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I’m not sure if scumbag author Joe McGinniss is singing the Cole Porter ditty Don’t Fence Me In, but one things sure, the asshat doesn’t like HIS privacy intruded on.

A local new reporter was doing a piece on Palin constructing a fence to keep the creeps prying eyes out of her life.

Nice fence BTW.

Anyway the reporter decided to knock on the McGinniss door.

The reporter got an earful, something about “don’t frickin’ bother me,” (my words not his) and threatened to call the police.

Does this asshat know the definition if “irony?”

Not to put too fine a point on it but this scumbag is the very same one who bid $60,000 to have dinner with Sarah.

He later admitted he didn’t have the cash if he had won the bid.

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Andrew Sullivan at one time was a fairly respectable, widely read and regarded as one of the leaders in the “revolution” known as blogging.

That was then.

Now, after being infected with an acute case of Bush Derangement Syndrome he’s nothing more than a delusional, misguided, disingenuous (at best) lying, pole-smoking douche nozzle!

Case on point: The loonbat is STILL pushing the “Trig is Sarah Palin’s baby crapola!”

Asshole hardly covers it.

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The anti-Palin lunatics know no bounds – really. A bar owner in Chicago paints a nude picture of Sarah Palin using his daughter as the model.

The four-foot-tall oil painting depicts the current governor of Alaska standing atop a polar bear-skin rug in her living room, nude, except for a pair of red stiletto heels and her trademark eyeglasses. In the picture she leans on an automatic rifle while beaming a megawatt smile. Behind her, a window looks out onto a pristine Alaska landscape, complete with a moose that has just ambled into the frame.

“It’s been very successful,” Elliott said, “Generally what I do is sex, but I think I’m going to do a little more politics.”

“My daughter is a heck of a stand-in for Sarah Palin. She can even do the voice,” he said.

In the least shocking statement of the day, Elliott said he’s “pulling for Barack Obama in the election.”

Frankly “Mr.” Elliott, looking at the image of your daughter she’s at least 50% heavier than Palin in the weight department, that’s some stand-in. When asked what it was like posing nude before her father Grace “proudly informs” onlookers, “He changed my diapers,” she said with a shrug. “Think about it like that.”

You’re both a couple partisan lunatics, who would go bat-shit crazy if someone did the same to Rep. Pelosi, think about it like that!

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