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Remember that whole buhaha when fat assed Rosie made the claim that “never in history has fire melted steel?”

Well in a twisted sort of way she has company, in the name of Carolina Pagli, of the University of Leeds.

She’s conducted a study which calculated that over the past century the production of magma, the stuff that eventually gets spit out as lava, had increased by 10 per cent. The cause of this astounding find – better sit down – the cause is “so much ice in Iceland has melted in the past century that the pressure on the land beneath has lessened, which allows more of the rock deep in the ground to turn to magma.”

Put another way, call it The Rosie Way,” and over abundance of ice water has somehow produced excessive magma, magma that averages between 700°C to 1300°C.

Ice water produces molten rock! That in turn, according to Carolina Pagli is going to produce increased volcanic activity.

When will this hellish scenario occur?

It’s uncertain. Dr Pagli estimated it will be a century or two before it is ejected by volcanoes.

Oh, well never mind then.


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