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Ever have a reoccurring dream that you posted a blog entry, went out or to sleep for the night and when waking your blog had a life of its own?

What once was your last entry has now been reformatted into better looking typography, altered colors and evolved into a much more esthetically pleasing site as if it were a living organism.

Thanks, for lack of a better term, to Matthew Hockenberry and Ernesto Arroyo of Creative Synthesis, a non-profit organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts what once may have been a dream ain’t so much any longer.

They’ve created mouse-tracking software developed by Arroyo while at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To test the software 24 people who were asked to use a basic web site template for a blog. (using WP BTW)

Once the blog went live, control of the design was out of their hands. The software treated each feature as a “gene” that was randomly changed as a page was refreshed.

What once were “terrible designs” were transformed and more pleasing to the eye. More importantly the process could allow sites to stay up to date with changes in their users’ tastes and can result in designs that are more user-friendly than anything a human designer is likely to come up with.

All without the author ever hitting the edit button.

In one way the software would be great for websites that are still living in the mid-eighties with their garish graphics that turn your eyes to molten mush the second they load.

One the other hand is the worry of what happens when the spam bastards or the blog scrapers get their mischievious little paws on the stuff.

I shudder to think!

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