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A group of five Huntsville, Ala., students, 4 seniors and one junior student, forced Jim Shields, 53, to stand naked in the school. Shields, homeless and a Vietnam Veteran, was forced to disrobe and walk naked through school as part of a prank, according to a report.

Local school officials have called the act “unacceptable behavior,” (a vast understatement if there ever was one), and suspended the group from school for a week. As part of the suspension the Seniors will also be barred from attending awards day events and “banned from a planned Senior Class picnic and suspended from attending baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies.”

And note the Junior student apparently will only receive the weeks suspension. I guess an older age does have its “benefits!”

There is no indication these 5 idiots were aware Shields was a veteran, not that it matters, this behaviour is unacceptable in any context. The sad part is the school penalties handed out appear to be that only ones available to local officials. Ken Edmonson, who served in World War II and Vietnam, reportedly contacted Huntsville Police and was told their hands are tied unless the victim takes out a warrant.

My suggestion, someone should give Shields a few bucks, an expensive steak dinner in Honor of his service and an air conditioned ride to the Huntsville cop shop to sware out a complaint.

And based on one quote from Shields (“My pants were already off by the time I got out of the back of the truck,”) the 5 apparently picked him up off the street and drove him to the High School. That sounds like a basis for a kidnapping charge to me.

In a not so surprising twist, this incident is being used by those with acute Bush Derangement Syndrome to blame the GOP and by extension the Bush Administration.

It’s no surprise that in a country, where torture is condoned by our GOP leaders, that a bunch of high-school kids thought it would be fun to lure a 53-year-old mentally ill Vietnam veteran onto school grounds with money and food, and then force the man to strip naked while they all stood around pointing and laughing.

It’s no surprise that in a country, where the lawlessness of our GOP leadership goes unpunished, the kids responsible received little more than a slap on the wrist.

Of course to believe this line of partisan tripe you also must believe high school students have never pulled similar stunts, and worse, pre-Bush.

And a firm belief in secret Karl Rovian brain implants for GOP/Bush supporters would help also.

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