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RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Former President Jimmy Carter, shunned by Israeli leaders over his plans to meet Hamas, said on Tuesday he sought permission to enter the Islamist-ruled Gaza Strip but was turned down.

Carter did not single out Israel by name for having turned down his request to visit Gaza, which Hamas seized in June after routing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah faction.

Gee thanks Jimmy The Dhimmi, that’s mighty white of ya. But it’s better you didn’t – you’ve already made a fool of yourself for being there – no sense lying about any influence Israel has over Gaza. If Israel did they wouldn’t spend half their time dodging Katusha rockets fired from Gaza.

Jimmy The Dhummi, asshat extraordinare!

As per usual Jay Tea asks the salient questions, on what to do with Asshat-in-Chief Jimmy Carter:

1) Prosecute him for meeting with a known terrorist organization.
B) Prosecute him for violating the Logan Act and attempting to negotiate with a foreign government without the consent of the United States government.
III) Yank his passport and tell him he’s not welcome back here in the US.
d) Give him another Nobel Prize and nominate him for president as a “compromise” between Clinton and Obama.
iiiii) Pack him off to the Old Moonbats Home.

As I write this choices 1 & III are neck-in-neck. I believe I’d vote “none of the above.” We need a fund drive to pay his way into space on the Russian’s Rent-A-Rocket scam. Blast his worthless ass off to the ISS and he can live out his days away from most major harm.

Notice I say most, it’s possible in his confused state he’d think he was on a Habitat for Humanity project, drive a nail through the Space Station skin and kill everyone.

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