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In Santa Clara county, California (color me unsurprised!) county supervisors are proposing a ban on toys in fast food meals:

Convinced that Happy Meals and other food promotions aimed at children could make kids fat as well as happy, county officials in Silicon Valley are poised to outlaw the little toys that often come with high-calorie offerings.

The proposed ban is the latest in a growing string of efforts to change the types of foods aimed at youngsters and the way they are cooked and sold. Across the nation, cities, states and school boards have taken aim at excessive sugar, salt and certain types of fats.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, the proposal would forbid the inclusion of a toy in any restaurant meal that has more than 485 calories, more than 600 mg of salt or high amounts of sugar or fat. In the case of McDonald’s, the limits would include all of the chain’s Happy Meals — even those that include apple sticks instead of French fries.

Ok I admit it, I’m dumber than a box of rocks, so much so I have completely forgotten how to SAY FRIGGIN’ NO!

Actually, I lied, I do know how and very loudly I might add.

Supporters say the ban would encourage restaurants to offer more-nutritious foods to kids and would make unhealthful items less appealing. But opponents believe it amounts to government meddling in parental decisions. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will consider the proposal Tuesday.

Well yeah stay the fuck out of my parental decision making process.

That said does anyone truly think a kid zeros in solely on the toy? It’s the taste stupid, specifically in my kids case the spaghetti Happy Meal. The cheap-assed toy is secondary.

Ken Yeager, the Santa Clara County supervisor who is behind the effort, says the toys in kids’ meals are contributing to America’s obesity epidemic by encouraging children to eat unhealthful, fattening foods.

“People ask why I want to take toys out of the hands of children,” said Yeager, who is president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. “But we now know that 70% of the kids that are overweight or obese will be overweight or obese as adults. Why would we want to burden anybody with a lifetime of chronic illness?”

Pssst Mr. Yeager if you hadn’t noticed everyone will soon have ObamaCare my fat assed kids, and whatever damn obesity epidemic they may or may not contribute to won’t be out of yours or anyone’s pocket but mine.

These friggin’ Food Nazi’s can all kiss my fat ass.

And one last thing, if this goes thru what do you suppose will happen to McDonald’s bottom-line.

Their profit margin goes up of course, no toy less overhead.

Santa Clara county Supervisors, aiding and abetting big business to become bigger.

Corporate shills you are.

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