drivel is our favorite, the Iraqis turned out in number despite the threat of terror. While college kids and the Hollywood effete equate the President with Hitler, Iraqis still take pride in the office of their leader, despite the monster who was so recently deposed.

There is a lesson to be learned in all of this, but I doubt that anyone really cares. Maybe tomorrow there will be a picture of Saddam brushing his teeth. If not, I think Desperate Housewives is on.

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My Drunkard the Car

I fully realize I may run the risk of getting a legal smackdown if I over indulge in alcohol and weave my merry way down the interstate.

But what if my Saab is a sop?

Excess wine to be used as biofuel.

A wine glut in Europe has seen winemakers in France and Spain agree to release more than half a billion litres of their wine for use as industrial alcohol or biofuel.

So does that mean in addition to leaded and unleaded, the pump menu will now include “Cabernet Franc” and “Vino de mesa?”

Will my local pump jockey ask, “Care for an apéritif, and how ’bout those windows sir?”

First sighted at Pickled Pundit’s place, a note worthy stop in your travels through the blogosphere.

Cross posted On the Third Hand

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And another in a seeming endless string of takedowns of a John “The Baroque Candidate” Kerry speech. Cut to the chase.

Regime change is going to war, you nincompoop. It’s a lead pipe cinch your precious sanctions (you remember, the ones you libs say now were so wonderfully effective but back then were lobbying hard to do away with?) weren’t going to do it. War was the only way regime change—official policy of the Clinton admin, a policy you claim to support—was going to get done; it works that way in the real world sometimes. Well, okay: every time. Those long accustomed to absolute and unquestioned power just aren’t usually willing to give up the solid gold bathroom fixtures and rape rooms just because some stripey-pants dweeb says he oughter in front of a bunch of other warts at the UN. So: do you support the policy or don’t you, Johnny-boy? Yeah, I know, it’s a trick question.

And there is oh so very much more!

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Lookin Like an Ass 101

Class Instructor: Euphoric Reality.

Prominent students enrolled: Arizona Congresswomen Kyrsten Sinema.

Editors note: Me thinks the Congresscritter was offered, and accepted, a scholarship. Although she obviously has previously had experience in being an ASS otherwise she wouldn’t be so proficient at it.

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The Good News is in!

Chrenkoff has posted all the things you absolutely won’t see in the MSM, part 26.

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