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Let Freedom Ring – The Indictment Against John Murtha.

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Despicable prick Murtha, or should I say Flying Pig Murtha, campaigned with Shillary Clinton for the first time Monday evening and explained why his presidential pick is Shillary.

“Let me tell you something,” Murtha said, taking the microphone from Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. “I have served with seven presidents, and they all got gray hair except for Reagan. Anybody that’s been in the White House for eight years knows how tough it is, understands, has the experience that you need to be president of the United States.”

Well, if that’s the criteria, you have to have your hair turn gray, what does that say about Shillary’s 8 years in the While House?

Does it mean she didn’t do what she claims while in the WH and produces more Fairy Tails than the Grimm Brothers? Or does it mean her hair color is as fake as her persona?

That aside, it would also seem to be, in a sideways look at it, an endorsement for McCain. His hair is already gray

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